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  1. Well hopefully they won't release this with bad frames on the go. I think they'll release something that doesn't screw up the game completely
  2. enar21


    Hollywood trying too hard to be funny again..mehh
  3. enar21

    The DayZRP Quote Wall

    "Nah mate you're getting banned from the teamspeak" - Pandi Memories :')
  4. Delete and uninstall every trace of Battleye on your pc. Both in Appdata and in game directory. Then verify game cache.
  5. Don't give up friend. You will find it! Believe me, there are a ton of people that have joined and have had a hard time finding, but when they do, they are the happiest people in the world! : cry: with spaces. You'll find it. Good luck! i dont even know what im looking for... a word? A sentence? I really dont know... It's easy, just read it through. It's easier than you think! If you're reading the rules it will suddenly be a random sentence
  6. enar21

    VAC Ban's

    Sorry to sound like a dousche but that is complete bullshit. VAC doesn't work that way. He had hacks on his PC, running or not.
  7. enar21

    Sparky's Media Stuff

    I like screenshot number 1, it looks really nice
  8. Back when epoch was the only server for dayzrp. Spawned in, went to balota and met 501st. They gave me my first gun on dayzrp and we traveled to pobeda dam. Memories :') I was so unsure how to roleplay too and I think they noticed
  9. enar21

    FrankieonPCin1080p Appreciation Thread!

  10. enar21

    DayZRP PlugDJ

    The revolution party is going on
  11. enar21

    Adieu Adieu Adieu

    Can someone fill me in with that juicy gossip drama?
  12. Bye, thanks for listening to reason when you had the chance, and thanks for poisoning the community before you left. I hope you lads enjoy waving your epeens at each other over in those 'other' communities. Don't forget that the true measure of a man is his ability to click on pixels faster and more accurately than his peers. Did I poison the community? Oh no, sorry my lord. I will never state my opinion again. We do enjoy our time on the other side otherwise we wouldn't play Thanks for asking. I didn't know my ability to kill in a game was the measure of a man? I thought it was my age, how deep my voice is or what type of words I'm using on the internet. People like me are still here because we want to see where the community leads to, which type of new games Rolle hosts etc. At the moment though, I'm not enjoying standalone at all and that is why I never play. Obviously I sometimes hop on the forums to see how the community is like. If you read your whole post you can see that it is a bit aggressive. Aren't people allowed to state their opinions? It seems like you have the attitude of "If you don't like it, go away". The community has changed rapidly and contains a lot of members. DayzRP is now standalone only. Everyone doesn't have the same opinions in everything, that is why the population shifts. I think it's wrong to blame everything on a group of people when something doesn't go the way you want.
  13. Yes you are right. You waited too long. It was wrong of staff to say it would never be coming back honestly. Some staff members might say it was immature by them but most of the people who heard that the mod wasn't coming back spoke out what they felt beyond limits and got perma banned. I won't go in to detail but most of us that liked the mod are perma banned and we play on another community now. I can safely say that the attitude against the mod lovers now backfired. Back to the dead I go! Bye.
  14. Create an extra layer, put outline on that and then put it to screen or lower opacity.
  15. 500 watt Should be fine. Thanks guys! I bought mine in a store but it's a "THOR" pc. A brand not that famous. (no I don't mean taurus) I checked it and it isn't locked. HP tends to lock their stuff up yeah