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  1. Thought you few still around from the TP days might wanna see this. I have tons more home movies from the old days, all of Tomeran's Council events, Teeth in the Dark, Trident, Goliath. If any of you want to see them, just let me know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CCww8eAqFI But this moment, specifically, was one of the most beautiful moments I ever experienced during my time here at DayZRP.
  2. I've had an experience with @SatansNightOut where a player used racism and racial slurs just to bait an initiation, all my experiences with "racist" characters have been exactly like that as well.
  3. Voedric's voice comes through the same frequency used by his sister, "I hate riddles" he says as he listens carefully and lights a cigarette. He shrugs and rolls his eyes at nothing. "Yea I got no clue, but you know I'm always in on a good adventure." he tucks his radio away and looks around for his sister, "Fuck, the cunt took off without me again..." he mutters to himself before setting off down the railroad tracks.
  4. If you have people willing to do it, why not? This community has plenty of capable storytellers who I'm sure would be more than willing to do it simply out of passion, and nothing else. You shouldn't be thinking of "cost/benefit" when building a community, you should cater to everyone so that all types of roleplayers feel welcome here. But this...this feels more like it's being run like a business now instead, and that leaves a sour taste in my mouth. Maybe I'm blinded by nostalgia, maybe my definition of what roleplay is differs from yours, but what I know is that I care for this community...otherwise I would have went out with the rest of the "pillars".
  5. Which is why I mentioned another way to cater to the players who are more into that type of roleplay. Why can't there be both? A simple backstory for the ones who don't really care, and then a more indepth one so at least people like OP would have all the information they need at their fingertips. If it were so, this thread would have never needed to happen.' You can cater to everyone without making DayZRP a "super hardcore role playing community"
  6. I have respect for you Rolle, don't get me wrong. You created the community that opened me up to roleplay, and I will always thank you for that. It just saddens me to see the general lack of care and appreciation for something I hold so dear.
  7. Not confused at all, what I said was very clear. Let me restate it. If the types of roleplayers you having applying would ignore details like that, and of any kind, in the history of the world they're playing in. Maybe you should make the application procedure a bit more strict. And even then, have it there for the ones who WANT it. You obviously have quite a few of active community members who disagree with you, as seen in this thread.
  8. Did you? I was addressing that statement, nothing else.
  9. If a huge majority of the players would ignore such info, maybe you need to be a little bit more strict on the application procedures. And very mature of you for having the first line of your post be an insult about how my criticism towards you is "Edgy", I simply think I will be banned for such harsh words and thus stated so. If me being passionate about something is edgy, then cool, I'll take it.
  10. I cannot stand by and watch an art form I've grown such a deep passion and love for be stomped on like that. I haven't been a part of this community for a good while now, but that doesn't change the fact that I once was and that I still have a voice. How can you call yourself the owner of a roleplay community when you have no idea how great roleplay is made and how it is grown. How can you have MEANINGFUL interactions when you base your roleplay around nothing, you have no identity or connection to a world if you have zero clue how its history was forged. I loved this community, I spent years here during the darkest period of my time, this place was a monumental tool in helping me climb up from the pit I was in. It sickens me how little the owner of this community knows and cares about the art form he based the entire community on. I had 1 small strand of hope in me left for the place that birthed my passion for roleplay, now it is gone. I'm sure I'm likely to be banned for voicing my opinion on this and directly calling Rolle out in such a way and I'd love to see this place become what it once was for me again, but oh well. Whatever happens, happens.
  11. @Lucky1911 And now you've made me come out of my cave.
  12. Part VI: The Dream (Click for Part VI's music, I recommend it as it makes the story more atmospheric) The cool and moist sea breeze flows through their hair, waving it around like a flag atop a mast “Sister, I think for once we’ll be able to keep this home.” the ashen, almost shadow-like man says as he stood at the helm and guided the galleon towards a large tropical island about sixteen ship lengths ahead of them. The pale skinned, black haired girl beside him smirks as she surveyed a torn map “You really think so, V?” she asks with an arched brow and a tilt of her head “I’d rather just expect it to be the same, that way we don’t have our hopes crushed...like they have every time before.” she gives a sorrowful sigh and shakes her head “Grem should have the table laid out for us when we arrive, at least we’ll have a warm meal to look forward to.” she shrugs slightly and tucks the map away in a side pouch before looking towards her brother. He looks over to her for a short moment as a warm grin snuck upon his ashen face “Marvelous, Grem’s cooking is always exquisite.” he says as he licked his lips wantingly “Wait..” he peers off towards the port where a hand full of warships armored with gleaming gold plates blockade anyone from leaving or gaining entry to the port town. “By the Gods how did they get here so qui-” he stops mid sentence as the ship came under fire from a large volley of ballistae bolts , the blockade had not fired upon them so the entire crew begin to scan the beachfront frantically in search of the hidden siege weapons. They turned their ears towards the west as a faint yet unmistakable whistling sound began to grow louder and louder "Serpents! Brace for impact!" The ashen man yells as another volley came into view Covered in sweat Ivan jolts up from his slumber, he frantically looks around at his surroundings as if in a state of delirium “What the hell…” he mutters as he took a few deep breaths to compose himself, he looks across the fire at the strange girl who had now fallen asleep “It was just a dream...” he mumbles to himself as he slowly laid back onto his bedroll “A very vivid one…”
  13. I can see why that would be an issue, I just thought it would be an interesting idea to give each individual character a different color for their dialogue and different color schemes for each of the two main character's sorta backround arcs.
  14. //Any and all feedback is welcomed! Can't get better without a little critique.
  15. Part I: A New Beginning (Click for Part I's music, I recommend it as it makes the story more atmospheric) A large yet frail man strums away at his guitar on the outskirts of a long since abandoned town,usually this far north you risk the chance of freezing to death but he sat around a crackling campfire, it's grossly incandescent light danced along the trees and brush; his hair and beard red with hints of grey showing his age and overgrown to the point where he could be mistaken for a pirate...or perhaps a wizard “Hmm...back again...I always seem to end up here in this shit hole..” The familiar voice coated with a thick Chernarussian accent mumbles as the flame from an old and tarnished silver lighter rose to his scarred lips and lit an ember in his cigar. “Well...no time to waste, I’ve got people to find...people to protect” the now frail form of the once large and powerful man slowly hoists himself up onto his feet. He arches his back slightly causing it to let out a large *CRACK* sound “Oooh fuck...my age is catching up to me it seems” he says jokingly with a low chuckle “Ale nic nezpomalí Ol 'Kapralov dolů” he mutters to himself as he carefully picks up his torn and jury rigged rucksack from the wet log next to him and then an old and weathered rifle with the insignia of the Chernarussian Defense Force etched into the rusted receiver, although weathered it's cherry wood still shone bright. Slowly his shaky hands load five tarnished 7.62x54mm cartridges into the magwell “Layno I’m running low on ammunition….at least I’m in the country that stockpiled these during the war…” he mumbles somewhat angrily as he exhaled a large cloud of vanilla scented smoke then proceeded to in simple terms cough his lungs out, he stops for a moment with sad eyes and lets out a sorrowful chuckle “Alina měla pravdu...I should have kicked this fucking habit as soon as the war was over, I always took her words for granted. Just saw them as useless nagging” he sighs exasperatedly and looks up into the pale night sky “Alina vždycky jsi měl pravdu...maybe if I wasn’t so damned stubborn you and our boys would still be here with me..just maybe” he hoists the rifle over his shoulder and begins to walk into the surrounding darkness what came next he did not know, or maybe he just didn’t care. Part II: A Friend of The Devil (Click for Part II's music, I recommend it as it makes the story more atmospheric) As he peered through the scope of his rifle he saw a peculiar looking girl, goggles, white hair, purple clothing and ripped leggings it was as if she was dressed up for an upcoming rave. He chuckles quietly to himself “She’s certainly not dressed for the occasion”. The rays of sunlight dance upon her frame giving off an almost ethereal glow as she turned and began glaring razor sharp daggers directly into his eyes...he couldn’t help but shiver. The girl crosses her arms and shouts “Oi cunt you just gonna sit there and stare at me arse all day or sumthing?” From her accent you could assume she was from somewhere in the U.K. Caught off guard Ivan slowly raises his hands in a ‘I mean no harm’ fashion and yells back towards her “Ne! I was just...well I mean, people are a rare sight these days I was just making sure you were no threat is all” the girl narrows her gaze towards him “Mhmm you weren’t trying to take a peek at a weak little girl. Then swoop down in and take advantage on her? I find that hard to believe” she says in a sarcastic tone “You see mate” she holds up her left hand revealing to him that her middle finger was nothing but a leftover stub “Cunts like that are why I ain’t got no middle finger to tell yous’ to go fuck yourself” she says as the biggest shit eating grin sneaks upon her pale face. Ivan chuckles warmly and slings his rifle over his shoulder “I assure you paní I did not even think of doing such a thing, you look cold I have box of matches and some tinder come warm yourself up if you’d like” he shrugs slightly “If not I’ll be on my way”. The girls eyes widen in a moment of somewhat confusion as she tilted her head “Well, that’s the first time someone’s offered anything to me since I got stuck out ‘ere in this shithole” she scoffs mockingly before approaching the strange man with caution “Just stay on the -other- side of the fire, got it?” Ivan chuckled as he lit one of his last cigarettes “Got it, boss” Part III: The Past Wars Pt.1 (Click for Part III's music, I recommend it as it makes the story more atmospheric) The sounds of magazines loading into their weapons fill the stale air of an abandoned prison off the border of the dead city, Novigrad. A determined smile snuck onto the scarred face of the Captain as he looks up to his brother "Never thought I'd be at the head of a large scale assault again" he sighs worriedly and slowly shakes his head "You sure we're ready for this, Boris?" he says as his brother's gloved hand reaches over and rests gently on his shoulder "No, but smaller forces have won against greater odds" Boris chuckles half heartedly "You of all people should know this, Ivan. We're living proof of that" Boris says as Ivan slowly forces himself onto his feet and looks to his brother before giving a reassuring nod "Aye, us and the Royal Reds" Ivan says as Boris nods in return and slings his rifle onto his back "Aye...but I have a present which -might- make our odds a little better" Boris then holds his hand out, his thumb and pointer close together "just a little bit, now come on let me show you the Royal Reds new toy" The two would hastily grab their equipment and walk outside. The blinding light fades and a large group of ragtag men, some already wearing their red berets, stand saluting in front of a rusty armored truck Ivan chuckles warmly and crosses his arms "At ease men" As he looks towards the truck and then back to Boris his eyes fill with an almost childlike awe "Kde to kurva jsi našel?" He says before Boris laughs and shrugs lazily "Oh while you were busy at your desk once the war had ended all those years ago I made sure to jot down all abandoned Chedaki bases and supply caches" A shit eating grin snuck upon the man's face as he continued "When I went to check them a few weeks ago most of them were empty, except one." He points to the post-apocalyptic war machine "It had an old CDF surplus jeep in it along with those old Dshk guns sitting in the corner." Boris chuckles jokingly before landing a soft punch on Ivan's shoulder "12.7mm will be sure to shred through whatever those čuráks have" he stops for a moment to catch his breath "Anyway a few of the boys and I armored her up with some steel plates we found at the junkyards and welded those guns onto the empty rotating mount. The real question is, who do we assign to this monster?" Boris looks towards Ivan and rests his arms gently behind his back "You're the boss Ivan, you choose" he shrugs slightly. Ivan sighs and points to two men at the front of the truck seeming to bicker with each other like small children arguing over who gets the last slice of cake "Corporal Hayes! Senior Lieutenant Olden! You two man the truck!" he shouts Olden sighs "Come on Cap'n, why do I gotta drive around with this fuckwadd?" he says obstinately, Ivan gives him a sly grin in return "Because I said so" the grin dissipates shortly after "Now fall in, I need to address the men" he says to Olden before turning towards the gathered group of soldiers "At attention!" Ivan yells as he rests his arms gently behind his back, mimicking Boris' parade rest. "Some of you may question why we left our territory in South Zagoria to march all the way to Novigrad the capital of our ruined country, but South Zagoria is not our territory; all of Chernarus is our territory." he tells them as a look of pure determination began to burn in his tired eyes The men, now armed to the teeth and ready for battle begin to cheer as Ivan unholstered his rifle and began to shout "There is a cancer defiling Novigrad, lead by the men who killed my wife and did god knows what with my children. They did the same to countless other families living under their 'safe haven' during the beginning of this hell we all are now forced to live in, but this is not the only reason they deserve our wrath. They sit on a huge stockpile of resources, they refuse to use them to help the people of Chernarus, instead they sit idle like pigs keeping it all for themselves." Ivan raises his rifle into the air and pulls back the bolt to load a round into the chamber, this metaphor for their going to war only incited the men further as they to pulled back the bolts of their rifles and began to cheer even louder, their combined war cries so loud it was if the ground was shaking around them "TODAY WE TAKE WHAT BELONGS TO US, MY HOME. TODAY I GET REVENGE ON THE MEN WHOSE GRASP TOOK AWAY THE ONLY THINGS I CARED FOR, TODAY MY LOYAL COMRADES WE GO TO WAR!" and as the speech ended thus The Royal Reds marched to war Part IV: The Past Wars Pt.II Half a league, half a league, Half a league onward, All in the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. “Forward, the Light Brigade! Charge for the guns!” he said. Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. (Click for Part IV's music, I recommend it as it makes the story more atmospheric) “Fire” was the only word needed to begin a slaughter that seemed to go on for days, each side fought on in the blood soaked mud of Chernarussia’s dead capital, Novigrad. Each side did nothing but trade man after man and bullet after bullet, it was obvious the battle had become nothing but a stalemate, Ivan had to step in ”Fall back to the forward camp, we will resupply and plan our next course of attack!” he yelled towards the remaining men The men now becoming weary and steadily losing moral, they shuffle in place and whisper ill words under their breaths and amongst themselves but yet they still awaited their Captain’s word with not an ounce of impatience “My Reds, this is only a taste of what is to com-” That patience did not last for long as Ivan was quickly cut off mid sentence by an exasperated yell from a voice hidden in the large crowd “We’ve already lost too many good men! Why haven’t we pushed forward with Diablo yet!?!?” Diablo was what they soldiers took to calling their old CDF jeep, which was now a frankenstein of welded together metal plates resembling something out of a cheesy George Romero zombie film. “What do you think we are doing private?!” yelled Ivan, his deep Chernarussian accent booming, causing some of the lesser men within the Royal Reds to quiver in their boots “We must see what our enemy is made of before we charge in with all of our assets, that could and will lose us this war!” Ivan composed himself and gestures towards Boris who was standing next to their makeshift podium to join him in addressing the men “Boris, tell the men what the scouting division has uncovered” Boris quickly nods and pulls out a torn but still readable map from one of his many side pouches, he clears his throat and begins to speak in a stern almost monotone voice “On the eastern side of the stronghold there is a weak point in the wall a breach that is under construction and heavily guarded” he points to the area where the compound is and then towards three red arrows pointing towards where the breach was found “If we attack from the west they will focus all attention on our frontal assault team lead by Captain Kapralov” he gestures towards Ivan “While that is happening I will lead a secondary assault on the breach with the Diablo” he points towards the vehicle which was currently being looked over by Corporal Aiden Hayes and Senior Lieutenant Alexander Olden “Loaded with explosive 12.7mm rounds we will punch through the weakened defenses and signal the western assault to retreat and join us at the breach where we will make our final push into the walls of the enemy” Boris steps down and nods respectfully to Ivan “You all know the plan, I want everyone to get ready asap, we move on the hour” Ivan barks towards them, his entire tone and demeanor hinting at his past career leading men in the Chernarussian Defense Force. He steps off the makeshift podium and slowly trudges through the mud towards his tent with Boris in tow. Ivan’s shaky hands uncork a bottle of whatever liquor he could find and he gulps down a large portion of the amber coloured liquid contained within the dusty glass bottle.“I’m not so sure I will be ready for whatever we find on the other side” he sighs sorrowfully as a look of pure dread seems to stain onto his scarred face ”’I’ve been living for these past two years believing that my boys were dead; I had come to terms with their fate!” he yells as his entire body began to tremble in a mixture of sadness and anger “But..now that we stand on the precipice of truth...my thoughts can’t help but wander.”. Boris walks over and gently removes the bottle from his hands before pulling him into a warm embrace, the silent tears of Ivan falling onto Boris’ shoulder “You’re my brother Ivan, know that whatever we find I will always be here for you until my final breath” He pulls away and offers Ivan one last cigarette. “Dekuji, bratr” Ivan mutters tiredly as he gently took the cigarette and reached into his coat pocket pulling from it a tarnished silver lighter with the initials P.K and A.K crudely sketched into the side “Come...we can’t keep the men waiting.” As the cigarette lit the two said their final goodbyes just in case before each splitting to face the hell fire alone Forward, the Light Brigade!" Was there a man dismay'd? Not tho' the soldier knew Some one had blunder'd. Theirs not to make reply, Theirs not to reason why, Theirs but to do and die. Into the valley of Death Rode the six hundred. Part V: The Girl Consumed by Lights Pt.I (Click for Part V's music, I recommend it as it makes the story more atmospheric) A playful punch meets her tiny shoulders as she practically shrunk where she sat “Come on girl, we came here for a fucking reason!” the figure laughs obnoxiously loud as he lazily raised his Slavic beer “And these Russians sure know how to fucking party!” She rolls her eyes, gives an infuriated sigh and swivels her chair gently back to face the bar-top in an attempt to completely ignore a conversation she obviously did not want any part in. “Another glass, mate” she says loudly over the booming bass of the music playing on the giant speakers, she has to practically scream to even be slightly heard. The Russian bartender shrugs and pulls out a bottle of 100 proof vodka by the name of “Molotov” from behind the counter, who knows how long it had been there considering the bottle was still decorated in soviet era designs. He pours the vodka slowly until the glass is half full and then fills the other half with what looks like good ole’ OJ "Didn't even ask me what I wanted...cunt." the girl thinks to herself. He gives her a toothy grin and slides the mixed drink towards her “What wrong, you not like how throw big parties here? Go enjoy self, as young ones say” he chuckles , causing his beer gut to ripple “Only once you live, you know?” he says in broken English covered in a very heavy accent. The pale girl shrugs lazily then proceeds to gently grasp her drink and pull it close to cradle it against her chest “Oi it ain’ like I’m some sourpuss or nothin’, it’s just….” she gives a quaint sigh “It’s just...I dunno alrigh’ just keep pouring me drinks when I ask, I ain’t paying you to ask me fuckin’ questions mate” she coos in a soft albeit pissed off tone. The bartender holds his hands up in a “I don’t mean any harm” kinda way and returns to cleaning the multitude of dirty glasses piling onto the counter of the bar. The girl sighs exasperatedly and sinks into her chair as she sipped slowly from her glass “Love of my fuckin’ life aye? I get it, we lived in a boring town with nothin’ to do, when he said he wanted to plan a road trip to get away for a lil’ bit I didn’t think we’d be going all the way out here...but he’s always fantasized of livin’ the party life, booze, drugs, music all that shite and I was stupid enough to follow him” she began to sip heavier as she became lost in her dismal thoughts and burning liquor “A lost puppy dog too blind by love to see what a waste of time this all is, what a waste of time -he- is. What’s next a fuckin’ zombie apocalypse like he always dreams about while wasting his life and time on those video games of his..cunt’d probably love it” she rolls her eyes dramatically She sighs once more and swivels her chair to face the main floor, it was full of all sorts of odd characters all in different crazy getups yet one thing was similar among each outfit, the sickly vibrant colors. She reached into her satchel bag and pulled from it a leather-bound notebook "At least all these weirdos are good material." she mumbles to herself as she began to sketch out a cartoon version of the scene she saw before her. The music kept breaking her concentration, it was eardrum shattering loud. She sighs for what seemed like the millionth time that night before digging into her bag and pulling out a pair of earplugs "This should do the tri-" as she was about to block her ears the party went silent, music and all, it was like the Gods had answered her prayers but for what seemed like forever there was nothing but silence...and then screams.
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