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  1. Thought you few still around from the TP days might wanna see this. I have tons more home movies from the old days, all of Tomeran's Council events, Teeth in the Dark, Trident, Goliath. If any of you want to see them, just let me know. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3CCww8eAqFI But this moment, specifically, was one of the most beautiful moments I ever experienced during my time here at DayZRP.
  2. I've had an experience with @SatansNightOut where a player used racism and racial slurs just to bait an initiation, all my experiences with "racist" characters have been exactly like that as well.
  3. Voedric's voice comes through the same frequency used by his sister, "I hate riddles" he says as he listens carefully and lights a cigarette. He shrugs and rolls his eyes at nothing. "Yea I got no clue, but you know I'm always in on a good adventure." he tucks his radio away and looks around for his sister, "Fuck, the cunt took off without me again..." he mutters to himself before setting off down the railroad tracks.
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