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  1. Nice.

    Satan and I are no longer members of the LiF team. We haven't been for a bit now.
  2. LiF Official Lore Discussion Thread

    Well we had to start from scratch, he already had our base to work around. And considering there's barely any noticeable difference, he just took our work and changed a few details.
  3. Nice.

    I was simply telling them the exact reason why it took so long, and what I said was the exact reason why.
  4. Nice.

    My attitude has been the way it is because through the entirety of the time we spent in the team, we did -everything-
  5. Nice.

    Only two of us were actually doing anything, @SatansNightOut and I wrote the lore and built the town, but then when we call out the rest of the team for doing nothing while we try to do everything we get bitched at. We gave the rest of them the server in a nicely wrapped box, yet it still wasn't good enough for Autumn. So we left and took our lore with us.
  6. LiF Server Rules

    Added 1.6 Your roleplay must fit in realistically with the Lore 1.7 Your character does not have to be from the land described in the Lore or of its people although it should be assumed that they are well aware of the lands, its people, and the events that have taken place there.
  7. Ah yes, going back to what we discussed earlier in the Slack chat. Maybe an influence system? A God has to have a certain number of followers before it is recognized as an "official" God.
  8. I will add that clarification, thank you Whip. I was mainly working on the Lore, where Autumn mainly worked on the addition of these new rules, so any in depth questions concerning these additions would be best forwarded to him; I will try my best to answer any concerns or questions you may have.
  9. Rule 4.2a: You will have to ask Autumn about this certain rule, as he was the one who touched up on Judgement Hour stuff. Rule 9.2: The current "Spawn town" we built is more open with its own separate trade district. The Team plan to have a constant presence at the "Spawn town" so that it feels more alive and encourages a sort of RP hub, akin to say...Stormwind in World of Warcraft. We want to encourage trade and barter between not only the players and the GMs but each other as well. Trust me, we will not be handing out large sums of copper and silver for any little thing someone comes up and tries to sell, We as well do not want it to be a crutch for the players. Rule 10.3: I think this was more so an addition to give clarity. Say you built on an incline above a neighboring claim, if that claim is in clear eyesight and someone inside of that claim sends a raven in Global you would be able to know that someone there had sent a raven. Again just for clarity sake should a situation like that arise and someone gets reported for supposed metagaming or something like that. Rule 11: I agree, Autumn may have just skipped over that section when he was editing the rules. With the way our Lore is (which you will see soon) that section defiantly would not work.
  10. We would all like your opinions on the added rules. We've spent many hours discussing amongst ourselves of what changes and additions we could add to the server to make it promote roleplay amongst the players while also having some sense of danger and excitement that comes with conflict. We think we may have achieved that exact balance, hopefully you all do too.
  11. Nice.

    At this point we are simply waiting for Rolle to fix and polish some kinks in the server, since he is now hosting it from his own hardware. The server will be up within the next day or so. We've taken your feedback on the lore and @SatansNightOut and I have came up with a lore that will suit everyone. @SatansNightOut and I have been working tirelessly on our free time to get things done, now we just have to polish a few things and then release it. I hope that you all will enjoy everything we have done and plan to do for Life is Feudal and I hope that the time we've taken crafting the server to our and your image will show, and if not oh well...at least we tried. Stay tuned.
  12. Nice.

    Can we -please- keep this on topic
  13. Nice.

    Good things take time, we didn't want to shovel out some non-polished pile of garbage. Would you prefer a unfinished pile of garbage or a well-thought out server that will actually feel like something worth playing?