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  1. Paolo Rita here, thanks again to the groups that did show up yesterday with all the excitement going on. Look forward to interacting more with everyone.
  2. Welcome, UserADMN010998 Processing request... Complete! 1 result(s) based on criteria Contents of this personnel file are confidential. Information contained herein is not to be disclosed, transferred, or otherwise shared with individuals unless they have a direct need-to-know basis in the performance of their official duties. [Administrative Details] Name: Paolo Martin Rita Nationality: Italain Ethnicity: Caucasian Date of Birth: 19SEP1994 Place of Birth: Milan, Italy Languages: English, Italian Occupation: Formed Police Unit - Communications Officer Affiliation: United Nations Assignment: [Personal Identifying Information] Height: 177cm Weight: 76kg Hair Color: Brown Eye Color: Blue Remarks: (Tech Savy) (Warm) (Intelligent) (Adaptable) He joined the Italian military after turning 18.After his first term of service he was welcomed advanced into a military communications regiment at 22. At age 24, he volunteered to join UN forces. He had met the requirements envisaged in the UN Temporary Training Standards for FPUs. He was then registered for active duty with the Formed Police Assessment Team (FPAT). [Medical Information] Blood Type: AB Positive Immunizations: Up-to-Date (as of 10Feb2020) Allergies: No known allergies Before- I was born an only child to wonderful parents in Milan, Italy. I couldn't ask for a better upbringing but my parents could ask that I stop tearing the damned radio apart. I had this yearning to know how everything worked on the inside and I was hard pressed to figure it out myself. Throughout school, I excelled in technical courses but screw anything to deal with math, useless subject. After school I volunteered to join the military and fast tracked my way to any work or field assignments that would lead to my promotion to a communications officer. After a while I felt I wanted to help more and represent my country better, I put my name forward as a applicant to the UN policing forces or the Formed Police Assessment Team as they were called. I was brought in thanks to my former training and it has been an experience. We were brought into several places to help police and administer vaccines during the first and second waves. But this last wave has proven to be more then a match. My unit is tasked with bringing supplies to a quarantine zone in Poland. Hopefully the supplies will help bring us closer to cracking this disease. Stay safe Mamma and Papa, I will see you when this is all over. Chernarus- Our mission was to gather whatever we could and bring it back with us to Poland and the Quarantine Zone. That changed when we arrived in Livonia to see to sorry state of affairs, the people needed us but there was only so much we could do. Day after day we were driven further south with no time for rest from the advancing hordes. I was in charge of trying to hail Quarantine over the radio, but we could not make any sort of connection or receive any word from command. Down to our last bits of supplies we couldn't wait for command, we bucked up and started our own way south to try and say ahead of the carnage. On the Ukrainian and Russian borders, we finally received our first transmission but it wasn't any good news. Our friends in the aircraft Angel-2 had crashed and needed back up. We knew the plane from previous experiences at the Quarantine how important it was that we make sure they were okay. We started to make our way towards Chernarus and then into South Zagoria. Once we reached the Black Mountains we had to split the unit. I was responsible for trying to get the radio working again to send out any signal I could and get Angel-2 the help they needed. Thompson's group were able to reach me when they had found a cache of medical supplies and I worked on the double. We sent out a radio broadcast asking for assistance transporting the supplies from where they are to the plane which in turn was greeted by a man with a helicopter and the supplies were taken to the Angel 2. My group couldn't make it in time for the take off of Angel-2 but we never expected to come this far, now we have to wait it out until we can radio back to the Quarantine for the next ride out of this place.
  3. Hey everyone. I have been very interested in learning this game better. The survival rp is something I have been looking forward to. I have had good experience so far with springboards for character ideas. I look forward to meeting and hopefully surviving with you all.
  4. Harry was born to a decently off family of 6, being a middle child. Harry had grown up with a fascination with automobiles and metalwork. When he was not in school, he would help his father with work around the garage he was employed at. After school, Harry attended technical college to promote his welding skills and manufacturing experience. After college, he lived and worked around Detroit for some time until Harry had volunteered for a humanitarian group that traveled to Chernaurus. As the outbreak worsened, it became harder or almost impossible to get to an airport for the group to return home. The group had to integrate into society until the vaccines could be distributed. Harry sold his services to people that needed help to continue and work towards the groups mission of help. As events grew worse and worse Harry has tried to do what he can to survive and find a foothold until the outbreak can be defeated, whenever that may be.
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