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  1. Link to report: http://www.dayzrp.com/t-formal-rdm-combat-log-epoch-napf-29-01-14-10-20 Why is this not Reasonable: I shot the enemy in defense of my friends, whilst in the middle of him committing a hostile action. Statements explaining your POV: We had just executed his friend . He said he was going to kill us all one by one. He got into a throwing animation . Wasn't sure what he was throwing for all I know it was hostile. I shot till he stopped moving and told my friend to run he threw a grenade. Server lag cause him to not be able to release the grenade before I killed him. I then upon killing him searched his body in which he did have a grenade. Later then by watching a video he had posted in a report I had confirmation that my actions were reasonable. Link to video. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AkNxuafPJzY&feature=youtu.be What I would like to achieve in this appeal: To have my sentence reduced to one day or be completely unbanned and warning points removed. What could I have done better: I do not think there is anything that I could have done better during the situation that I was givin.
  2. Thanks for the help guys. ill try soon to donate so i can get a skin.
  3. My first time as my character I ended up dying to zombies. Second life I spawned in midair and fell to my death. I am currently living through my third life on my character. Where are the specifications of where to log out at and stuff like that. Do I need to find a radio to talk on the ts. Also how do I get a permanant skin for my character. Right now I have been spawning with a variety of random skins. thanks everyone.
  4. I already applied for white list I filled out everything and submitted it
  5. what if there is nothing there ? like it doesn't say declined or accepted, or even queued
  6. I applied for the white list about two days ago. I've been trying to figure out when I will be accepted. Do they send an email or do you just keep joining until something happens ???? Please Help.
  7. hello everyone , i hope to enjoy my soon to be DayzRP experience and meet new people to enjoy it with.