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  1. Age: IC 28 OOC 24 Country:USA English skills: English is my only language DayZ Experience: I'm newer to the game, I've been learning the controls and what not the last few days. What kind of role best describes you: My character will not harm innocent people. He is a kind hearted man and is good at collecting stuff. ICly he is a good shot or is supposed to be, I'm working on that! Have you been in any clan/group previously: Nope Additional notes: I also have the standalone so I can play on there too. I play later at night so I won't be good for a EU clan. Best way to contact you: P.M here would be fine or you can add me to skype mikeylikey1989. Backstory: Jermaine 'JJ' Johnson was a farmer and a hunter at one time. He lived the simple life till the zombie apocalypse happened. Now he is trying to figure out the new world he lives in and how to survive.
  2. Thank you for this really funny yet informative video.
  3. Thanks guys! I did apply to be whitelisted when I created this thread so I'm just waiting to see what happens!
  4. Hello everyone, I hope I get to meet you guys in game and maybe join up with a clan!