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  1. I never cared much to remember my childhood, just blank memories anymore. I work for different friegters all around the Pacific ocean cleaning and maintaining equipment. Ended up on a Russian friegter after stopping at the local watering hole to catch my buzz. On our way out, i could hear them muttering with the look of fear on there faces. Just thought it was going to be bad weather, but it was much more then weather. People were very sick aboard that vessel so i kept a low profile. Next day i could hear screaming and the sound people running to top deck. I left my quarters to follow, blood was everywhere i just kept moving with the small group of Asian sailors in the hall. There was about seven of us, we managed to get a small life raft to escape the pandemic. Our raft eventually washed up on Chernaruses shores, some of us stuck together for a while but the shortage of food and water split us up. I never seen them again or got there names, because they spoke Chinese. Yager is on his own.......For now.
  2. i got a warning about posting my 10th offense but ive never posted anything. not sure why i got a warning
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