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  1. Born in the states of America, Marshall was raised in foster care at a young age. He never grew up knowing who his family was, he never cared to find out anyway. After leaving foster care Marshall got a opportunity to join a mercenary group heading out for Chernarus to complete a contract. Marshall agreed without hesitation, due to his huge size and rough figure he fit right in with the mercs. After a long journey to Chernarus they finally for filled their contract and hit it big the boys were rich men, but before they could leave they got one more task to stop a weapon transport on its way to the coast for some extra cash. Greedy as they were they accepted this task. Setting up the ambush one of the mercs grew weary and fled. no one tried to stop him less money they had to split. the ambush was ready night time fell over the coast, then it happened three trucks were coming down the road, the mercs opened fire stopping the first truck in its tracks, the other two trucks stopped with the men getting out to return fire. The mercs where gunned down and only Marshall survived, the unknown targets captured him and held him hostage using him as a worker slave. Until finally getting released into to this zombie infested world starting a new story of Marshall Cooper.
  2. My character is Isaac Wolf Born in Sweden raised in the Untitled States of America. But shortly after his parents abandoned him at the age of 13. Isaac was forced to grow up on the streets of Portland always fighting for food or water, even a place to rest his head. But one drunken night Isaac picked a fight with the wrong people, some mobsters from Russia. Isaac was only 21 at the time saved up enough change to go to the bar for his birthday, this birthday was about to change his hole life, making Isaac the survivor do what he does best in life. Survive. after getting into a fight with one of the mobs members he got jumped in the street by more mobsters, they pulled up in a black van picking him off the street and knocking him out. Isaac woke up on what felt and sound like an airplane, he couldn't be sure since he had a bag over his head nor remembering be on one. after arriving Isaac was greeted by a big man who didn't say much besides welcome to Chernarus, you owe us for the damage you caused. Being thrown into a van again Isaac was brought a an island with a prison. Isaac spent 10 years in their only getting out because of the outbreak, a panic started in the prison when people started getting sick. then the first turn started to more and more people turn Isaac escaped when a guard opened the gates to get out. Now Isaac Wolf's true story begins in this apocalyptic world where he can do what he does best survive.
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