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  1. guess things have it the fan since my small vacation lol, can't wait to get back in and smack those jokers around
  2. Ok well thats good news and bad news lol, thanks for the information
  3. I keep closing and restarting the arma client but every time i get into the game after the receiving screen it just displays a white screen, any suggestions?
  4. Rule 101 trust no one lol , that will not happen again...... We should have taken action right from the get go.
  5. So last night was the greatest night ever in epoch.... Me and Derek Steele where robbed by volki, meet a person that wanted to join FMDS, went on a SEAF run, crashed the unlockable truck killed me, they got another cheap car to pick me up, drove the car and ran into an oncomming car and destroyed that car, and killed derek, took dereks backback for him and start to have client issues and the guy that wanted to join us stole everything out of my/Dereks backback including the ksvk sniper rifle. Spent an hour and half to run back to the dam as no one was on to give me a ride back in a heli, once i got to the base i scoped out the area and called it a night........
  6. That should work. Edit: Go to this page and try all these options that they suggested. http://www.dayzrp.com/t-bad-version-fix-using-steam Thank you Pandi that seem to have fixed the bad version issue, just have others im running into but it should be something I should be able to fix.... I hope lol
  7. Hi I am getting bad version when trying to join dayzrp rp1 and I the dayrp client updated. Also I am unable to find dayz epoch cherno in dayz commander. Ok I was able to get epoch to show up in dayz commander but still get the same error as rp1 bad version, server rejected connection.
  8. You guys had some visitors last night with the wall broken, Me and Chris Pyke was there when they showed up in a Heli and made sure nothing was taken
  9. I will next time, Chris Pyke was great to talk to, but I was to excited just with a pm to them, I wanted to let everyone know This is really great as this is my first real role playing game and I am loving it, cannot wait for more events
  10. I just want to thank some people that I was playing with tonight on the epoch server at the free medics base, I had tons of fun and I am really going to enjoy the time playing here. Can't wait for more RP
  11. I will be on tonight, I left the server in the the compound in Dichina. Is there going to be a meeting elsewhere? If so I might need a lift.