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  1. Welp my bad, guess i did pull my rifle, wow i feel stupid now glad you had a video i wouldn't have believed you otherwise, sorry for the confusion
  2. there you go, i was informed i wont be getting my stuff back so yippee, hours gear would have been happily been wasted on zombies or an actual fair RP situation.
  3. just close it now, whatever man, i dont know the (in game time) and that stuff so forget it, i dont know his name because he just went up and shot me, and all i can tell u i was in NW airfield at my time about 11:53
  4. Server and location: Whitelist Server Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): Little while before 03:57 Your in game name: Kalash Romanov Names of allies involved: A player I did not get the name of Name of suspect/s: Player next to me i didnt get the name of Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): None Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): None Detailed description of the events: A man with a rifle and gas mask walked up to me with a rifle and shot a zombie that was running towards me. we had a small conversation and shot some zombies and a stranger umped from the bushes and said in a joking voice (really dumbfounded) "This is a robbery drop your stuff" and my buddy to the left responded with the same sentence but included about putting down his weapon. I'm assuming he thought it was me talking, and domed me in the face, even though I wasn't doing anything and my rifle was stationary. Is there anyway I can get my shit back?
  5. Former Russian Armed Forces Sergeant, born in Russia and very nationalist towards it. Lived around guns his entire life and can identify any weapon just by the sound of it. He is very inaccurate with directions and ended up in Cherno by mistake. He was attempting to meet up with some buddies he encountered on a trail, hunting for food. He came across some bandits who sounded familiar and when he got closer he recognized the faces, apart from those who were masked. Three members he knew, the other four were people they met along the way. This was years after the infection spread and he was surprised he would ever see his old pals ever again. They explained they were heading back towards their neighborhood, where he had stayed all those years, to scavenge for food for their campsite. The group of recognizable faces and foreigners invited him to accompany him, which he agreed. They handed him a copy of a map and circled the location in a fading black sharpie. Kalash crumbled up the paper after his old friend handing it too him and shoved it into his pocket. They said their goodbyes as they exchanged radio stations. After packing all of his belongings, Kalash headed out for the campsite. On his way there he stumbled on top of a group of three men in red bandannas. He imminently ducked down into cover but the bandits had already spotted him. They ran over to his location guns drawn as they shouted "Drop your weapon now or every damn bullet in our magazines goes straight into your damn cranium!" Surrounded, Borizak complied and dropped his gun hopping for them to spare his life. The last thing he remembered of their visit was a metal butt-stock heading towards his face like a steam engine. In a flash, everything turned black. He woke up stripped of everything he owned, now only having his clothes. The radio and map he received were stolen as well as his gun and shoes. That map was his last source of knowing where he was, and he was now lost. Angery, hungry, lost and confused, stumbled on a abnormally large industrial city near the coast. He read off the dusty sign the words "Chernogorsk".
  6. Hey, my character's name is Borzak and I have been telling people my name is Kalash Zytka from the point i started playing because i assumed thats what i wrote down. I just reviewed my page due to an error pointed out by a staff in my IC and i noticed my name wasn't what i have been telling people it was and i am unable to change it. Is there anyway I can change just my first name to Kalash? Thanks so much
  7. i just waited 42 minutes for it to reinstall still did not work man..
  8. dude come on ive been at this for days now, did all that still doesnt work for me
  9. Former Russian Armed Forces Sergeant, born in Russia and very nationalist towards it. Lived around guns his entire life and can identify any weapon just by the sound of it. Never forgets the years he spent from foster home to foster home due to his parents abandonment which reflects in his 'trust nobody' attitude. Never forgets a face, and won't ever let you down in a fight. Sure of himself, and willing to die for others he considers to be more valuable than him. Fought every kid who made fun of him in school, losing almost every fight until he self taught himself how to fight.
  10. did all of this, sill the same error, ive been trying to get on this server for hours man
  11. "Bad version, server rejected connection" is the error that comes up when i attempt to join the server. i was really exited to join and this is not exactly what i had in mind when joining. Im going through the launcher, selected NONE in the BETA tab, ive installed the mods and im whitelisted, can someone please help me out?
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