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  1. Hello everyone, In this thread I will be explaining the core basics of roleplay which will hopefully help people new to roleplay. This text will be focused on people who prefer to text RP but I do believe voice RP'ers can benefit from this as well, as you sometimes have to emote certain things. (During hostage situations etc.) Emoting: When it comes to emoting things, it's important to give the other person (the one reading your emote a clear picture of what your character is doing. Simply making a move like *waves* in chat is obviously easy to do but for the sake of detail, there are much nicer ways to emote things. Below I will post some examples. These are just simple examples but we can go so much further. When it comes to emoting, you have to consider what your character is doing. Why is he doing 'X' and is he thinking about something whilst doing 'X'. Now obviously DayZRP text chat requires you to be fast. Especially when it comes to random encounters where you have to quickly respond to an impatient VoiceRP'er. But when you're chilling around a campfire, you can relax and give your character more depth. As you can see above, this post shows an emote along with a personal thought of the character before ending it up with another emote. Now others cannot respond to your personal thoughts but they can however choose to respond to the look in your eyes as you revealed to them that you are worried. They may ask you if something is wrong and more dialogue can stem from that. Now obviously you can experiment with this and see what works for you personally. Fighting/Torture Emote: My personal biggest pet peeve when it comes to RP is the amount of times I see people powergaming movements. Now I do understand that when someones is cuffed, their ability to move is limited but that does not mean that they are not able to struggle or even dodge. When it comes to harming another person, it's ALWAYS important to attempt your moves. This will give the other party the oppertunity to respond to your attempt to harm them. Either by dodging or by taking the hit. Just forcing your hit on them will only allow them to take the blow which technically would be powergaming. Now again, feel free to give your own twist on it. But it is vital that you mention that you're attempting your move. Yes my child it would, but it is proper RP etiquette to still attempt your move. Technically your victim could still be able to make himself drop onto his side to avoid a punch or a swing of the bat. Realize though that if he then lays down on the floor, it would be much easier for you to hit him and thus having your victim try to dodge it then would be kind of badRP. But again, keep attempting those moves! Thoughts: Now it can be hard for new roleplayers to place themselves into the shoes of their characters. Here are some key things to consider when you're playing your character. - What is your character thinking about? (example: In a dialogue regarding war/survival strategy, your character might be pondering which option would be best for him to take.) - How does something happening around your character influence him/her? (example: It's raining, how does your character respond to that? Would he/she be cranky because he/she has to run in the rain. Would he/she enjoy it? Another example would be seeing a fight between two people. He/she might think to him/herself, do I step in and intervene or do I hold back?) So how do you emote thoughts? As you can see, thoughts of a character are put in between ' ' apostrophes. It might be difficult at first to imagine what your character might be thinking, but I am positive that once you get the hang of it, you'll be able to develop your character better! Talking: I will keep this one rather short as I don't see this particular thing going wrong in game. It is however worth mentioning for the sake of having a complete guide. Especially for text RP'ers or for those moments where you can't be arsed to use your mic, it is good to know how to make your character talk. When you say something in game, you will put what you want to say in between "" quotation marks. It will look something like this: As you can see above, I combined an emote with text and a thought. Basically the complete picture. This is basically my Role playing 101 thread. I'll try to add more things and polish it when I get home later today. Enjoy for now though!
  2. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    I would've agreed, if they were as good as they were back in the day. Not this garbage that you see nowadays. Captain Bucky 'Ohare Gi Joes He-man Thundercats Captain N: The Game Master Sonic the Hedgehog Those are just a few of the good ones back in the day.
  3. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    Nope, it's complete
  4. Anime Noob Reccomendations

    On netflix !
  5. back4the pvp rp

    Godverdomme man, daar ben je weer! REINDERTT JAGERSMAAAAAAAA
  6. Whats up dudes

    Welcome back!
  7. Hey there! I'm new around here

    Welcome to DayZRP, I hope you enjoy your stay here. See you around in Chernarus.
  8. S1: KOS at North-East Airfield 15-10-17

    Just a friendly reminder to keep every post here relevant to the report. We also would like to ask everyone involved to only add new information with their posts to avoid unnecessary clutter. Thank you for your cooperation. @TryaxReck & @OutlaweTV Do either of you have any video evidence?
  9. Is DayZRP losing popularity?

    I do agree for a game that's been in development so long, it is extremely limited to what you can do. But I guess things seem to be progressing a little more steadily lately.
  10. New Mutants film

    Ehhh. a horror movie... I'm not really feeling it tbh.. Then again X-men franchise is so fucked, they might as well experiment. MCU needs X-men rights back so they can do it properly.
  11. BeanZ WAR

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    Being covered in shit he