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  1. 28* legends FTFY @Roland
  2. I've streamed DayZRP for quite a while. Never had any issues myself. I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  3. IF anyone needs a spare player, I'm down.
  4. I reckon this would be more suitable considering the age differences within our community. 3.10 You may not conduct any sexual action upon another character. Short and simple.
  5. Ayyyyyy finally playing with my UN buddy ?

    1. Razareth


      Hey ?

    2. Red


      Did you realize i was sitting next to you for the longest time ?

    3. Razareth


      Don't know your other characters...so no ?

  6. Who can get me up to speed real quick. Why was the age restriction removed?

    1. Simatho


      Something with a law change I believe

    2. Mademoiselle


      Swedish Law I believe.

    3. Red


      Could you elaborate? The community was required to remove the age restriction by law?

    4. Kieran


      Pretty sure it violates GDPR, considering if they were submitted documentation proving somebody's age, Rolle and Jim would be held accountable for it if it ever got out. Don't quote me on it though, haven't read up on GDPR in a bit so I may be mistaken.

  7. I apologize if this may seem offensive but I don't think the community (except for a couple individuals) is responsible and mature enough to deal with the rape topic appropriately, so that on itself is a reason to take it out.
  8. That's just the game. Players cannot fault you for that. If I were you in that situation (and I was a fresh spawn) i'd just run away to the best of my abilities (or surrender depending on the situation). If they somehow figured out it was me, they'll gun me down (or send me off) because I am defenseless anyway. Fair play. May have a talk about it afterwards but I reckon nothing bad will come of it. Anyway, good rule update. I like it
  9. Kazu can't miss the flea market. Sign me up! ?
  10. We need more people to stand up and create interesting plots. We had a few key roleplayers back in the day that came up with really interesting stories. We can all sit here wishing for things to be different but it all starts with you, the player. I don't know when the most recent server wide event took place, but that would be really nice as well. Something that brought people together back in the Mod days was a bigger force of evil which was a threat to everyone in the server. I realize that it might be harder to accomplish something like that in DayZ's current state, but it's not impos
  11. Healing should definitely take longer. Right now you can heal up from pretty serious wounds with a blink of an eye. Regeneration should take a while. People should also RP out their wounds. Back in the day, one of my UN characters got life threatening injuries after a firefight and ended up having to recover for almost a solid week. I am not expecting anyone to take their wounds as serious as I am, but I would appreciate at least a day of recovery for serious combat related injuries. Just shows that you care about the things that your character has done and been through.
  12. Long time gents, After taking a long walk with a Alpha Squad guy, we wound up in a town called Komarovo (I believe). Our group along with a guy called Clyde and 1 fresh spawn were just relaxing in a green house when someone mentioned people in the woods. We rushed out and decided to initially take defensive positions. I was holed up in a house slightly outside Komarovo when I noticed someone spotting me. I rushed out and eventually made my way into the Police station inside the town where I waited until shots started to be fired. (I assume the initiation was dropped as this point?) Anywho
  13. Glad to see this is still a thing, interesting read.
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