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  1. I haven't been here long. I was very excited to become a member of the community and explore the concept of RP in DayZ as I felt it would bring the most out of a game with so much potential. In short I was let down. There is a number of people on here whom I've had great RP with and that made for some pretty great in game experiences but I have to say that, for the most part, this has just been too rare for a community whose aim is to center around RP itself. Another reason why I can't stay, the last straw if you will, is an apparent disconnect in community rules, their interpretation by members and staff, and a poor foundation for discussion and debate on matters when issues arise in report and appeal processes. When a ban is issued purely on circumstantial evidence and appeal denials are levied on the basis of unwritten caveats to the posted rules, moderation appears fallacious at best and at worst- arbitrary. Insult to injury is added when it appears through the responses of the moderators as though your POV and appeals are never read fully in the first place for I feel that common sense, all logic, and reason was on my side. At the end of the day I just want to have fun and this has been becoming less and less fun everyday. Not being allowed to play is not much fun at all. I'll move on and hope that in the future amendments are made to rules to provide clearer context for certain situations, that more careful critical thinking skills filter out false reports, and that future iterations of the game provide better tools for administrators to recall more detailed game logs. GLHF
  2. +1 8/10 encounters are a group sprinting up to me and saying "hey do you have nails (or insert item here)?", them sitting there in silence as they discuss on discord/TS and me wondering whether or not I'm about to be robbed, before them sprinting away. Don't get me wrong I have had good RP here, but those folks sure seem hard to come by.
  3. sandbag

    Double Stamina.

    A yes from me strictly until the bugs are fixed. Otherwise I think the current stamina system is already beyond realistic- bunch of Olympians sprinting about Chernarus with rucks, weapons, and load bearing equipment.
  4. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: Report is false. OP attempted an intentional theft and failed to respond to the following escalation of force ladder: verbal, physical gestures, warning shots, shoot to stop. My character was less than 20m away from truck when EOF procedures started and no more than 40m when warning shots occurred. OP accelerated and continued driving and did not attempt to stop when EOF went to shoot to stop. Hit logs collaborate this. Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: Please refer to presented points 1-5 of POV in report thread. I will also offer the following facts for consideration: 6) According to OP POV, he followed the blue arrowed path into Stary Yar. If this were true, he would have ran right by an operational 4x4 identical to the one he attempted to steal located in the red circle according to the attached diagram. I know the vehicle was there and operational because I drove to that compound and checked it for a jerry can, started it, and then- when my partner opened fire on infected- left it in place and proceeded with our vehicle S back to the main W to E running road through Stary Yar, back up again to where the vehicle was parked when it was stolen. 7) According to OP POV, approached the parked vehicle and all the dead infected and item litter around it from the East. At the time I heard the sprinting, I was at the water pump filling a jerry can, no more than 15m away as outlined in points 2 and 3 of my POV. If OP POV was true, I would have heard sprinting come from my left as I was facing S but I heard the sprinting approach from the right, suggesting Westernly or Northwesternly approach. Edit: (8) If OP was there for water as he claimed, he would have ran right into my character as that is where my character was- at the pump. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Repeal ban. What could you have done better?: As offered by moderator, it's possible I could have attempted in game text direct communication in addition to voice. However, I would like to point out that in such a kinetic situation where I am myself sprinting to stop the theft of my truck and equipment, doing so would have meant losing line of sight on the vehicle with no guarantee that the vehicle would have stopped to begin with. Edit: I will also record from now on to avoid this in the future. Rebuttal: My character, being a trained and experienced armed forces member, did what in pretty much any NATO military organization is considered to be a proper EOF prior to the application deadly force. And being as the current timeline in DayZRP is nothing short of near total-apocalypse, shows in my opinion a fair amount of discipline on my character's part. If OP had yielded to EOF procedures, especially the warning shots, his character would not have been killed by gunfire as he attempted to speed away in a vehicle that was- by the judgement of any reasonable and prudent person- clearly owned by someone close by. I believe beyond any shadow of a doubt that all attempts at RP, particularly my character's EOF, was deliberately ignored in order to speed away with loot (all of my character's and his partner's food, water, ammunition, tents, and survival equipment). My character has as of yet only acted in self defense and the defense of others in any given situation. I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that this was in fact an attempt at a theft that, when didn't go his way, was reported as KOS. (Edit>)Furthermore, by definition this was not a KOS due to the EOF ladder applied. (/edit). I believe the verdict in OP's report to be purely unjust. I feel a warning at most- to both parties- would have been more than appropriate. Respectfully submitted,
  5. @Xehara Once I got to the road I said "hey" "stop" as I followed him but he just kept accelerating, at this point well over 25m away already. Over the bodies of undead I had just killed minutes before.
  6. @Xehara I do not have any video.
  7. I'm gonna go ahead and emphatically disagree with your report. I find it hard to believe that you didn't know anyone was in the town being as a pitched firefight had just occurred with the infected there (clue #1). Furthermore, the truck- the one you attempted to brazenly steal- had a ton of litter around it from me unloading and loading it since my partner had just been killed by the infected (clue #2). Also it was very convenient that on my shuttles back and forth from the truck- a 15ft trip- that you character sprinted up to the truck, got in, and started driving away perfectly timed with the shuttle run (clue #3). When I heard the sprinting and the truck starting and immediately driving away I knew what was happening. I ran back to the road, right behind you, and followed you as the slow truck picked up speed (clue #4). Next, when I fired at you, you kept driving (clue #5). No, you were trying to loot and were killed in the process. Without ANY RP, I might add.
  8. Filthy PVPers KOS Tactical Bacon Zombies on Roof Guy in Underwear with x2 M4s 291 Known Bugs Features Honestly tho the trailer was really well done. Excellent quality and super hype! But yeah.. feels like they're more concerned about selling the product before it's finished or is that just the modern game development model these days?
  9. +1. definitely rocked radios and monster cans in my pouches back in the day.
  10. *avoided rant* worded pretty well actually
  11. sandbag

    Strangers In The Night

    that's an awesome sceenshot
  12. sandbag

    salam :)

    ^bahaha. welcome man. hopefully run into you and the other jihadis IC- at first I was like wtf but it's actually pretty great (the flogging lol). good luck IC
  13. welcome aboard! its a pretty great community with tons of potential. good luck ic
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