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  1. sandbag

    Hey folks

    wow thanks for the warm welcome everyone. it's nice to see active forums and such a passionate community
  2. Rob Cameron isn't one of kind but he's unique in his own right. 31 and in his prime. He is an American stranded in Chernarus. He is now alone. But he didn't arrive that way. Rob arrived in Chernarus with 2500 other Marines as part of the 26th Marine Expeditionary Unit's landing team during the height of the outbreak. When the combined NATO intervention forces began to get overrun, disaster followed. At some point during the evacuations, the infected breached the quarantine and contact with the USS Arlington was lost. Within a couple hours the entire Amphibious Ready Group went dark on comms. The companies ashore did what they could to hold the line but as casualties mounted, it soon became clear that the mission was no longer viable. The rally point at Balota was the breaking point. Out of the entire landing team, only about 60 Marines and sailors remained with the rest either dead, fled, or missing. A few volunteers decided to organize into a light platoon and fight on, working on securing a safe zone to begin fortifying for civilian evacuation. The rest were released to find their own way. Rob's path was clear to him the moment he saw the faces of the survivors at Balota. He was going home. Back in the US, things were certainly as bad or perhaps worse. His wife was alone and he had not spoken to her since his initial landing on Chernarus. Rob's is trying to get back to her and nothing will stop him. He is older than the most he met in Chernarus. And wiser. He is not a villain but he is dangerous. He is dangerous because experience and necessity charges him to be so. He will do whatever it takes to get back to his wife. It is his sole purpose. Like so many others after the collapse of society in Chernarus, he was cornered by bandits and taken captive for some days. When they released him, he was stripped of all his means of survival- gear, weapons- everything. They even took his cammies and gave him some other rags to wear. Now he is back to square one. But it doesn't matter. He's going home.
  3. sandbag

    Hey folks

    Hello. I'm 31 from the US. Born and raised in California now stationed at Ft. Drum, New York. I am a (former) Marine and now active duty Army. My entire time in the military has been in the infantry and I've been fortunate in getting to see and do a lot of pretty cool things. I love my job and typically spend my off time outside on a hiking trail. I'm an avid solo backpacker with a lot of miles on my boots. I enjoy training with firearms and very much dislike being in a state where my constitutional liberties are strangled by draconian, emotionally charged rhetoric. When I'm inside I like to play immersive and atmospheric PC games like a heavily modded Arma 3 and DayZ. I only recently discovered DayZRP and I'm excited about the concept as it seems to address every shortcoming I disliked about public DayZ servers and has to potential the bring the best out of the game. Looking forward to *not* seeing you all as I intend to play just as I would in a real world apocalyptic situation- avoiding human contact as much as possible! I speak for the trees and the trees understand small unit tactics and are crack rifle shots.
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