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  1. Kentrell "Keni" Dawson was born in Atlanta, GA on November 1st, 1999. From the moment he was born, his life was already chosen for him, well at least they thought. Growing up in Zone 4 of Atlanta, GA, gang violence was the regular. Almost like going to the grocery store or filling up a tank of gas in your car. From a young age, Kentrell was always hanging out with the older kids in the neighborhood and they enjoyed him. One day though, one of the kids he had grown close too was killed in a drive-by shooting ultimately scarring Kentrell and he had that sense of anger towards the rival gang that did it. At the age of 16, tragedy struck again, even closer this time. Kentrell's mother and father were on the way home from a date when they got into a car accident which ultimately killed them. Kentrell never was close to his father but his mother was always there for him, even when his friend died. Kentrell felt lost and alone in the world and had no one to turn to. A few days after the death of his parents, Kentrell turned towards the only family he thought he had left, the 60's Crips. He had explained his situation and that he wanted in and so the jumping commenced. He was initiated and made a hood rat in his local 60's set. At the age of 17, Kentrell caught his first charge for running from the cops and robbing a store. He served 2 years in prison and was released with no parole after it was discovered that the officers involving his arrest had messed up on paperwork eventually leading to all charges being dropped. Now at the age of 19 Kentrell decided that this wasn't the life he wanted to live. On the night before his 20th birthday, Kentrell used some money he had received due to his time in jail, Kentrell bought a plane ticket to Chernarus where he applied to the local university. After hopping on a long flight from Atlanta to Chernarus with just a duffel bag full of clothes and a little cash, he landed at the local airport. A few weeks later he had started college and was happy to be out of that gang life. One morning after sleeping in and being late for work Kentrell had went to get breakfast and rush out of his house. Not owning a car, he had used local Taxi's to get to the job he worked at a factory. Kentrell ran out of his house in a hurry and saw no cars, no people, no nothing. Curious and confused, Kentrell decided to investigate. He had walked around for about 5 minutes before hearing a groan and he turned around. He had been a fan of the TV show "The Walking Dead" and he knew what was happening. Kentrell then took off running; hopping fences, jumping over abandoned cars, and even hiding on roofs. He then made his way back to his apartment where he grabbed some food, water, and clothes and threw them in a bag. Walking out the door, Kentrell was worried. His neighbor who was just an old lady often made him food and took care of him. He knocked on her door to see if she was okay. As he walked in, he realized that the place was sacked and she was no where to be found. Alone and afraid, Kentrell walked out of the apartment building one last time and took off running. Will he rejoin the gang lifestyle? Or will he put the skills he learned while living on the streets to the test. Only time will tell...
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