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  1. My characters name is Dexter he was a combat medic and fought in the civil war of 2009 and saved countless lives before the outbreak had a daughter and a wife but sadly they got killed, Dexter blames himself as he was not there to protect them when the infected overran their home town, he got to Chernarus by groping up with a couple of survivors that were looking for refuge and they ended up in Chernarus. Dexter's goal is to help anyone even if they are an enemy of his. Dexter doesn't like solving things violently using weapons Dexter is more of a talkative person. Dexter's hobbies before the outbreak included hiking, flying and being with his friends and family. He is always trying to be helpful and will give his life to save a stranger in need. Dexter did not like what was happening when the outbreak happened so he gathered as many supplies as he could and headed away. He has seen many terrors and some nights can't even sleep anymore but the thing that keeps him going is that he knows if he lets go he will end up like the thousands of infected.
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