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  1. Well to answer that even 5 years out of the service I was still having fun not speaking like I was still in the service. When all you do is speak to other service personal for 75 percent of the time its hard to give it up.
  2. LoL geez Frisia ya didn't get my better moments, I was just starting to warn up there. Remember I was still suffering a nice concussion from the helicopter crash lol. I hadn't started dropping the F'bomb every other word yet like most soldiers do.
  3. I suggest if one be made it be more of a survivor style incampment with earthen reinforced walls and shanty houses and tents. I have seen a few other servers that have made encampments like this and would believe it to be more of a RP experience.
  4. Well I was just thinking that yes the oil cans might be common but the piece that need to be tooled to fit it to the weapon that would be rare just like trying to find the silencer are right now.
  5. After reading through the forums about past addition of silencers being able to be added to to weapons I came across this video and thought this would be a cool RP possibility .
  6. Was thinking of donating myself but with the server I'm wanting to play on being down more then it is up and the fact I keep getting pushed farther back in the que lol I think I will hold off for the time being. Kind of want to see how the servers are and how good of a RP environment it is.
  7. Umm yea no pics just 404 on that one. Well to be honest I probably would start off as a heroic try to help as many people as I could to keep a good force in numbers scenario,but depending on shortage of supplies to even other hostels in the area I might be forced to use extreme measures to ensure survival. I my self prefer a scavenging approach to lessen the amount of ammo used but if pushed wouldn't even bat an eye if i had to kill to survive.
  8. Viperprime

    [Epoch] Trader cities neutrality.

    So am I Ok sorry missed that post. But I wasn't really stating that a whole clan more of just a few mercs desiring to make a few bars of silver or so to protect a few people while trading. They don't even have to stay there just be willing to offer services while on line maybe even setting up camp not to far away to make it easy to be found in game to escort and protect. Yes I know their are several players out there that just want to find any excuse to pvp and not RP a situation, Trust me on this one I'm sure the Admin would prefer me not to talk about how I know, but lets just say i have first hand knowledge of what is involved in it.
  9. Viperprime

    [Epoch] Trader cities neutrality.

    I'm surprised no one really has suggested a RP solution to all of this. In the community I left a few months ago we came up with a nice RP solution to fill the gap till we was able to put in place bots that we were reworking from Insurgence. This RP solution was to have players RP as Trade city guards patrolling the area and in turn they received a small fee for their services for protection. Now the players don't have to pay the guards but in turn the guards don't have to protect them if they don't. Now in an RP scheme of things the bandits in turn could also be able to bribe the guards to turn the other way as well still allowing for proper RPing.
  10. *Looks down at feet and wiggles his toes* *mumbles to self* sure be nice If'n I be havin some boots.
  11. *peers in window* *tap**tap*tap* ello anybody in der? ello? *tap**tap**tap* ello?
  12. Hey all hope to be meeting you all soon as Sgt. Erik Jackson.