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  1. alright pal

    1. JewellRP



  2. Hear me out Jewell.

    New Lore New Volki

    Straight up will come back and we do this to show a new generation why they need to fear The Wolves of Chernarus.

  3. Pyotr was born on the 01/01/1990 in Zelenogorsk (Зеленогорск), Western Chernarus brought up by a single parent. Pyotr was brought up not knowing much of his father apart from he was a military officer with the Soviet Forces. Pyotr as many young men did coming of age joined the countries defence force as it was a guaranteed meal and bed..... well most night anyway. After his initial basic training it was clear Pyotr it was clear his mental strength and his perseverance would see him excel in many aspects of military life, Pyotr served with the 136th Guards Motor Rifle Brigade. Shortly afte
  4. d5219cfa3164115b-waving-scooby-doo-gif-f

    1. JewellRP


      Is that a young pado the man I have taught so much? 

  5. No..... we possibly we only saw 3 people after we had a gun between us. I took a shot at 1. And one of them killed me before I could stand up...
  6. Glory to Volki, death to their pray. Welcome back its good to see a fellow wolf
  7. A47E378E-D142-4F00-A6C8-8D8BCA6613A3.thumb.jpeg.3e9a2fa8794fc39c02018914dae0c54c.jpeg

    PAU decided to visit Chernobyl ??

    1. Jinx


      PAU return confirmed?

    2. JewellRP


      Would that mean I would have to play?

    3. Jinx


      Maybe a little I wanna marry one of your boy girls again


  8. ''That's an old wife's tale, the city is just a myth''

  9. I was on Blackwood when it first started in 2014 it got formed from brotherhood of steel that most the members came from late 2013
  10. Obviously tad of a bias option here ? but trying to be as unobjectionable as possible. from my view the issue is a grey area and needs to be clarified with the initation rights. I think the report was rushed and should have been discussed as a team and not treated as a Open and shut case as it has. I would support it being re-opened and discussed as this as a community is how we developed rules.
  11. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): Why the verdict is not fair: In my view and several others I do not believe the verdict to have been discussed well enough to come to a decision. The verdict seems to have been created by one staff member (although I dont know if anyone had signed it as not stated) and it seemed to be rushed/poorly written. Verdicts are also aimed to provide some level on learning on what I did wrong and what I could have done better. The punishment is also unclear. As it states "I do not see any griefing here or BadRP, I do however think this is pretty cl
  12. Need a lawyer?

    Better call Voodoo 

    1. JewellRP


      I am baffled. I don’t need a lawyer I do need a award for the longest ever clean sheet in DayZRP history tho ?

    2. Para


      I too, am baffled.

    3. JewellRP


      #justiceforjewell - took 3000 hours and 5 1/2 years but I got my first warning/ban

    4. VoodooLR


      you are now a true member of the community. You only become an ultimate member when you get permabanned and brought back from the dead

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