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  1. Cant remember who said that Ukraine doesn't exists because South Zagoria is where it should be:
  2. Think we need to wait until the 3/06 to get faction status
  3. Yeah Just noticed we were missing Young Pado off the list as well as Scooter
  4. People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka Lore The People's Armiya Of Ukrayins’ka are a group of rebels from eastern Ukraine. Our cause in Ukraine was a to be a Anti-Russian rebel group to fight against the government. The government in Ukraine at the time was causing a civil divide in Ukraine the poor got poorer and the rich got richer. The government was taking what they wanted from the country while others were starving, this called for someone to rise up and fight for the people of Ukraine. During early 2010 Ukraine was in a state of unrest and called for uprising from the people during this period the PAU was founded. The PAU started with a handful of members which later became the higher command of the rebels. In June 2014 PAU saw a large amount of young Ukrainians taking up arms to join the cause. By August the group had gone from 200 members to 800-1000 members all ready to lay down their lives for the cause that they believed in. On the 18th October 2014 the PAU started to plan the uprising that would see them take over the government of Ukraine. The PAU set up training camps in rural Ukraine for young rebels wishing to join the cause. [The PAU sighted on a training mission] By December the command of the PAU had started to take control of guns, cars and explosives ready for them to fight for their nation. For the following 9 months the group more than doubled in size and had almost all of the weapons and ammunition that they needed. On the 10th June. On the 14th June Pyotr Dukov, Turov Adrian the military leaders of the PAU had decided on a date and and what the PAU's target was. The attack was set on a government district in Kiev in which the group would assault. They planned to destroy the current Russian Government The date was set for the 23rd of July the time of a large government meeting. Pyter planned to kill two birds with one stone. Start the war that the PAU had been ready to fight and die for and take out the government that was strangling the people of Ukraine. [PAU Rebels sighted en route to a warehouse] The early morning of the 23rd of July Pyotr and Turov were in place ready for the battle to begin. All of the PAU were set up and ready for what they had been trained to do. At 12:00 the meeting started and government officials from all over Ukraine had arrived. The message was passed on at 13:00 hours the attack would begin. Pyotr's waited anxiously waiting for the time. While he waited Pyotr rhythmically loaded rounds in to magazines. At 13:00 hours the Turov walked into the warehouse that Pyotr's men waited and announced "My friends it is time. It is time to claim back this country that belongs to us. Today we live or die." as he turned to retreat back to the door the men let out a large roar. Pyotr marched his company into the streets armed towards to government building, closely followed by Turov's group. As they paraded down the street towards the government offices. As they reached the offices sirens could be heard approaching the two groups, this was a sign that it had begun. The two company's reached the gate to find a group of 20-30 startled policemen aiming guns at the group screaming for the men to stop. Pyotr held up his hand to stop his men and then clenched it into a fist and swung it down as his men opened fire killing the men obstructing his path. At this point the city was alive with movement of military and police surrounding the district. The time was 16:00 hours and the two groups had taken the district off time. After the gate shooting all of government officials had been taken out of the area and the PAU were trapped and surrounded. [The PAU Militants in battle] The attitude was bitter among the PAU as it was known this was the end. At 17:00 hours the Army combined with the police had started to assault the buildings the PAU were holding. By 18:00 hours it was clear that the PAU was out-gunned and out-manned and it was only a matter of time the PAU held their ground for a few more hours pushing back the government troops ,until 21:00 the government brought in helicopters to drop men on the roofs and snipers had a large majority of the men pinned down. [The battle in its later stage] Pyotr and Turov took this as their time the battle was lost and they took their last chance to save their lives. The two commanders clambered down into the sewers with what little of their men left alive following. Before the government could get down to purse the small group they had already vanished. Turnov, turned to Pyotr "Were now?" Pyotr turns back to the polkovnyk We head for Chernarus, I have my cousin Alexander there he will help, he is part of NAPA or some shit. They should help hide us. We should wait the Russians will be looking for us by now and if they catch us we are all done for." "Who the fuck are the Gray Wolfs?" said Turnov "Some group in Chernarus, they sold us most of our guns to help rid the Russians from our lands. We share a similar cause and enemy. I have a few contacts there that may be able to help." The remaining members of the PAU escaped 13 streets down to a truck defeated saw their only option to head for the border of Chernarus. The drive took three days for them to reach the border only stopping for fuel keeping a low profile. On the 27th PAU crossed into northern Chernarus. The men arrived in Zelenogorsk only to find the town in a state of complete terror people screaming and what appeared to the PAU to be infected humans. The PAU took this as there final blow they had just managed to escape death and they arrive to find that everything was for nothing left for them. The remaining members horrified retreated back to their truck and started to head north. Turnov turned to Pyotr "Now what the fuck do we do we escaped by the skin of our teeth and now we have landed ourselves in a hell hole" Pyotr threw his weapon on the truck floor "we head north......remember the hunting lodges we passed about 20k back we head there" 2 months went by and the remnants of the PAU had secured 3 hunting lodges in the far north of the state. Rarely running into infected and hunting what they found in the woods around the area. Just over two years had gone by and the group was slowly rearming themselves from what they could scavenge in the local area always remembering the cause that they had sworn to defend. The group had rarely ventured for the forest it was so accustomed to until after two months the food and medical supplies had almost run out the forest was bare and the medical and weapons were few and far between now Pyotr and Turnov made the choice that that they had to venture past their comfort zone and head back towards to the hell with more infected but all the the bigger prizes. Goals Collect weapons to rearm the PAU and restore it to its former glory. Establish a forward operating base Find allies to help our cause Find the remaining members of "NAPA" To find other members of the PAU that made it out of the battle alive To find willing men to join our fight for survival in Chernarus Diplomacy Allies Friendly Neutral Unfriendly Enemies Roster Ukrainian Ranks Polkovnyk Pyotr Dukov Kapitan Adrian Turnov Victor Popov Serzhant Anton Koslov Kapral Nazar Nesky Rebel Petro Sirko Shashenka Melnik Dmitr Petrovski Artem Kozlovka Pavel Vorozov Ilya Sokolov Radek Hubenko Yegor Krasnov Mikael Kabanov Maksym Bakaj Foreign Legion Commander Chabu Doewski Legionnaires Paddy McDoo Jake Takara Yuan Ling David Mack Mark Zedaros Jake Takara Finnian McDoo Trey Jefferson Anthony Romani To Join this group PM Randle and he will organised a TS interview to join the group
  5. Pyotr Dukov

  6. *Alexander picks up his radio* "I have the Ammo and the mags you need in my stash hit me up with a meeting location if you want to trade" *Takes his hand off the PTT button*
  7. IGN: James Hamilton/Alexander Dukov Country: UK English skills: First and only language DayZ Mod Experience: 1000+ hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 700 hours Roleplaying Experience: Played Dayzrp since 26/12/2013 What kind of In Game role best describes you: Variety depending on character and surroundings. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Volki V2, V3 leader of V4. 501st(Mod). ZBOR(Clan Leader). CRA v1, v2. PUA(Mod)(leader) Too many other smaller groups Additional notes: I prefer to be a physical presence during RP down on the ground during hostile moments rather that on a hill missing the conversation. I think I bring experience to any group due to my time within RP in many different types of groups from hostile to passive. I have a good experience with the rules having never received a point/ban ever although playing as a "bandit" a large majority of the time. I was also a staff member for 8-9 months. Best way to contact you: Backstory: (changes dependent on group or character. Read my Character page for one of them)
  8. Top lad Voodoo mate. I will have to come up and meet up with you soon and we can go out. Keep on contact, you know where you can reach me if you ever need me.
  9. Missed my 3 year anniversary by a few days. Somehow 3 years with a clean sheet.
  10. I think its only really funny when others change peoples descriptions not when people change their own, so I believe that the power should remain with staff
  11. Until my work dies down a bit I dont see this being possible. I am far to busy to run a group let alone play can this be archived.
  12. I am currently very busy with work and family at the moment but I am looking to coming back when I have some time. Should be a couple of weeks.
  13. As the serye Volki I left IC before Zelenegorsk due to Alexander's feeling that they swayed from the original meaning of the Volki as well as so far we have no previous Zbor members and if they are not many.
  14. Our Lord and saviour PSI asked us to make it great again I'm just answering the call :volki: :troll:
  15. Bringing some of 2014 back for the 4 year anniversary