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  1. You and your friends Initiated on me. After some RP and being accused of being Kamineci I was let go as I was let go I opened the building door and my friends came and Killed 3 of your friends. I knew you where still in the area and we searched for some time. We headed back to VMC i walked back in the building where we killed the other 3 of you and you startled me when I turned the corner and you were under the stairs. I ID you instantly as one of the 4 and shot you.
  2. Mak, Shane and Sassy? That I know of. I was a distance away and got caught by a miracle bullet
  3. I was running with a few of the guys over to NWAF and we saw a guy and he started booking it so 2 of us gave chase to see why he was booking it so hard. One of us got ahead of him and initaited. The initiator the two people to his rear that followed him and one closer to the wall to the initators right. He immediately didn’t comply and started spraying meanwhile I was 100/150 yards back, because it was raining and I was too heavy, jogging in a open field with tree cover between us and got caught by a stray round from the OP hitting me in the chest. Thus my hit log. if anything it’s NVFL you knew you were surrounded by at least 3 people with automatic weapons. and yeah no video evidence plays.tv has completely removed itself from my pc?
  4. Jewell

    favorite initiation lines?

    Had? I havent died I just have a police Officer as a neighbour now and he might get a tad concerned
  5. Jewell

    Fallout 76 Thread

    Any other heathens brought this game for Xbox One or am I just going to be playing alone BETA is only a week today and then no one will ever see me again.
  6. Jewell

    To all Chernarussians.

    *Alexander holds his PRC-349 and holds down the push to talk* "Bullshit these men claim to have the heart land at their interest yet they attack Chernarussians who seemed to them defenseless" "Lucky the four men you had to take me cant shoot for shit and I managed to take one of your bastards with me" "Your not children of Chernarus half of your men cant even men cant even speak the language, your pretenders under a false banner, stop playing the big boy games before you get hurt" "Glory To Volki, And Death to Their PREY!"
  7. Long ago when the great Chernarussian people were still pagan, a powerful nation came from the endless green sea.At first they wanted to trade, but we soon found out their true meaning. They pillaged, burned, raped, enslaved and murdered!The tribes of Chernarus were hostile to each other, thus they couldn't form a resistance to fight off the foreign conquerors. Then a man came from the deepest, darkest and oldest forest of Chernarus. He was raised by the Chernarussian wolves. He managed to unite the houses and tribes of Chernarus under one banner; The sign of the wolf! He mustered an army to fight off the foreign threat. The two armies clashed near Altar hill. The foreign army outnumbered the Chernarussian one. Our great hero had risen his sword that was given by the gods! The skies opened up and rained fire and thunder upon the foreign enemy. All The wolves of Chernarus came out of the forests, charged the enemy and turned the tide of battle. The foreign army laid slain on the battlefield. The tribal leaders thanked their hero. He said that the wolves would return in the darkest hours of Chernarus. Then he disappeared in the forest and was never to bee seen again. Now Chernarus needs the proud wolfs of the Serye Volki Again. And as said in the legend a man called Alexander Dukov is seen leaving the deepest parts of black forest many believing him to be the Serye Volki. Some say that he was raised by wolves, and is the ancestor of the first Serye Volki. He has returned to unite the people of Chernarus under one banner, one name the Serye Volki. He himself claims to have been a CDF officer leading the remnants of his unit renamed after the old Chernarussian legend. Once the arrival of the Alexander and group of followers loyal to his cause. These men were from every walk of life ranging ages, but all of them sure in the fact that the savior of Chernarus had returned and that when the time comes he will open the skies and the wolf's would come from the woods and strike down the Chernarussian's foes. The Volki have survived long enough just scavenging, it is time for the Vysoký Volk to let the wolf's out on the prowl. He stands infront of his loyal men in their camps and shouts "Our time has come my friends. We can take back our lands and unite what is left of our county. Under one name. One banner! Glory To Volki and Death to Their Prey" The mean roar with excitement and cheer and return from the forest into the land that once belonged to the proud wolf's of Chernarus.
  8. Jewell

    One Group

    Could happen one day you never know
  9. Jewell


    Quietly sends to whole steam friends list
  10. Jewell

    People's Army of Ukraine [PAU] [Selective Recruitment]

    Why genuine question Zbor PAU Or my Volki
  11. Jewell

    People's Army of Ukraine [PAU] [Selective Recruitment]

    Most successful group I have created? or is it the most hated?
  12. Jewell

    S2: No reason to initiate, possible Metagaming in Chernogorsk - 23/08/2017 @ 09:05

    I do not have a recording, my computer is a potato.
  13. Jewell

    S2: No reason to initiate, possible Metagaming in Chernogorsk - 23/08/2017 @ 09:05

    Sorry for the tad late of a reply only just seen it. But heres my POV: We decide to ambush the group and we all take positions I get up on a third story of an apartment building and get eyes on. After the initiation gets dropped I get a little confused as I haven't quite learned the call outs yet for buildings and such so I run out and end up in the wrong street after some correction I run through the buildings facing the large tec and behind a bus stop I see a bloke in a black tracksuit, black beret hunting bag and a rifle out I raise my weapon and am about to open fire he turns sees me and runs away I make an effort to intercept but fail and end up giving support to the other guys. At the end of the fight I spot the same guy walking down the street acting like hes not involved Dusty and Dew blast him away
  14. Marko was born on the 15/01/1989 in Donetsk, Ukraine brought up by a single parent. Marko was brought up not knowing much of his father as he left Marko was young, having been a Russian solider during the Soviet occupation until 1991. When the Soviet Union crumbled and family life began to be torn apart Marko had a tough upbringing getting a degree from the university of life and hard knocks, Marko often resorted to violence. This not helped by the death of his mother, Marko became more violet and began getting into trouble. With no family and nothing to lose Marko took the choice his father had taken to leave Ukraine. When Marko joined the Army his mental strength and his perseverance saw him excel in many aspects of military life. After serving his time in the military Marko decided it was time to move into a cause he believed in more. Fighting the Russian plague that was starting to infect him homeland and place of birth. Marko re-connected with a former military friend Adrian to form the PAU.
  15. Jewell

    Desolation Redux Release

    Radio work ok ingame from what I can tell you dont spawn with them still?