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  1. Marko Dukov

    Marko was born on the 15/01/1989 in Donetsk, Ukraine brought up by a single parent. Marko was brought up not knowing much of his father as he left Marko was young, having been a Russian solider during the Soviet occupation until 1991. When the Soviet Union crumbled and family life began to be torn apart Marko had a tough upbringing getting a degree from the university of life and hard knocks, Marko often resorted to violence. This not helped by the death of his mother, Marko became more violet and began getting into trouble. With no family and nothing to lose Marko took the choice his father had taken to leave Ukraine. When Marko joined the Army his mental strength and his perseverance saw him excel in many aspects of military life. Soviet airborne troops are among the best-trained soldiers in the Russian armed forces.The training that they receive is physically rigorous and mentally demanding. It is conducted under conditions simulating actual combat, including extensive NBC training. Airborne training integrates special airborne techniques with basic motorized rifle tactics. During the six months of specialized training for the VDV, Marko met with the rest company that he would serve with in Chechnya, Ukraine, and now South Zagoria. After finishing the specialized training to become a certified badass, Marko was awarded with the rank of Ryadovoy. Under the command of Major Vyacheslav Mikhailov, they served in the line of combat in Chechnya, Ukraine, and now South Zagoria. July 17th, Major Mikhailov briefed us all for our next mission in South Zagoria. Marko had never quite experienced a mission like this one. It was going to be a new challenge for all the men in the 104th.
  2. Desolation Redux Release

    Radio work ok ingame from what I can tell you dont spawn with them still?
  3. Desolation Redux Release

    Only seen 2 boats so far and they are small rescue boats
  4. Desolation Redux Release

    Helix is correct it only takes around 3-5 mins I have done it numerous times. You say "numerous gear locations" I assume you are referring to the 2 at Comm Station Alpha? The swim is around 790m between the closest point. The only way I can think that it would take 15mins is by using a DST calculator.
  5. Desolation Redux Release

    I believe you are getting confused my friend chasing me in a car beeping at me then overtaking and roadblocking the road does not often invite RP how many people are going to go "hmm lets stop I think they just want to talk" no one you GTFO. And I think you need to correct your story on the heli crash situation. I got to the crash first and was screaming for help and I was ignored by the guy looting who just grabed the stuff and left although I was stood next too him. Would you like me to upload my play.tv to correct this?
  6. Desolation Redux Release

    Needs more regular restarts IOM loot doesn't seem to spawn very often unless there is one so I end up having massive breaks between playing. Also with a large majority of the good loot being on the outer islands it seems odd to limit the playing area until the main lands is supporting better or the same loot demands as the main map and not before this is implemented.
  7. in need of rare ammunition [Open Freq]

    *Alexander picks up his radio* "I have the Ammo and the mags you need in my stash hit me up with a meeting location if you want to trade" *Takes his hand off the PTT button*
  8. IGN: James Hamilton/Alexander Dukov Country: UK English skills: First and only language DayZ Mod Experience: 1000+ hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 700 hours Roleplaying Experience: Played Dayzrp since 26/12/2013 What kind of In Game role best describes you: Variety depending on character and surroundings. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Volki V2, V3 leader of V4. 501st(Mod). ZBOR(Clan Leader). CRA v1, v2. PUA(Mod)(leader) Too many other smaller groups Additional notes: I prefer to be a physical presence during RP down on the ground during hostile moments rather that on a hill missing the conversation. I think I bring experience to any group due to my time within RP in many different types of groups from hostile to passive. I have a good experience with the rules having never received a point/ban ever although playing as a "bandit" a large majority of the time. I was also a staff member for 8-9 months. Best way to contact you: Backstory: (changes dependent on group or character. Read my Character page for one of them)
  9. From Voodoo to crashing out

    Top lad Voodoo mate. I will have to come up and meet up with you soon and we can go out. Keep on contact, you know where you can reach me if you ever need me.
  10. Missed my 3 year anniversary by a few days. Somehow 3 years with a clean sheet.
  11. Teamspeak Descriptions

    I think its only really funny when others change peoples descriptions not when people change their own, so I believe that the power should remain with staff