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  1. I'm also having the black screen bug. I have tried all current suggestions in this thread but still nothing works. The only fix I've found to this problem so far is to disable hardware anti aliasing but it looks really ugly without it. Anyone got any fixes?
  2. ShepBlue


    Ayy i'm no longer sick. Thanks for the help lol
  3. ShepBlue


    Ah okay, im going to the hospital to stack on some pills so that should do me for now lol. Thanks for the advice Thanks for the advice
  4. ShepBlue


    Thanks for the help, will defiantly try and find some of those pills
  5. ShepBlue


    When I was last on the server, probably about 30 minutes before i logged off
  6. ShepBlue


    Yeah took like half a packet of them
  7. ShepBlue


    Hi, I'm unsure about to cure my sickness. Whilst playing yesterday I drank from a water pump with blood on my hands. I contracted a sickness, which seems to not be going away. I have taken a lot of meds but nothing seems to be working, i keep throwing up every now and then. Also, the sickness icon is still visible which tells me it's not going away. Anyone have any ideas on how to cure this? Thanks
  8. I was wondering why my ballistic vest was weighing 17kg lol. But that sucks, guess we gotta wait for the devs to fix this mess out. Thanks for the reply Hey, my inital weight seems to be fine. Its only after a few minutes sprinting will just stop as a whole. Even if it says I have stamina in the bar, it wont let me sprint. Like you said, hopefully the DayZ devs can just rebalance things. Thanks for the reply
  9. Im not sure how many people have already reported on this issue but ill state it anyway, After the update the weight system seems to not work as it did before. Im carrying a ballistic vest and when wearing it, after a while sprinting stops working. If i take it off, I can sprint. But if i put it back on i can only sprint for the first minute or so of wearing it, then sprinting just stops working. Not sure if the devs have made it so players must choose wisely what they carry now, or its just glitched. Thanks
  10. ShepBlue


  11. ShepBlue

    My artwork

    A gallery full of artwork which I have created
  12. Thanks mate, I will miss it too, some good times we had with that story
  13. Thanks mate! I'm sure Phantom's story has a long way to go yet so i'll be looking forward to see what happens too
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