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  1. Ok then. I'll just keep an eye out for updates. Thanks for the help.
  2. I'm having a hard time figuring out how to apply for a whitelist on the LiF server. When I try to apply it says that I don't own DayZ Standalone ( which is pretty true ). Can I get some guidance?
  3. IGN: Giurgiu Christian Age: 16(IRL) 19(in-game) Country: Romania English skills: Advanced DayZ Experience: 2 Years What kind of role best describes you: Low-profiled, spying, hunting Have you been in a clan/group previouslt: No Additional notes: I'm a good driver, but sadly I can barely make my way arround the map without a map or a GPS. If I'm required I can be a good machinegunner aswell Best way to contact you:Forums Backstory: Ex-Military, left after broke his leg. Went on being a chef at one of his local restaurants. Selected to work on a cruise that was going to Chernogorsk. While the outbreak he was on the ship docking about 10 km away from Cherno. After a powerful storm, the ship sunk and he woke up near Balota.
  4. One question, can I just give the proof to any admin?
  5. Sure thing, give me a time you are on on the ts and I'll be there
  6. Scratch this one I will try getting in contact with an admin on ts
  7. Link to the source of punishment (report/post): No link Why the verdict is not fair: As from the date of 19th of April, I am 16 years old. I have the picture with the id and Day-Z RP banner, but I can't PM any admins as my forum account is blocked Additional statements/comments explaining your point of view: None What would you like to achieve with this appeal: Be removed from blacklist and to be given the ability to be whitelisted again What could you have done better?: Not lie in the start
  8. Well, since you lied twice, once while whitelisting and a second time here in this thread, I have significant doubt that you'll ever be able to play here again even when you turn 16. You might have a chance though. Christ sake... I once try to lie...once...on the INTERNET.....and I get cought....this should be a lesson for me and for everyone on this server/forum... I will try again and if I won't make it...well my friend I simply lost my hope in Day-Z...this was the only server I was playing and all because I bloody hate PvP.....anyway those 6 days were nice and I love the community....hope everyone learned something from me
  9. That is probably why you got banned. If you were accepted, then you clearly lied on your application thus making your ban legit. Yup ... seems like... It was my bad... And yes.... I lied... But I was desperate.... I am getting 16 in APRIL.... I wanted to join this server as it was the only one where you got a rule against KOS .... Anyway...Really ashamed of myself...I'll be back in April then....
  10. -Story- Yeah, your best shot would to contact a member of staff. All I got from that story was that you gave a man some money to give you a lift*, perfectly normal. Just again, best of luck with this - if you're legitimately 16, no need to worry. *I gave that man some money to buy himself a vehicle to give me a lift
  11. Played before...And I am 16... I don't know what happened. This is my 6th day of playing on Day-Z RP Although you are 16, do you think you sound it? It might be that somebody has reported you in suspicion of you being underage, although it's unlikely. Find some ID of yours, and do what Mush suggested, take a picture with DayZRP next to it. If one of the staff doesn't see this, then find one on the TeamSpeak, and tell them what the problem is. They'll give you instructions on where to send the picture and what-not See my friend, I do sound like a 16 years old, but I think my actions from yesterday could've give someone the impression that I'm not 16. I was at the Stary buying myself a tire for my crippled car. I asked a guy if I could give him a gold bar and trade it for 4 silver bars. He accepted and after that I asked for a pickup towards NE Airfield, where my car was situated. He didn't had a car so I just gave him all my curency, which was, I say, a very childish move. But anyway I will try getting in contact with an admin or GM and will figure out what happened.
  12. Played before...And I am 16... I don't know what happened. This is my 6th day of playing on Day-Z RP So your whitelist was accepted at first, however today you've found out it has currently been denied? Yep...
  13. Played before...And I am 16... I don't know what happened. This is my 6th day of playing on Day-Z RP
  14. I tried to join in the server today, but seems like I was banned for being "Under Age". Can someone explain me what happened? There is no rule to set an age to be eligible to join the server.