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  1. To be completely honest, I thought the girl was extreamly new and her mic was muted. I have had this happen in the past with many, many other people. I was simply trying to be helpful in some kind of way, saying the fact she kept asking if I can "hear her" or not. I thought she was quite literally having a technical issue and I wanted to attempt to be helpful.... I find this to be very petty that I "Dont know what text RP" and I "was power gaming", When I simply was trying to help her since I "Couldnt hear her" -I am fully aware of what Power Gaming and text RP is, including the fact I have thousands of hours of RP. Just about 3.5k On arma 3 of straight Taki Life and etc. Sorry for attempting to help, I have helped many others in the past, Its just when she mentioned the "can you hear me" part, thats when I thought it was a tech issue.
  2. Fair enough friend, but I can pull up my states address and show the exact time the Transformer went out, its a public police report
  3. NinjaRP

    Watch your back ;)

    I did have some people involved yes, but this was acutally a mistake lmao Yes indeed!
  4. Please provide video evidence of us shooting you falsely. -I am not saying you are wrong of right, but please can we close this if neither sides have nothing but word?
  5. Hello Pheonix, To be completly honest, I either game crashed (which has been happening quite a bit recently, my game would crash out of no where) or that was the day my power went out cause a Transformer blew out in our naiborhood. -And yes you screamed at us to put our hands up, which we would not comply with sense it was 3 v 1. Also before hand about the threat of your mexican friends coming to "get us" cause we wouldn't let you go (Once agian, we were protecting him from the zombies outside sense there were plenty and it was dark as shi*) I beleive that also has to do with your excution.
  6. NinjaRP

    Watch your back ;)

    Thank you man! Indeed
  7. NinjaRP

    Millers Blog Post

    This is my adventures and Blog!
  8. Hello Pontiff, So the people included is Jake (idk lastname) and Domiake (Idk last name) Anyways, our allies with the VATOS recently was cut because they decided to not back us up in a fight with the GD. Day-ish later goes by and we come across a Vato in Grish, It was completly dark outside and we saw a flare running in the night. We decided to go speak to the man because he had a light and there were zombies everywhere. We simply nicely and none aggresively asked him to come into the house with us, we were "afriad" of the zombies coming in the house so we locked it, the man asked what we wanted and as he asked my friend was setting up a nice little fire so we can all eat some steak, he asked what we wanted and we wanted to just RP with him and ask "So whats your story of how you survived threw this hell hole" He said he wanted to leave and we said he can after he tells us and the night ends cause it isnt safe out there. Time goes by and he thretened us that if we didn't let him go that the VATOS would come and get us....We felt very threatend, we asked him who he was and never heard of this Garcia. 20-30 seconds go by and we ask him to put his hands up (we wanted to know why he threatend us) and he said seconds later "NO YOU PUT YOUR HANDS UP" and screamed that shi*, we were scared they were coming to kill us and we said to him "You thretend us, we shall excute you for threating us" and we killed him.
  9. NinjaRP

    Beware of the Night

    Lol It was a first.
  10. Miller. Miller Anderson. Mid 30's retired Green Beret (special forces) Fit and extreamly intelligent. DOB: 1982 March 15th Miller arrived at Chernarus as a tourist. He was gonna vist from June to July 28th. As Miller arrived he enjoyed the place, the food, people and the place overall. As time goes by protest start to break lose, yet Miller isnt botherd by it. Not long after violence lead to martial law and Miller was locked inside the suite he was staying at. July 7th: Miller was being watched 24/7, checkpoints were setup by a organization called "CDF". Miller started getting the gut feeling something wasnt right and he didn't want to stay no more, but he already got his plane ticket to leave July 28th. The CDF told Miller and many others they would "protect the civialians". Days Later: Miller heard gun shots and a loud boom like sound, the CDF soldiers were killing civils and were completely unresponsive. They was as if pain didn't hurt them. Miller stayed inside of his suite with only Days of food and water left, he was afraid to leave. Inside the Suite: Miller heard bombing, gun shots, screaming and people begging for help. He would take a glance outside very rarely and see people with their bodies burned head to toe limping yet not in pain. 12-17th of July. July 12th 2017... Miller was the only one left, Oils spilled and rushed the last survivors down to other towns. Yet Miller stayed in his suite and he needed food or he would starve to death, as Miller stepped outside with a baseball bat that was a wall prop, he heard nothing, no one. It was quite, all you could hear is the thin air and his own footsteps sounded loud. He went to the food market across the street and was lucky enough to find some food, as he attempted to return to his suite he found those things at the doors of his suite, trying to get in. Miller was scared and knew they were the ones causeing the screems so he hidout in the food market for a couple of days and made a bed out of the carboard boxs in the storage. July 17th 2017.... Miller knew he was alone, hasn't seen another person in about a week. As he knew, there was no going back home, not anytime soon. He started up camp in the food market and used the trees from the nearby forest for walls and adapted to the survival, all that training in basic and the Special Forces payed off. Yet he has avoided these things cause he doesn't know what they are. This is were Miller's journy starts.
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