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  1. S3: KoS in Northwest Airfield -27/06/2016- around 08:00

    There was not 6 people around me. Taco had gotten disconnected while I was RPing with him. It was around 3 and 2 of them were off in the distance and sent 1 over to initiate on me. As I was being initiated on I seen Taco logging in. (Keep in mind me and Taco were not rolling together we met only a minute before) I opened fire on the one person who was infront of me. The others were out of voice and text chat range so I could have killed him and gotten away. That is not fail RP it was protecting myself. Seeing as I did fire on you, what reason did you have to kill Taco? He had just logged in and had no clue of the sitiuation.
  2. S3: KoS in Northwest Airfield -27/06/2016- around 08:00

    I was the one being robbed. I met Taco only a minute before I was approached and told OOC not to log out then was initiated on. Taco got disconnected. There was no way of him knowing what was going on.
  3. 84.9 Haas (Open Broadcast)

    *Jordan clicks on his radio as he walks into his little shack.* "So Mr. Haas it has been quite a while. I've heard word of you becoming a Mayor like you always wanted. *chuckles* I know the last time we spoke wasn't so great but I will be honest I do miss you and Roy. Maybe we can get together soon to chat?" *Jordan turns his radio off and puts it in his bag and lays down his gun for a nap.*
  4. Help

    *Jordan clicks on the radio with little energy he has.* [mp3]http://k001.kiwi6.com/hotlink/t3pb78qeda/DAYZ_DUB.wav[/mp3]
  5. Pancakes or Waffles?

  6. Pancakes or Waffles?

  7. Old man or Child?

    Hey my friend!! I role as a 19 year old and carry very minimal stuff. I like playing the simple life but I have been thinking about the role of a child!
  8. The Banter Brigade Are Leaving

    Lets all be friends!
  9. [GAME]Kill-Bang-Marry

    Marry my boo Lou!
  10. *The radio cuts on with static and noises of shifting leaves on the ground.* "Brothers, Sisters, this is Jordan. *sickly cough* I don't know where I am. I have been wandering this forest for a few days passing in and out of consciousness. I need so- *radio cuts off* *radio cuts back on* Damn thing! If you can hear me I- *radio goes dead* *Jordan tosses his radio on the ground in anger screaming.*
  11. To the New American Order

    *Jordan holds down the transmit button on his radio.* *chuckles* "Oh how sad." *Jordan turns his radio off laughing at what he had just heard.*
  12. Eddy Beck's Freq [84.6]!

    *Jordan takes out his radio from his bag after hearing the news.* "My brother Eddy. I will miss you and I hope to keep in touch with you. I understand your decision and still care for you bud. Be careful out there my dear brother Eddy." *He lets go of the transmit button with a slight frown. Jordan then lays back under a tree exhausted from the heat with his pistol in his hand.*
  13. *Jordan cuts on his radio but is silent for a moment.* "I loved my sister.. sometimes we didn't get along but, she was my family. To you Kaiden Stone you're a fucking dead man! I can't wait to be involved with cutting pieces of you off! Enjoy your last days you fucking swine!" *The radio goes silent. Jordan puts the radio back in his bag and pulls out his journal.*
  14. What does your RP character look like?

    Jordan Donnahue http://i.imgur.com/7GZ7rPm.jpg[/img]
  15. In search of my childeren...

    *Jordan clicks on his radio as fast as humanly possible!" "Father is that you....? Oh!..Praise the Maker! I will look.. I wont stop till I find you Father!" *Jordan clicks his radio off then grabs his things and starts running.*