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  1. The boys before the storm.....
  2. Literally KO'd each other as I walked out of the tent!
  3. ShuffleMoose

    The Sentinels Return

    RIP Inspector J
  4. "What is this stuff Mark?"
  5. The boys clearing a crash site.
  6. Jonas covers the car. Sleepy times.
  7. Jordan Moss, 21 was born into a single mother home in the city of New Orleans Louisiana. Growing up in the city ,Jordan was introduced into the life of crime at a young age. From selling drugs to lifting and selling stolen vehicles. Caring most of the time Jordan can be at times short tempered and selfish. When Jordan was around the age of 13 his grandfather would pick him up sometimes and bring him out to his rural area of a home and practice shooting his hunting rifle with him. He quickly adapted and became proficient with the firearm. He had a close relationship with his grandpa before his passing when Jordan was 18. It pushed Jordan over the edge, consuming things to numb his pain and feelings. One day out in the city Jordan met a girl. This girl was just visiting from the Ukraine. They fell in love over the months that she stayed. When she had to go back to her country Jordan was devastated. When Jordan turned 21 he continued to think about her and he saved his money so he could take a flight out to her. The day that Jordan was set out to fly he could tell in the air that something was wrong. He boarded his plane and dozed off as it took off into the sky. Jordan awoke to the sound of alarms, flashing lights and oxygen mask falling in front of his face. His plane was going down. Closer and closer to the water below he could. Then nothing. It was dark, cold and Jordan could hear nothing. Water splashing against his hand woke him up on a shoreline. Confused and cold he begins to walk to a nearby town to try to find help.
  8. yes dude we'll have to meet up again!
  9. There was not 6 people around me. Taco had gotten disconnected while I was RPing with him. It was around 3 and 2 of them were off in the distance and sent 1 over to initiate on me. As I was being initiated on I seen Taco logging in. (Keep in mind me and Taco were not rolling together we met only a minute before) I opened fire on the one person who was infront of me. The others were out of voice and text chat range so I could have killed him and gotten away. That is not fail RP it was protecting myself. Seeing as I did fire on you, what reason did you have to kill Taco? He had just logged in and had no clue of the sitiuation.
  10. I was the one being robbed. I met Taco only a minute before I was approached and told OOC not to log out then was initiated on. Taco got disconnected. There was no way of him knowing what was going on.
  11. *Jordan clicks on his radio as he walks into his little shack.* "So Mr. Haas it has been quite a while. I've heard word of you becoming a Mayor like you always wanted. *chuckles* I know the last time we spoke wasn't so great but I will be honest I do miss you and Roy. Maybe we can get together soon to chat?" *Jordan turns his radio off and puts it in his bag and lays down his gun for a nap.*
  12. *Jordan clicks on the radio with little energy he has.* [mp3]http://k001.kiwi6.com/hotlink/t3pb78qeda/DAYZ_DUB.wav[/mp3]
  13. ShuffleMoose

    Pancakes or Waffles?

  14. ShuffleMoose

    Pancakes or Waffles?

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