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  1. Hello, guys! My name is Petrut and I am from Romania. Nice to meet you all and looking forward to seeing you all IC!
  2. As a 32 years old hotel development manager, Yoritsji Petri was traveling in Norway for a year while working on a new project: the opening of a 5 Star resort in Nyheim. Blocked away from his home, friends and family, his goal is to survive another day, on the hope that he may be reunited with them one day. Born in Constanta, Romania, on the shores of the Black Sea, Yoritsji Petri was always used and enticed with tourism and hospitality. His family owned a small cottage on the beach where he used to work during childhood. When he grew up, he went with great financial effort to Switzerland and attended the Lausagne Hotel School, a choice that paid well after graduation. He started working with the worldiwide hotel chain Hyatt, and in a few years he became EMEA Development Manager and was assigend to building new units arould Europe, Middle East and Asia. While working on such a project, the pandemic started and Yori seen himself stranded in Norway.
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