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  1. From a young age Gottfried Julius was in love with nature. As a photographer for a Romanian newspaper Gottfried was sent to Russia to study the traditional life of Russians. Because hunting is a traditional activity in Russia, Gottfried went hog hunting with some villagers. In the forest they spotted a wild hog but he was acting kind of strange , something wasn't right about it so they decided to let it be thinking it might have rabies and wasn't worth the risk to kill.. Returning to the village all the villagers had the same symptoms like the hog, the skin colour was turning some kind of green-blue like they were full of bruises and they were very aggressive . Suddenly the radio was mumbling something, they found the right frequency. It was an emergency broadcast " All people should lock themselves in their house, some kind of biological weapon was released and dead people were coming back to life! all people remain inside till further orders and the arrival of army". After that day life of Gottfried Julius wasn't the same anymore, trapped in the Russian wilderness , every day was a fight between life and death , surviving the zombie apocalypse or Walkers how he used to call them. Gottfried is scared, inexperienced, but with a good will to survive, maybe somehow he will find a way to return to his home.. if there is any home left.