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  1. I've had my fair share of surviving the infection in my almost 300 hours on the server. And there have been quite a few times where my "immersion" in the world is suddenly shattered by a character that is over doing the role they're playing in an annoying and or offensive way. For example; someone is playing an Asian character and their accent is what you'd expect out of a borderline racist comedy skit. I've had my fair share of laughs and trolly like moments but these characters are more often breaking other rules because of the personality their character has. Most of the time it carries over to the actual player. These Troll characters are still getting away with rule 1.1, 3.1, 3.2, and 4.7 many times over. Of course, the staff doesn't have the time or energy to deal with every minor offense or complaint. BUT, I have a feeling that the people who play characters like this will most likely (if they haven't already) form entire groups based off of what they think is funny just so they can have fun. What are your experiences with characters like this? Do you think a change would help the community?
  2. ^ For my current character Stan. And the one below which inspired me to make my character Vince. Thanks to @coolman23for introducing me to the song.
  3. There are plenty of peaceful groups going around and doing their thing. When it comes to taking down threats, these peaceful and or pacifist groups don't have any choice but to eliminate their foes. Which could be entirely against their morals, but they have absolutely no choice unless they wish to be wiped out first. A range of non-lethal bullets (maybe a non-lethal specialized weapon or two) would help a lot in the world of peace and peaceful interrogation for those who wish to defend themselves this way. These bullets/weapons could incapacitate just as easily as normal bullet(s) but keep the receiver of said bullet unconscious long enough to be intercepted. Along with this suggestion by @DieselTheSnowMan, and the ability to restrain the unconscious.. It would add many more options to the PvP scene rather than just destroying people immediately (although that will always still be the most popular option). Opinions? Suggestions on how this could be fleshed out further?
  4. POV: We arrive at the airfield to meet up with our friend @Worldclass and end up coming across a Muslim that we planned on initiating on for information purposes. We leave that man and I come across @K1W1, have a small conversation with him on the roof about the weird people in the area, then leave as we plan an initiation on him. @alexnlena initiates on @K1W1 while climbing down a ladder. "Put your hands up or we'll both die." something along those lines. @K1W1 runs somewhere on the roof and lays down, not complying. He gets shot and goes unconscious. We think he's dead. We go over to take the things off his corpse and realize he's still alive. We bandage him and order him to the HQ building that is near the group of barracks in the NW Airfield. He slowly but surely makes it there while barely listening. Inside I command him to go up against the wall or he'll be shot. He takes forever and a countdown begins to his death unless he complies. He suddenly moves and not long after, an explosion, causing the death of me and @Will. I didn't hear @Worldclass's callout in time and had no time to run out of the room.
  5. Vince Taylor, A young law student in his early twenties: Vince had a bad family life. His mother was an alcoholic. His father committed suicide when Vince was 7 due to relationship issues with his wife. After Vince's father died, he was stuck in his home with his mother until he was old enough to leave on his own. He was mentally abused and close to being physically abused multiple times. After Vince graduated high-school, he went into college, earning a scholarship, letting him straight into law school. Before Vince was able to become a full-fledged lawyer, he was sent off to a practice court in Chernarus. Vince arrived and was to defend an unknown Russian man. Not too long later, what seemed to be.. limping people.. filled the room. And Vince had to escape. He sacrificed everyone in his way, as he is deeply afraid of death. He has survived to this day by sacrificing and using anyone in his way. In this new environment... Vince will use people to his advantage and make everyone else do the work for him. (More to be added soon. Above is mostly a placeholder.)
  6. Amazing time! Hope to get to know you better.
  7. FknSnow

    Remove/Reduce damage to footware

    This mechanic can get annoying. Especially with how often I don't find duct-tape. Shoes ruined > Bleeding feet > Run out of bandages > hopefully find new shoes before you bleed from your feet and have a slow painful death. It needs to be lengthened. I don't mind the mechanic otherwise.
  8. While I think it'd be a good idea for a smoother experience in the EU. You're basically splitting the player base in half. Also I have character development with lots of people from the EU. It's a no from me, personally.
  9. Maria grew up in Maine, in a small city with her pawpaw and her 4 brothers. The boring life of the early fifties and the late 70's in farm towns was too much for ol' Maria. Eventually she left the farm to live in the big city of New York, where she met her husband. They eventually settled down and had 3 kids. One being Anthony Smith, father of Maria's only grandson. Maria got a job as a phone operator for a company that dealt with manufacturing and distributing tools. After many years of working the same job, Maria retired at 51, receiving an award and always being remembered by her coworkers. Eventually, As life went on, Maria became a widow. All but one of her children were dead. Anthony Smith would end up marrying a gorgeous woman. They would then have Maria's only grandson. Maria's grandson was abused heavily by his father. And eventually ran away from the country all together. Maria, wanting to find her grandson and bring him back to the states, left to Chernarus to find him. It's been two years since she's seen him.. And the infection hasn't been easy on Gram-ma. But she'll survive. She's a tough cookie.
  10. Totally not metagaming. He's double micing because his radio is on. What's to stop him from using his radio once he's been figured out by the opposition. He's giving his team mates information through legitimate means. From what I saw, they were complying and were going to surrender, because they valued their friends life. Unlike how the situation started, where you tried to gun them down while they had 2-4 guns to your friends head. I apologize to everyone if my view is unneeded but I watched the entire thing.
  11. Server and location S1 - Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/10/2019 - 1:00 Your in game name: Kennedy Anderson Name of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect(s): I didn't catch it Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence?: N/A Detailed description of the events: Me and my Friend @Bevis were held up the other day by this guy. The next day, I find him and we start walking to where we think Tisy Military is, but end up in Novaya Petrovka where he wants to question these two folks we came across. This whole time I'm planning on robbing him for what happened yesterday. I hold my gun up to his head behind him and tell him to drop the gun or I'll pop him. The two men infront of us; I planned on letting them know the situation, but before I could, the suspect looks back at me, moves to the left a little before I can react, and shoots me to death. The two men then fire at him before my screen goes black.
  12. Kennedy responds finally I'm.. Being brought to your place here soon.. By a man named Aiden.. I'll see you soon.. Dr Hope.. The Radio cuts off
  13. @reapstarr I love you Grubes, always will. Can't wait to blow your brains out when we get back together @Batok It was great meeting with you tonight. I'll be seeing a lot more of you soon.
  14. *Your Radio Crackles to Life* "Hello.. I need.. Help. My name is Kennedy and I'm injured up north. I'm gravely injured and could really use.. Some help. If anyone is there.. Please respond and I'll revel my location.." *The Radio goes silent from then on*
  15. To whoever robbed me at Balota, I crashed and died because I was restrained. Apologies for the inconvenience.
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