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  1. I don't believe I have any other reason that I would have stopped. I could have been lagging, which is possible. But I mostly stopped moving because HE had stopped moving.
  2. I and two others were in Berezino hanging out. I went up to @YAKMOUTHand said a couple things but then apologized because I was mistaken. I sit down with @PowerofWilland we sit there for a few minutes before we were initiated on by at least 3 individuals. @Taidhg gets gunned down and then we are escorted out of town into a forest nearby Berezino. We get sat down and then separated not too long after. I am being walked away from @PowerofWilland @YAKMOUTHturns away from me, not being very aggressive like he was before. He says "Hurry up the hill" in a more calm manner, while standing still in front of me, looking away. I assume he isn't talking to me, and I wait for him to continue walking. He then says "Oh my God, what the hell are you doing, move." and shoots me with no further warning. The time between the last words and me getting shot was not long enough for me to comply. RP pretty much ended right then and there. I could have been lagging in that situation as well. I didn't stand still for more than 10 seconds. End of pov
  3. FknSnow

    The Pedlars

    Let's get this party started, boyos
  4. Aleksander grew up in the US with his brother, mother, and father. His life was as normal as he could comprehend at the time. His mother would spoil him, shower him with affection. Aleks was never too attached to his father, but he basically brought home all the money they ever had, so there wasn't much to complain about. Everything was normal until he finally began to see what his parents were really like. His mother was always very anxious and antsy around his father. Aleks didn't begin to pick up on this until he was around sixteen. By the time Aleks was an eighteen, and was fully able to comprehend the situation his mother was in, they divorced. Aleks' mother decided she was going to take Aleks back to her home country Chernarus, leaving her younger son with her husband in the US. Aleks accepted, despite his inevitable regret that he chose to leave his brother behind. - About a year into Aleks' readjustment to life in Chernarus, he was offered a job by his uncle, who owned a cabaret club. Aleks worked as a dish washer in the club until the talent manager suddenly disappeared one day. They couldn't easily find a replacement, so their only option was to put Aleks into the position. He would be forced to learn the ins and outs of managing female talent at this specific club. That would include dancers, private table entertains, and such. About 3 years later, he had been making decent money. He had all but mastered his job. Out of the blue one day, an American girl came to the club begging for a job, claiming that her father had died from stomach cancer, and that her farm had been claimed by the government. Aleks decided to hire her out of pity, and she would become the clubs most popular table entertainer in the club. She spoke little Chernarussian but the regulars in the club strived to learn basic English just to talk to her. Her name was Bettie and everyone who ever had the pleasure of meeting her always spoke nicely about her sweet attitude and southern accent. She would have to work for another few years before making enough money to buy her farm back. The wages in Chernarus were never very good, even in a popular club in the most populated city of South Zagoria. Just one year after hiring Bettie, the worst happened. Aleks had developed a major crush on Bettie. He would actively talk to her when her shift was over. They could communicate much easier, both being native English speakers. Considering Aleks was born and raised in America, his Chernarussian was very close to that of a first grader. The fact he did his job well at all completely relied on the girls he managed knowing a little bit of English. After things started escalating with the flu, Aleks lost his job due to the business going under. He and Bettie were now out on their own, with him doing whatever he could to provide for her. --- This profile is under construction due to the minimal time I've had to prepare it. ---
  5. My first major character on the server was a cannibal. I have his back story here. Maybe you'll find some inspiration. I would ignore actually eating human flesh (the item) in game all together, despite what other people might say. You should act it out, however. Even if it's just by yourself. My character, for example, was addicted to it for a while. He only actively looked for someone to eat when his urges made him psychically sick. I'd also advise you to stick to taking chunks off other players. Not killing them. Keeping them alive will add to the story. Act like a sociopath, make friends, be a person that your character has made up. I personally used a fake name when Roleplaying my cannibal. Be your true self with your victims so that when they speak about said character, it's not the person your character is acting as, if that makes any sense. My character was actively sought out after some time. And I had some really good rp sessions with a couple key groups of people I became pretty good friends with outside the server. He eventually died because I was about to away from the server for a while. That's about all the decent advice I can give. Good luck, and I hope my ramblings can help you.
  6. A lot of people aren't thinking very deeply on the PK subject. I would assume they often think they're the "main character". Or they just really enjoy playing said character. More often the latter. Killing off my characters is the best part for me. It's almost sadistic how excited I get thinking about killing a character off. I killed a character off recently and it was a relief in itself. I will never get to play that character again, but I'll always remember what happened in his life. I find peace in that. As OP said, like real life... These things can have affect on others. My characters death caused unanswered questions for people. And a suicide for one character. It's a beautiful cycle. I don't think there should be more PK's; I do think some people need to think more about the collective story as a whole. A PK could send character stories into a spiral of awesomeness if done at the correct time.
  7. *Jack pulls out his radio and presses down on the PTT button, sounding almost sad, but more melancholy* I've suffered too long with these urges passed onto me. I'm a soul undeserving of the pain, but a soul deserving of the punishment. My name is Stan Dahmer, better known to the people of Chernarus as Jack Ceaser. Today is the day I die. Despite lots of effort of hiding a secret from many people, I admit to everyone now that I am in fact a cannibal. I have slaughtered and eaten at least a dozen of innocent people in Chernarus since the start of the outbreak over two years ago. My belongings are in the church directly south of the school on the southern border of Severograd. A knife, Hatchet, a copy of this note, and a necklace with 3 severed fingers on it. Tokens from some important people I've feasted on. As well as some Vodka for my good friend Mack Gruber. Whoever finds my things may have them. Cannibal memorabilia might still be popular for some people. I will be forgotten quickly, but that's just how things work here. Farewell Gruber. I don't know where you're at old man, but I'm killing myself in the North while drunk as piss on Vodka, thinking of all the great times we had together. Have a good retirement, old man. Mark Manner, I'm sorry for everything I did, I truly am. I wouldn't take it back. But I hope you find peace. Noah Russo, I may have betrayed you, But you betrayed me without proof of my guilt. I am sorry for leading you on. It sucks you have to find out like this. James Mason, Burn in hell. Declan, I'm sorry that we'll never have more stupid adventures. We had only just met as well. Live your best life, buddy. I feel remorse, but also do not. Monsters don't truly care, do they? I may have forgotten many of the people I have met, but this last message is private. Please tune out. Farewell. Miles, I'm sorry. I probably ruined your life. Became someone you could look up to. But I hid this secret from you. You always knew something was wrong with me. And I'm sorry for leaving you alone so suddenly. Find peace with yourself. Survive this whole thing. We'll meet again somewhere. Stay safe. *Jack releases the PTT*
  8. I've been thinking about this recently, and I'm not sure if this has been brought up already or not. I think there should be rewards for playtime or something of the sort. Play 200, 400, 800 hours? Get one free item in the clothing shop. Maybe a basic premium status like bronze for a certain number of hours? What's your opinion on this idea? It's basic and bare-bones but I wanted to get it out there.
  9. Really glad to see you're making it official, Hunter. Good luck.
  10. How no one mentioned here the events of last night.. I don't know @coolman23 @Miles Benson and the messengers crew/whover else was there at the church in Novy last night.. You guys are awesome. Some of the best RP no one but us got to witness. GG.
  11. This IS a VALID invitation. If I'm initiating solo and want to hold up.. This many people. I need to be behind cover/a wall. If I die I'm in lane for getting reported for NVFL. Of course, you shouldn't be initiating on 4+ people by yourself anyway but that's just an example. I should be able to initiate on anyone anywhere as long as they can hear my personal voice in range of their ears. (excluding any type of PA system, etc) Another small rant, because of another part of what happened in that reports situation; I always complain about this in private. Lots of people claim to be RP forward but their first instinct is to immediately raise their gun and eliminate their target. I understand this completely but it RUINS RP. All RP is immediately DESTROYED when something like this happens. And it's nothing less than common among most players on this server. I don't want to lose my gear either. I don't want my friends to die either. It's realistic to defend yourself. But they aren't going to kill you. They can't. Just put your hands up and RP. It's Dayz>RP< after all.
  12. Mass'sManyItemOverhaul is something I would kill to see added. Other servers benefit massively from this mod. I really love the clothes. The only problem is clipping. I've seen lots of clothes glitching into one another.
  13. S2 should go back to only opening when S1 is 80-100% full. Or the new map idea should be implemented fully.
  14. I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes, boys.
  15. Don't do this. I completely agree with a smaller map but it just won't work the way we all want it to. Increase stamina or find another way to make walking less boring.
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