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  1. Johnny was born in Beijing, China, to a single mother who had been working as an escort to make things work. While more security protocols were being set in place across China, (Facial Recognition, And a citizen behavior point system for example) his mother was in the process of getting them passports so they could emigrate to the United States. The spike in the loss of privacy country wide was something his mother had seen blowing up in the next few decades. After everything went through, Johnny and his mother moved to Washington, USA, when Johnny was 3 years old. The problem at this point, was Johnny's mother securing a job. Being poor, alone, and uneducated, she chose to be a stripper for a local club. It payed decent and she kept all her tips. Johnny's mother had hired a stripper friends daughter to babysit. When Johnny was 6 years old, there was no babysitting anymore. Johnny's mother wasn't making as much money as she did a few years prior. Johnny babysat himself, washing dishes using a stepping stool, watching cartoons, and making himself food until his mother got home to make dinner then go to bed immediately. Living in a cheap apartment right next to Seattle wasn't so bad. It was all they knew. After years of school and taking care of himself, Johnny's mother was diagnosed with stage four stomach cancer. She was paid quite a bit of money by her employer, then she retired early to spend more time with her son before she died, as she refused chemotherapy. Soon, Johnny's mother died peacefully in her sleep just months after his high school graduation. Johnny had inherited dust, and was without a mother or a home at 18. His friend offered a place to stay until Johnny was on his feet, but Johnny refused. He didn't want to push his burdens on anyone else. Johnny lived in a homeless shelter for a little while trying to get his life together. He found a small job washing dishes at a nice restaurant in Seattle, eventually getting an apartment just 35 minutes away from work. He was making decent money and decided it was time for a small vacation. Burying his mother's ashes had been delayed for too long. His mother's last wishes were to be buried next to her (step)father in Pustoshka, Chernarus. It was an odd location but Johnny wasn't about to disrespect his mother's final wishes. Johnny got the cheapest plane ticket he could find, and flew straight to Krasnostav Airport, taking a local taxi to Pustoshka, seeing the scenery on his way there. It was a beautiful country. Was. Johnny's taxi was struck by a local farmers truck just east of Gorka, where it flipped and killed the driver. In shock, Johnny tried calling the police but no one answered. Not long later, Johnny was surrounded by the undead. He ran away in terror, his mother's box of ashes in hand. He followed a road south of Gorka, finding a cabin. He stayed here and cowered on the second floor for a few months, surviving off someone else's stash and vegetables that must have died trying to get back home. Johnny had enough, took a hunting rifle and went out to explore on his own. He hadn't seen anyone in a few years besides the undead, seeing as he never left Gorka. But that was all about to change.
  2. *Jack pulls out his radio and presses down on the PTT button, sounding almost sad, but more melancholy* I've suffered too long with these urges passed onto me. I'm a soul undeserving of the pain, but a soul deserving of the punishment. My name is Stan Dahmer, better known to the people of Chernarus as Jack Ceaser. Today is the day I die. Despite lots of effort of hiding a secret from many people, I admit to everyone now that I am in fact a cannibal. I have slaughtered and eaten at least a dozen of innocent people in Chernarus since the start of the outbreak over two years ago. My belongings are in the church directly south of the school on the southern border of Severograd. A knife, Hatchet, a copy of this note, and a necklace with 3 severed fingers on it. Tokens from some important people I've feasted on. As well as some Vodka for my good friend Mack Gruber. Whoever finds my things may have them. Cannibal memorabilia might still be popular for some people. I will be forgotten quickly, but that's just how things work here. Farewell Gruber. I don't know where you're at old man, but I'm killing myself in the North while drunk as piss on Vodka, thinking of all the great times we had together. Have a good retirement, old man. Mark Manner, I'm sorry for everything I did, I truly am. I wouldn't take it back. But I hope you find peace. Noah Russo, I may have betrayed you, But you betrayed me without proof of my guilt. I am sorry for leading you on. It sucks you have to find out like this. James Mason, Burn in hell. Declan, I'm sorry that we'll never have more stupid adventures. We had only just met as well. Live your best life, buddy. I feel remorse, but also do not. Monsters don't truly care, do they? I may have forgotten many of the people I have met, but this last message is private. Please tune out. Farewell. Miles, I'm sorry. I probably ruined your life. Became someone you could look up to. But I hid this secret from you. You always knew something was wrong with me. And I'm sorry for leaving you alone so suddenly. Find peace with yourself. Survive this whole thing. We'll meet again somewhere. Stay safe. *Jack releases the PTT*
  3. I've been thinking about this recently, and I'm not sure if this has been brought up already or not. I think there should be rewards for playtime or something of the sort. Play 200, 400, 800 hours? Get one free item in the clothing shop. Maybe a basic premium status like bronze for a certain number of hours? What's your opinion on this idea? It's basic and bare-bones but I wanted to get it out there.
  4. Really glad to see you're making it official, Hunter. Good luck.
  5. How no one mentioned here the events of last night.. I don't know @coolman23 @Miles Benson and the messengers crew/whover else was there at the church in Novy last night.. You guys are awesome. Some of the best RP no one but us got to witness. GG.
  6. FknSnow

    Initiating from behind cover

    This IS a VALID invitation. If I'm initiating solo and want to hold up.. This many people. I need to be behind cover/a wall. If I die I'm in lane for getting reported for NVFL. Of course, you shouldn't be initiating on 4+ people by yourself anyway but that's just an example. I should be able to initiate on anyone anywhere as long as they can hear my personal voice in range of their ears. (excluding any type of PA system, etc) Another small rant, because of another part of what happened in that reports situation; I always complain about this in private. Lots of people claim to be RP forward but their first instinct is to immediately raise their gun and eliminate their target. I understand this completely but it RUINS RP. All RP is immediately DESTROYED when something like this happens. And it's nothing less than common among most players on this server. I don't want to lose my gear either. I don't want my friends to die either. It's realistic to defend yourself. But they aren't going to kill you. They can't. Just put your hands up and RP. It's Dayz>RP< after all.
  7. FknSnow

    Possible Mods to add

    Mass'sManyItemOverhaul is something I would kill to see added. Other servers benefit massively from this mod. I really love the clothes. The only problem is clipping. I've seen lots of clothes glitching into one another.
  8. FknSnow

    Regarding the server split

    S2 should go back to only opening when S1 is 80-100% full. Or the new map idea should be implemented fully.
  9. FknSnow

    The Russo Syndicate [Selective Recruitment]

    I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes, boys.
  10. Don't do this. I completely agree with a smaller map but it just won't work the way we all want it to. Increase stamina or find another way to make walking less boring.
  11. Add new clothing. The additions on other servers have increased the quality of the server on a grand scale, in my personal opinion.
  12. FknSnow

    Decrease the spawn of NVGs?

    I personally have never found NVG's naturally spawn. But maybe that's because I'm lazy. If everyone has them and everyone is finding them, then lower it for sure.
  13. FknSnow

    Stamina system - distance modification

    Maximum stamina should just be increased, instead of an entire new system.
  14. About the OOC: I replied very little to it, and even mentioned it at one point OOC in discord to Miles that he should relax on it, which he eventually did. It had little impact on RP and was ONLY done while the 3 of us were around each other. I'm sure after this report they will have learned to tone it down. Another note about the report: As stated by @Miles Benson, Vegas had no battery in his radio. Which would make it impossible to tell his friends he was putting his hands up. Regardless of that statement, and a suggestion for future reference, which is something that I'd consider; limiting or prohibiting the use discord all together. As most communications in discord on the server are OOC. And I'm personally guilty of this sometimes. Just using the radio is rarely how discord is used in game. But I'll save the rant for the suggestions board. Edit: (This is my personal opinion and is just more to the report. But I'd like to note a couple things.) We had their friend hostage, he could and should have been killed when they started shooting at us, which isn't what you should be doing in a hostage situation. They had the numbers to roll up on us and force us to let their friend go, pushing RP first and foremost, which they didn't. And if my friends tried to shoot as they came close, we would have been overwhelmed immediately. We had minimal options in this situation, they had the advantage and chose to push RP as a last resort. Secondly, my death in Vyshnoye. Again, RP wasn't the priority here. I was caught off guard with no gun out as I was running away. Holding me up and asking why I did what I did would be considered great RP but they decided to push violence. Which is not what I except from an RP server. Blatantly giving the excuse that their characters were afraid they'd get shot, etc.. Doesn't work. Because they risked their friends life immediately after killing Miles while we had fully automatic weapons aimed at his head. If not Meta Gaming, or anything else, BadRP.
  15. Server and location: S1: Vyshnoye / Green mountain Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 7:50 Your in game name: Stan Dahmer Names of allies involved: @TheMcCafeMenu @Miles Benson Name of suspect/s: Legion corp(?) Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): N/A Detailed description of the events: I'm with a couple friends, running to our destination, when we spot a man. We had just run into a group we all dislike so we thought we should rob him for information. He immediately pulls his gun out as we start talking to him, assuming he didn't know we were there until he approached, so he had somehow contacted his friends, while holding down the ptt on the radio and while holding a gun. We hold him up and start heading to towards the forest near green mountain. Suddenly, @Miles Benson is shot in the head. Mind you, we had the man put his hands up and took his radio, making it impossible to make radio contact. (Them finding us is possible through him telling them beforehand but I'm still skeptical. Video evidence would help a lot from the opposing side). While we are taking fire, I decide to flee, (through a forest or two) as there are too many of them. @TheMcCafeMenu dies sometime as I am running. I end up at a barn and talk to someone who could have been with the Legion (Same type of accent, running the same direction) and I talk to him in the barn for a while as I watch the door with my gun. He says he has to leave and I run off. I make my way through more woods, turning corners and such so It's very hard to track me. I get water in Vyshnoye and head inside a building to drink. I walk outside and seconds later I am shot down. (I assume it was legion but I'm not sure.) Mind you, I had changed a few clothing items and taken off my mask so I looked different. They ID'd me based on my color pallet if it was them, ignoring the fact that they had to positively find out my identity before shooting me. Regardless, if they somehow tracked me the whole way, they had many chances to shoot me in the back.
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