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  1. Being one of the most popular Adult Actors in the industry, Jake was contacted by his agent, letting him know that Brazzers had contacted him, offering top dollar to shoot a outside nature scene in Chernarus. A completely foreign country with a blossoming Adult Video industry. Jake agreed and flied out to Chernarus on an actual private jet. He would be filming with another huge male adult actor and the top charted Adult Video actress. This was going to be huge. Jake arrived at the shoot quite early.. Soon.. Shit went crazy. Everyone was going crazy and trying to kill him. Jake fleed into his personal trailer that was on scene and yelled out for help. Jake was soon saved by his scene partner, and they escaped. Still surviving together to this day. Fuck you, Brazzers.
  2. Felix was born in Ohio to a set of angelic parents. Sadly, this didn't have much affect on how he grew as a person. Felix has that.. Obnoxious, layed back type personality. If you ever meet him, he's probably stoned out of his mind. One day, Felix took a whole slab of LSD and woke up in a dumpster behind a bar in Cherno. He doesn't know how, but he's woken up in a foreign country with only his clothes and a signed photograph of a Cherno-Russian woman "I had a great night, hope to see you again. :)" A week later, these infected start to appear.. By dumb luck, Felix is still alive. Two years later.. Felix is looking for this woman and is still somehow surviving on Weed and the protection of others.
  3. Server and location S1 - Novaya Petrovka Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 4/10/2019 - 1:00 Your in game name: Kennedy Anderson Name of allies involved: N/A Name of suspect(s): I didn't catch it Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): N/A Additional evidence?: N/A Detailed description of the events: Me and my Friend @Bevis were held up the other day by this guy. The next day, I find him and we start walking to where we think Tisy Military is, but end up in Novaya Petrovka where he wants to question these two folks we came across. This whole time I'm planning on robbing him for what happened yesterday. I hold my gun up to his head behind him and tell him to drop the gun or I'll pop him. The two men infront of us; I planned on letting them know the situation, but before I could, the suspect looks back at me, moves to the left a little before I can react, and shoots me to death. The two men then fire at him before my screen goes black.
  4. Kennedy responds finally I'm.. Being brought to your place here soon.. By a man named Aiden.. I'll see you soon.. Dr Hope.. The Radio cuts off
  5. @reapstarr I love you Grubes, always will. Can't wait to blow your brains out when we get back together @Batok It was great meeting with you tonight. I'll be seeing a lot more of you soon.
  6. *Your Radio Crackles to Life* "Hello.. I need.. Help. My name is Kennedy and I'm injured up north. I'm gravely injured and could really use.. Some help. If anyone is there.. Please respond and I'll revel my location.." *The Radio goes silent from then on*
  7. To whoever robbed me at Balota, I crashed and died because I was restrained. Apologies for the inconvenience.
  8. Apologies, I thought you meant something like discord. There shouldn't have been ANY ooc in voip whatsoever.
  9. I don't believe we spoke through voip during this specific situation. But I was invited to discord after the fact. There is no video from any angle, I'm pretty sure of it. And from what I recall, there wasn't too much OOC speaking besides what was already shown.
  10. Apologies for this! This is Kennedy. I came across these guys not too long before and was obviously not doing anything correctly. Messing around, not playing my character completely.. etc. Didn't think to ask for permission as I was just focusing on my fun, which is obviously against the rules. Hope you can forgive me for this. Will not happen again.
  11. Stan Dahmer is a sociopath with some odd cravings from time to time. He might just put you down behind the barn like old yeller for no reason. Maybe even eat you if he feels like it. He grew up in Florida where he went to school until he was about 15. At this time, despite no childhood or current trauma, Stan stabbed a kid with a pencil. He was then expelled. Due to this, he blamed his parents for their lack of parental guidance, taking his anger out on them whenever possible. One day, when Stan was 17, he stabbed his mother in the throat while she was asleep. Luckily.. She survived, and Stan went to jail. When Stan was 20, he escaped from jail and illegally emigrated to Chernarus. He's been here for a while, and once the apocalypse hit.. He went hog wild. Mugging people whenever he got the chance. Do you believe sociopaths can turn into psychopaths? Don't run into Stan.
  12. FknSnow


    Hello, everyone. I'll be around a lot from here on out, I'm sure. See you around.
  13. Kennedy has traveled to Chernarus to study abroad, and has been stuck in a worldwide epidemic in which he cannot escape. Kennedy grew up somewhere in Minnesota with his mother and father, of which divorced when he was 14. Kennedy continued living his life as a bored, depressed student up until he got fed up with the American community around him. Chernarus has been in the news for years.. Maybe if he went on a little study trip for a year he'd get a break from what's been going on around him. Without much knowledge of the country itself, Kennedy made his way to the Chernarus capital, Novigrad. Without giving away all the events taking place before the apocalypse, Kennedy now resides in Cherno, alone. Surviving all by himself.. It seems the friends he made while traveling here have all disappeared. Maybe he'll find some new ones and survive this scary and foreign world.
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