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  1. Welcome to the community mate! Good luck on the white-list, and don't worry if you don't get it first try!
  2. Cheers for the welcome back Samaritan, even more so for the useful information and advice. See you around!
  3. Hello! I sincerely doubt anyone remembers me, as I've been gone for roughly the better part of two years, and 'Gavin Watson' has long left Chernarus. In fact, I've been gone so long that the old mod servers I used to play on are now gone, and along with them my white-list privileges. I doubt there's any way to reclaim my white-listed status at this point, and honestly it seems like I'm rusty on the rules. I presume there was a wipe of the list at some point in the past, out of curiosity, was the ban-list also reset? Perhaps this was simply on applicable to me for inactivity. Notably, there's a new rules quiz, which is really fancy and quite a step up from the old format. Either the rules have changed marginally or I'm just a fool, as I have failed the rule quiz twice on minor semantics. Need to be more patient in future and go over the rules a few times more. I must go over it next time with a fine-toothed comb. Is there a three strikes limit? Or if I fail it again am I out for good? That would be less than ideal. Very much chomping at the bit to get back in Chernarus. I'll stop rambling, it's just good to be (almost) back. Regards, SirLawl
  4. Link to report : Report was not filed Why the verdict is not fair : There was no verdict made, my friend was not warned or even told of this ban, there was no report. He cannot even log into the site to make this appeal himself, he is simply banned. Additional statements/comments explaining your PoV (in details) : My friends account is suddenly global banned inexplicably. For no reason. He had not even been playing DayZRP at the time, he just came on and it said he was banned. What would you like to achieve with this appeal: My friend being unbanned. Also, a reason as to why he was banned. What could you have done better?: I wish I knew this, but unfortunately I have no information to work with. We were in the process of creating a group with many other friends, we had no motivation to do anything of the sort. He was dedicated to role-playing and we role-played as a pair, he did not break character and hasn't killed anyone at all. Profile of the banned individual (Ninja12)
  5. Hey! Welcome to DayZRP! Hope to see you around!
  6. Sounds great! Hope to get some good RP in with this! Merc clans will love this. This is solving the issue of merc clans getting very little actual merc work. Great solution. If it's good money, might throw my lot in with one of them down the line. Who knows? First.
  7. It's hard to believe this was a Hello thread at one point.
  8. SirLawl

    Need help finding a girly TV-show.

    Try Sherlock, you will appreciate the show, and she will appreciate Cumberbatch.
  9. I do not, I prefer DayZ.
  10. Got the same! High five! Nice! They sent me mine when my PX21's stopped working and they couldn't fix it, cool guys.
  11. Turtle Beach...something....something. Can't remember the model. It rocks though. PX22 Got the same! High five!
  12. See you Kril. Hope RP1 populates soon!