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  1. well..ive been here for abit..had some fun..but not what i would expact... im sick of all this crap..keep hearing none but complaints about kos and other bullshite after evry gunfight..kinda turn me off from the houl rp idea i was expacting to have here.. it got to that point where you see you get into a potential gunfight and think amoment if it worth all the crap youll get afterwards in the forums.. i say fuck it...thats not for me..i wanna survive not dealing with winning over kos accusations and such...((not that i ever been in such situation...but yea..keep hearing such things happening all around me with other people..kinda make you think.if the way this community run things is really for the good of the rp)) so ... goodbye..
  2. forgot to mention another thing about my farm idea.. beside being awsome redneck heaven for us rednecks who are so far from home i want it to be clear all the community will gain from it.. i will be ok with trading my production of what i grow and such to anyone who want to trade and such..so evryone win!!!! i will provide tometos to the mass!! i will make ma own bear beefjerky!! and i will dipp!!!....till i die.... *spitt dip juice into empty beer bottle*
  3. i aint trust them tents..thats why i sleep coverd in bear shite under a tree..*spit chewing tabbaco juice into empty beer bottle*
  4. Houdy felles... Some of you snickerdoodles may know me as cake....cakeflirty... I just came back and started this new cherecter.. His name is Buck Clementene and he is a far from home redneck all lonley and such.. Was hoping to put this message to all redneck that are outthere in the cold lands of chernurus or whoever the hell you spell it... I had lots of thinking whan was laying in an abandoned building all weat and hungry and scard.. i tought, hi.. it would be nice to have a little place somewhere in the countryside ..like in backhome in kentucky..a farm..growing things.. hunting..doing some bbq and just living the countryside life..redneckstyle.. but want to share that life with other who made out from the same mold ...if ya know what i mean... so.. to cut to the chase..if any snickerdoodle redneck out there feel lonley like maself..and wish to team up to build that farm...let me know.. i was Buck Clementene.. and you all are snickerdoodles..
  5. I used to roam this land for a time, all alone.. Walking among the death, becoming death itself.. I lived a time where i was among people, people i called my family.. My friends, my brothers in arms and belives.. But it seems evan such thing as that is not forever.. Was among the Ras al Hayyah.. Now im back to becoming nothing.. Same as i was when first landed on this earth.. Alone.. If theres any group outthere see this.. and think thay can have a place for an ex somali pirate.. Feel free to imbrace the black death... I promise, iam nice ;D
  6. *smile seductivly under his silk cloth mask* oh hello there women... i must say....ive seen many....many sweetlooking baklawas in my days... but you are the one that so sweet it go perfectly with a strong small black coffee..*blow slowly shisha smoke* come to our settelment women... you be treated good and kindly.... my guests are allwase happy.... by the waaay...... are you merrid?...no?....
  7. you got away with your life from a bandit ambush but lost your arm to a machete strike... you got not food or water or ammo and you about to die from hunger... all you have on you is your chupped hand and a cute puppy.. what would you eat?.. your hand?.. or the puppy?...
  8. i would be alone on that roof probebly becuse no one love me.. i will sit on the weat hugging myself staring into nothing... just.. waiting to be drowned in the agony moans of the dead... i can hear them scratching the walls of the building... the sound of clicking teeths full with nothing but pure emptiness but with a tuch of rage... i will imbrace thair bites as the gentel kiss of a warm loving person.. if only... i new..... if only i had it..... sitting.. waiting... imbracing the cpldness of the actions and behaviors of humenkind... the night is black like the empty of the soul... the abondless of pussibilites of ends and dying breeds.. like a dry dead leaf of a rose.. crushed under the heal of unknown stranger who dont evan noticed.. like a goodbye kiss of a hopefull kindness.... thay all have thair own saftynet... some have god... some have thair loved ones... and some have pure plesure of thair uncontempt awearness... what do i have... endless pusibbilites to end this all.... but i prefer to wait... to sit... to suffer.. or its just dying hope... lust for lust... for feeling anything with another... like that moment in your third birthday the moment of pure happiness. where all seems to be pink and fluffy... like dayzrp..<3.
  9. this song bring me back to the coke days in the 80s.... not good.....
  10. CakeFlirty

    What do you want us to improve/add?

    more rp, less ruleplay
  11. the zombie cure have been found, and now the community of dayzrp can return to oldlife ways... but now theres not so many people around.. so its your task to replanish the world with cute babies that soon will rebuild society and back to normal life... name the person you would team up for this andevure, how many babies will you plan to make and whats thair names will be and where would you setteld down in chernurus... (oh..almost forgot to add.... the cure made males to grow female genetalia so no need to fight over the ladies)
  12. CakeFlirty

    The object on your right is now your weapon against zombies, how screwed are you?

    boot shape beer mug full with ice and coca cola....... *take a big sip*
  13. not being on terra's list just made me realise how invisible and unsagnificent my existence is..... *walk slowly in full clothes into the cold sea......*
  14. get up and sit near the bed and watch him asleep.... when he open his eyes i will keep looking at him not saying a world.... then i ask gently "do you want your eggs scrambleld on toast?......"
  15. You and another player are stuck on a roof.. With no weapons, no heatpacks, its cold dark and rainy.. Theres tousend of zombies surrounding the building... no way to pass by them alive.. you must keep warm to survive the night... the only thing that warm... is the fella next to you.. with who from the community would you cuddel for survivl?