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  1. Before the outbreak, Conrad was about 17 years old, lived in the ghetto of Severograd with his older brother, Carl. Conrad’s parents both passed away which happened 2 years ago. Carl was part of a gang, but Conrad really didn’t know much about it since he kept his distance from them. Later on, the news were broadcasting on the television and radio about a disease that is spreading of people ‘eating each other’. Conrad ran over to Carl while he was sleeping and explained to him what he just heard about this disease. A few days go by and people are in the streets, breaking into stores, beating each other, stealing from one another, starting fires, it was total anarchy. Carl called up his gang of friends and grabbed Conrad and went to their clubhouse spot. They all stayed put in there until it was over, but it has been weeks and it is still chaos out there. They’ve started to run out of food and had to make a decision to either stay and die to starvation or go out and live off on the roads until they find another place to live in. Conrad, Carl and the rest of the gang decided to go out and leave everything behind. Conrad stood out from everyone else. Everyone looked tough with their tattoos, ripped up jean jacket, vests, bandanas. They have all been on the road for a few days now, scavenging everything they can find from the ground, cars, stores and even dead bodies. It’s been 5 months since the outbreak and yet everyone is still standing. They’ve managed to make a small camp in the woods. It’s been rough on everyone and they have managed to kill some people who tried to rob us. Later in the night, Conrad heard some branches snapping. Conrad slowly got up and tried to warn his brother but someone grabbed him and started yelling, waking up everyone at the camp. It was a group of bandits. Everyone had their guns pointed at each other while Conrad was still grabbed onto. The bandits wanted everything they owned such as their guns, food, water and the rest of their supplies. Carl yelled, “Hell no!”. One of the bandits aimed their gun at Conrads head, Carl opened his eyes widely and started shooting. It was a bloodbath. Conrad fell to the ground and curled himself up and closed his eyes waiting for the shooting to stop. After a few minutes, everyone stopped shooting. Conrad slowly stood up and looked around and saw everyone on the ground dead except for his brother shot in the chest, barely breathing. Conrad ran over to him and grabbed a water bottle and gave him a sip. Carl wasn’t going to last much longer soon. “You need to do something for me.” Carl said, softly. “Don’t trust anyone. Just survive. Do anything that is necessary for you to be able to stay alive, little brother.” Conrad nodded while crying. Carl smiled and stopped breathing. Conrad stood up, wiping his tears. He reached for his brothers 45 and aimed it at his dead brothers head and shot. Conrad grabbed everything he could carry and moved on. It’s been years since his brothers death and was still alive and surviving. Conrad just knew he needed to be a part of a group or it will be the end of him at some point. Conrad had a good heart, but knew the world isn’t the same anymore and must sacrifice for the greater good.
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