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  1. Ouromov

    Jaysh Allah (Strict Recruitment)

    Looking forward to seeing how this works in game and what kind of interesting developments to SZ it can bring! My doubts of it being a "Oh no, Christians, lets initiate" group got wiped with one of the earlier comments. Good luck! o>
  2. Ouromov

    Flaming and hypersensitivity

    Tempers flare, happens to the best of us. And you tend to slip into the "c*nt" territory at that phase, especially if you feel that you've been wronged in the heat of the moment. But as a ground rule, like in any online community I feel like there should be room for valid criticism, but it is the responsibility of the person who makes that criticism not to take it to a personal level and start tossing in slurs or curses, keeping to the point. As much as it is the responsibility of the one under criticism not to overreact. Thick skin is needed on the internet, but I can confess I get a bit of a "stand my ground"-thing if someone attacks me personally. So I get that sometimes it's hard to just let go with a "Let's keep it on point, please". As far as digging out criticisms from private venues and using those as weaponry for flaming reports, eeesh. I mean I get it if it was something like racism, sexual harassment, harassment in general, something like that, I totally get it. That shouldn't be allowed to exist in a community even if it wasn't on a public venue of the server. It's still members of the community harassing other members of the community. But if it's something like criticism against staff or a person, unless laced with constant hatred. It should be case by case. Yet again. Staff should drag the person for a talk between offender and offended, I feel like this could be a more long term solution for matters like this. Most heat of the moment things I feel like can be solved like this. But then again, if a person is just a motor-operated master c*nt 24/7, Slammidy slam with points. That's my take on it.
  3. I think this looks like a very case by case kind of thing. If a verdict draws out for multiple days and is unjust, I can see there could be a bit of a meeting with admins to decide what is a suitable recompense. But I think making it a set rule to compensate for unjust bans as a whole could be a start of a very slippery slope. I think it should be an exception instead of a set rule. A lot of human errors happen and an apology should suffice in most cases in my opinion.
  4. Ouromov

    Let us wear ruined gear again!

    Would add a nice bit of variation and grittiness to the way people dress! I am all for it! +1
  5. Ouromov

    BadRP and You (Your Thoughts)

    When is BadRP a rule break for you? At what point is it no longer excusable, and you decide it needs to be reported? - If the person is not under the influence of any drugs, substances or is otherwise crazy and begins acting randomly with their character model, in words or actions that are clearly not meant to drive any story or event forward. But just to have a giggle in the presence of other people with how memey or crazy you can get. - If it's continuous, with a clear intent on hamming it through that this is how they will behave for the coming hour or more. - If it's disruptive in a way that halts any serious RP around and becomes borderline harassment. By forcing the serious mood around you to dissipate because you want to be a smart ass. (NOW there is an exception, you shouldn't hit every little lapse of judgement or random twitch your character model does. There is a lot of things you can laugh off and people get bored, wanting to have fun. But I feel like the "Continuous" part should be the decisive factor.) - Tell people to // "stop acting randomly, this is a serious moment." And if they don't comply to that, then you can write up a report. I think there should be common sense laced into this whole thing and a will to forgive as long as people comply and flow back into treating a serious RP moment seriously once more. - What constitutes BadRP for you? Specifically, what do you consider "BadRP"? - Acting in a meme-filled manner, with an intent of disrupting the serious flow of a moment. - Acting in a non-realistic manner considering the circumstances. With your voice, with your actions taken, with your character model (I remember someone laying on the ground on their back to initiate on three people, that I would consider bad RP.) - Same rule applies here, give them a sensible heads up that they are acting out of character / weirdly considering the situation. Then if it continues, toss a report. I think getting banned for false reporting is a bit more than weird as a concept, and only really drives a idea in peoples heads that they should fear reporting and it might cause people to shy away from reporting actual offenses done. I know there's an idea of slamming people who try to get others banned on purpose, but I think the price to pay for that is a bit too steep if it's halting people even a little bit to report. But that's a point for another discussion! How do you think is the BEST way to handle telling someone their RP was bad and how to best advise them on how to improve it? - Best would be probably to track them down and Dm them how you think their RP could improve, but doing it in a non-lecturing manner referring to rules and the way the server has worked so far. Because you know how touchy people can get when you call them out for anything. - Mention it OOC'ly with a // "It's a serious moment, can you please take it seriously? Thank you" Or something similar. - The best way to learn RP is to RP, find places with a lot of people, learn by watching, learn by immersing yourself into the situation. Watch clips on youtube, heck even watching media like (Insert any post-apocalypse series or movie here). Act like one of the characters you like from any media, emulate them onto DayZ Rp, think how they would act in a situation. THEN after you've done that for a while, make your own character and think on how -they- would act in a situation, how they talk, how they walk, down to how they smoke their damn cigarette! Depending on how deep you want to go! Peace and love~
  6. Fairly simple in my opinion. IC is IC, OOC is OOC. If your character is a racist homophobic -insert something else here- you should have the freedom to play that. The only problems I see here personally as many have here said already, is when it becomes "meme-trolly RP". With a clear intent on not playing a character, but just to spam the words as many times as possible half-giggling like a schoolgirl in the background. (as one example) OOC'ly it still should be strictly regulated. Like on public channels and kept out of them, naturally.
  7. Ouromov

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck! Can't wait to see you guys in action ^^
  8. Good luck, I see a lot of goals there that might cause some interesting RP!
  9. It's the little things It took him a while to settle again after his nightly dream. That biting draw of the abyss that pulled him in with a gasped in breath. That singular moment of drowning in yourself and trying to run away with your feet unable to carry you. It had all become routine now, under control yet always present. Perhaps that night of terror coming down from the drug had been a blessing in disguise. Allowing him to face the beast that haunted him, head on. The sun rays caressing his face reminded him of the reason he originally signed up for all of this, all those years ago. Loyalty and duty were paramount, but it all paled against the little things. The insignificant yet irreplaceable minor details. Actions mattered more especially during times like these. But he could not escape that warmth that hugged his visage, he basked in it as his lids shut over his gleaming amber eyes. Digits greedily enclosing against the grassy patch he was perched on. That slight crackle singular blades of grass made as they were separated from the soil was like it's own little music. The wind rustling against treetops as the Chernarussian sky opened in full blue, kind on the eye. Not too bright, not too dark. He could be anywhere in the world. But he knew already in his mind even if that was possible, those little things would not be the same. The birds would sound wrong, the leaves would be wrong. The sky would be another shade of blue. The crisp air that filled his lungs would be foreign.. No, this was his home. Where each of those little things had a memory connected to them, like a finely weaved silken web.. He remembered that time, the momentary hesitation he felt when his heart beat up to his throat. Every tinge of nervousness had escaped his actions in an instant the moment he had decided to press forward, walking firmly with steps that knew exactly where they were going. All the hustle and bustle around them had faded into background noise. As if they were stuck in a singular moment, he could practically hear the brush of his finger against her skin. Eyes painted against each other's, like fine brushstrokes against brightly colored canvas. Each with their own story to tell, but they both were now sharing in a mutual tale. The presence of skin now becoming familiar as trust folded effortlessly into the scenery. Her delicate fingers mapped his features in return, seeking to find details her eyes could not focus on, in lieu of them falling on his amber gaze. Those kind of moments... "káva, čokoláda a další káva" ( "coffee, chocolate and more coffee") He smiled as he answered the radio. It had been months since he last enjoyed a cup. He could practically smell the dark gold in his nostrils, relishing in the idea of finally having a taste after such a long time. Perhaps his leg was just being pulled, but just the mention of the possibility had his morale soaring The smoothness of the chocolate melting in your mouth after that first sip of hot brewed coffee. Such a simple thing, available. Gone in the blink of an eye due to the state of the world. But that feeling had not been forgotten, it was a part of those intricate strings pulling him back up again every time he fell down. He watched the garage in the distance where the two still slept, humming a laughter under his breath, shaking his head in disbelief at his own situation. "It's the little things, huh..." But reality knocked on his door, as a hatchet had found itself buried onto a wooden shed not far off from where he was resting. Just the seal on the letter embedded was enough for him to know it was meant for him. A dead man haunting from beyond his grave, scheming another play that might just start up a brand new butterfly effect all across South Zagoria. This time he would not be caught in his web.
  10. Ouromov

    The United Nations | (Open Recruitment)

    Good luck with the revival of this group. I wasn't privileged enough to see the other versions working. So looking forward to seeing what you can do with it. I hope it flourishes into a thing that will have an actual impact and bring another touch of variation into the RP scene and group dynamics. I really hope you're given some time to grow and not be hunted down, picked like blueberries off a lush bush in the Chernarussian forests!
  11. Ouromov

    Hostile RP Observations

    I've had some really good experiences in hostileRP, where my gear was not the main goal of the capture, interrogation etc etc. But like with any type of roleplay it can get repetitive if it's done too many times. Now this -has not- happened to me in DayZRP, but I remember times in my WoW rp experiences where I got burned out because there was a couple week long tube of nothing but drama RP from all directions. Now to translate that into DayZRP. There are a lot of good "evil" groups out there, but you got to also understand if a character has been caught, tortured, robbed, interrogated for let's say 5 days in a row. It is going to end up with them going NUMB OOC'ly and IC'ly. I can understand not giving a 100% compliance RP at that point, though it is no excuse to give shit RP as a hostage. I think there needs to be a good balance between groups, good guys vs bad guys. So the interactions wary enough so they don't grow stale. How this could be done? Honestly, I think somekind of player organized safezone city guarded by a player faction in the LONG RUN, not tomorrow, not even a month from now, but to think as a project for someday into the future. It could be a good area for new players to learn how to RP without the fear of being robbed street style. Unless an actual street gang starts working there, which would be totally fine. Nothing forbidden in the city, so it's not limiting, but atleast have a community-wide recognition not for "Bad group A" to start a war to claim the whole city and something to stop people from nestling there forever unless they actually work there, so they won't treat it as a perpetual safezone. Just tossing ideas here and brainstorming!
  12. I feel like this can backfire and cause a lot more (New life rule) violations on people running back quickly into gunfights. Even with the enforcing on it upped. NO from me.
  13. Ouromov

    Impact from groups

    Chipping in. I don't think every group should be kept tabs on if they are actually making an impact. To be honest it would just give LM's more work to deal with and not even necessary work. I think groups should be allowed to grow in their own directions as long as their goals make sense from a lore point of view and well, just common sense wise. I think impact on roleplay should be the priority, not an impact on lore. Lore progresses with LM's from what I've seen and the events brought forth.
  14. To chip in, I like hostile RP when it has a purpose to it. The group has some actual goals around it, instead of "Everyone hands up" then what follows is "Whatever we feel like doing with the hostages." If they don't resist since that usually follows with a full on spray tan of bullets. Because just as boring as endless hiding inside a fortress is, boring hostile roleplay is pretty much on the same level. Like Chedaki have been using their captured people to spread propaganda etc etc. Which is a good example of making some actual use of hostages to fulfill your goals.
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