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  1. Hello Survivors, My name is Senator KICYORASS. I am a politician pushing for the United States to join the forces that are trying to eradicate the zombie outbreak. I have kept close watch on this situation. I can no longer sit idly by and watch you suffer. I must intervene. I will be inserted into your region to investigate firsthand what you are doing to stay alive. I will send weekly reports to the United States explaining my findings and I shall prove that you, in fact, are not savages but civilized people.Even if that means I must rid any wrong doers myself. I will not stand for bandits and savagery. My number one priority in ridding this fine land of is the un-dead. though, to do that I must first get rid of the worst bandits of them all...ENCLAVE. They claim to be good men that are sent from England and the U.S. but as far as I am concerned they are nothing more then rouge guns for hire. They constantly belittle all of the other survivors and dishonor the American and British names. They will be stopped, they will be prosecuted, and each and everyone of them will be sentenced to DEATH.