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  1. Daniel Xavier is an entrepreneur that adapted quickly to this post-apocalyptic world. He went from being a world-renowned business man, a merchant of free-trade across the globe... to being known as the MacGyver of the post-apocalyptic era, brokering trades with people from all walks of life and creating survival and wealth for all. He was negotiating a deal in Chernarus when the outbreak began and he was restricted from leaving. Now he seeks to rebuild this broken world, using only his skill and wit. He is cunning, charming, manipulative, absolutely brilliant. His ability to adapt has inspired communities like Chernarus, now he can only hope to gain the trust of the people in such a hostile world. Deep down inside of him, a monster exists. Sure, he enjoys helping people, but the thrill of knowing he affected a single situation positively is only a morsel of what he desires. He wants to rebuild the world in his own image, for people to think and do as he thinks and does, for the world to agree with him, and he won't stop until it happens.
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