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  1. I am a mighty hunter. Skilled in the art of tracking down and slaying beasts. I make game of creatures of the fiercest variety. Perhaps because the work is rewarding. Or maybe it's the thrill of the hunt alone that drives me. It is possible that I have a score to settle or a village to protect. But in any case, I have embraced my inner apex predator. Every day I am breathing is a good day. To hunt the monster one must become the monster. Once a monster always a monster. I hope the monsters will one day best me so I can finally rest. I know how to scavenge and use every part of an animal, I can cook and eat the meat, make knifes out of antlers, and make clothes and blankets out of pelts. I also can make them into rations easily.
  2. Northguy

    Clean kill

    Gunna be eatin' good tonight.
  3. probably like 1am so only 9 hours ago, no worries though they were just heavy to carry XD
  4. Inside my locked base had a tool box with a few tools and a tackle box with two hooks i think. When i came on this morning they were both gone yet the base was still locked so im assuming it was just glitch despawned or something. Is there any way of getting these things back or should i just start looking for new ones?
  5. I am Joe Mikk. I am 30 years old and recently graduated from the Paramedics program at my city college. I decided the take my girlfriend Rose on a trip to Russia in the summer as I heard the scenery was nice that time of year. Upon arriving there was a pandemic and the entire country was quarantined. Rose passed away in the chaos and so I was left to fend for myself. I am a helpful, intelligent, and dedicated man. My goal is to survive, aid anyone in need, and erase the infected one by one. I am not a killer in anyway my career was to save lives but if my own becomes at risk I am taking the nessecary precautions to save it. With my knowledge from school and always being outside as a child, the vast infected landscape of Chernarus and its challenges will be easy to overcome. Although I can't predict everything that's going to happen, I can for sure prepare myself for the unexpected. Im going to carry a lot of medical supplies and food/drinks for anyone who needs them. I am not the best with guns but I can point and shoot. As long as I can find something powerful and accurate i will be ok. If not then bow and arrow is my goto.
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