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  1. my carecters name is Adem Karic his family origin is in Bosnia, after the Yugoslav War broke out and the country was about to collapse they decided to flee into Germany were i.- Adem Karic was born, born in a little town where i got raise and feed, i startet school early... was a trouble maker didn't like the school, my dad was an alcoholic and my mom got tired of him my chiledhood was markt by depression and bad grades in school and also the wrong neighborhood witch made it very hard for me. after a while my parents got divorce and i was left with my mom in a shitty apartmand witch didn't made it better. i got older, more mature i startet to think about life, started asking myself how.. HOW can i get out of this situation.. i needed help, Badly people say that depression can kill and well... maybe thats true.. but it can make you stronger to ''if something is bad it can only get better '' i said to myself. ha- haha well what a fool i was anyways if got older startet to work on my future, finish school startet working as a Mechanic gathered some monay and bought a nice apartment for me and my mother, after 3-4 years my job got boring so i was thinking about joining the german armed forces the Bundeswehr witch i did. my mother didn't like the idea of course but i made a promise, that im going to support here financialy and physically. the first months training were rough but if got through. soo there i am in the military assigned as an Marksman making my money and living the life untill... well.. worldwide news broadcasting a horrible massege a zombie like virus is spreading around in an small region called Chernarus, the virus is spreading fast so NATO act quickly and send troops over there to stabilize the situation and stop the spread. how ever they completely underestimated the situation, there were hordes of zombies overrunning military checkpoints, i was sleeping in a barrack when the alarm woke me up no time to get my gear and there were zombies starting to charge me so i started running just running adrenaline was a big help there i guess. i fled so far in to the country that i don't know were i was the only thing i saw was a beach close to a town. i said to my self ''hope i can find some supplies there''..... story continues
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