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  1. Brandon Marshall born October 6, 1995 in Ottawa, Canada. He never knew his father or mother for he was adopted by a man named Allen Marshall. He was adopted at the age of 6 on August 13 2001. Allen had 3 other kids, 2 boys named Derick and Devon whom were twins and aged 13 at the time, and a young girl named Rebecca who was 5. Allen was a very abusive father to Brandon and treated him very poorly compared to the other kids. Through the years Brandon grew into a loner, always hiding out in his room after getting home from school or playing around in the woods next to the house. In 2005 Derick and Devon both joined the army and went to Afghanistan, they both died in 2006 while fighting in the second Battle of Panjwaii. Allen started to abuse Brandon more often after that, all the way up to his death in 2012. Brandon and Rebecca then moved into their grandparents home where he stayed until graduation in 2013. Right after graduating from highschool he moved to Russia to study abroad, there he met a girl named Karena which he instantly fell in love with. Karena got a job for a news station in 2015 and they quickly moved her to Chernarus and Brandon decided to follow. She never really took off with her job until 2017 when the outbreak first started, things were going great for her. They were living in Berezino at the time and when they tried to escape the infected and go to Elektrozavodsk Karena got bit by one of the infected and after 16 hours Brandon woke up with Karena trying to attack him, he sadly had to put her down in a fit of tears. Thankfully he made it to Elektrozavodsk and felt safe for a time. Brandon has been surviving alone since Karena's death, both in Elektrozavodsk and in the woods where he felt the safest.
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