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  1. Born in Sandersville GA, son of a farmer, grew up to be sheriff of the town. Never killed anyone normally a good talker if things get violent but i am definitely the fastest gun draw on the east coast. Took my wife on a vacation after we found out we were pregnant, we were going on tours on all the great seas of europe and north asia, we were taking pictures of Elecktra from our tour went from fun to fatal. I ended up on the beach after the engine caught on fire from a bullet going through a dead man's heard, ain't never seen anything like it. I don't speak a lick of ukraine but i know when to cover at least. My wife was with me up until the stern started sinking, she slid right into the water and two other people on top of her in a big splash then gone. Took me a second to register that but i lef go of what i was holding on too and slid in too hoping i could find her and swim. I went right in and immediately got hit hard by something, not hard enough as it hit me twice and knocked me out, hurt like hell but i woke up on the beach in the middle of night. Dark as hell but i hear the groans of death all around, horrible smells too like rotting sewage. Now i hope I have to find my wife if i can, she had on a beautiful flower dress i'd know it for miles. Finding a gun too might help.
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