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  1. john is a reserved and quiet guy who can not do much with normal everyday life which he probably owes to his childhood. However, he is in fire fighting not to be underestimated opponents ... especially not at night. John Parker was born in a small town near Munich. He was, however, separated from his parents and came to an orphanage where he was adopted at age 14 by a small business owner. The small businessman treated him badly and forced him to do heavy tasks and to do regular training for adult elite soldiers. through this training, another company soon became aware of him and experimented with it. After various experiments and training sessions, he joined a security group of this company which sent him on various missions. among others also to chernarus where he was then involved in the apocalypse. however, he was separated from his mates whom he is now looking for all over the Country.
  2. Daniel lived in Germany until he turned 18. Then he left this home and begun working for the Bundeswehr as an medic for the ksk (Kommando Specialkräfte). With 27 he was transferred to North west airfield to work together with other Special Units and work on his Survival and communication skills. On his 28th Birthday he got some time for himself. So he went out to his niece to celebrate his Birthday when the apocalypse broke out. He could flee with his niece but she died a week after escaping on a zombie bite. He was very sad about it and wanted to kill himself, but eventually his will to live kept him from doing so and he drew new strength to fight for Survival. Since then, he has been traveling through Chernarus looking for food and shelter.
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