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  1. I just came back from a month break and I am still using the same charc from a month ago. Every time I log in I get in the queue and then I get in game. About 5-10 minutes after I get disconnected "no message received" but the server is not down?
  2. I was a homeless man that used to feed squirrels in the forest.Before the outbreak people were afraid of me because of my rugged looks and old age. I've always lived in Chernarus and I don't ever plan on leaving. I have already reached peace with my self and I am not afraid to die. However I will not die at the hands of evil. I will try to live as a hermit. When people ask me if I set up camp anywhere I will be open about it and tell them where I am. Pooch will trust all players immediately until they have done something to take away my trust but I will not hold grudges. If people ask me to do a task for them I will and I will not accept payment. I am a humble servant to the people of Chernarus. I am alone. However I prefer it that way. I do not know where I was born or what my nationality is. For all I know I was made from the earth to be able to experience its self. I did not even know of the outbreak until I left my makeshift shack in the woods to find food. Though the world is different. I feel the same.
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