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  1. Jakub Sorbikov, formerly of Zelenogorsk, enjoyed hunting as a pass time so does have some experience with rifles and shotguns in a sporting environment, he's a pretty good shot with a rifle. He's handy with a fishing rod and is also adept at gardening. He will go out of his way to help others but his one downfall is that he has been too trusting in the past and this has led to people to take advantage of him, leading to mild paranoia and anxiety. He has not yet met any other survivors on his travels and prefers to travel alone as "mistakes get people killed". He lost his family (Wife and Daughter) during the outbreak and this has jaded him, so he is quite pessimistic about the whole outbreak situation, despite still wanting to help when he can. After losing his family and home during the outbreak, Jakub now finds himself travelling, not staying in the same place for long and looking for supplies (Meds and Food/Water) to try to survive.
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