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"We’re images of a world long past, fighting for the future."

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  1. R.I.P.

    James Archibald Pierce

    ”I didn’t choose to live for what they wanted… I died for what I believe in…”


    My favourite Character since Danny P all those months ago.

    1. Griffin



  2. Lewis Abraham Pierce was born to a drifter named Henry Julius Pierce. Henry would often tell stories from his father’s journal to the young boy. Stories of adventure and of the old world before the outbreak. This led Lewis down the same path Henry’s father had gone down. It wasn’t until Henry had been shot and killed that Lewis fully understood the message his grandfather had left him. Lewis took up the mantle of Drifter from his father and reinvented himself on the open road. He met many people but would often get into fights with certain people of grey morality. Usin
  3. Honestly, hope this is the breath of fresh air we needed. I hope to see great things come from this new shift, and maybe I can finally play a hero character in an dystopian society :).
  4. New Character in the works:

    Lewis “Abraham” Pierce

    ”The forgotten Son”

    Age as of Nyheim: 30

    Occupation: ???

    Story: Classified for now smile

  5. Ah, Vacations are nice.

  6. A bundle of pictures taken by me during my time as LT. Pierce
  7. Hello my friends in the DayZRP staff team! I recently tried to post a Radio message and received the notification that I did not have the Diamond rank. I made sure to double check my account as I know that I might have been on a subscription that Might have ended but I did find that I still had this rank. So I’m just asking if this is due to some Site maintenance or something like that or is this an issue that might be a little stranger?
  8. That’s strange...



    1. Cal


      That's odd...

    2. Whistleblower


      El Presidente is partaking in a lil bit of Trollin.

    3. Cal


      I'd suggest putting in a support ticket.
      That's quite odd.

  9. Amazing, 22 more days until my birthday. Can’t wait for my gift to myself.

    “what is that gift?” You ask yourself.

    Why it’s the gift of not doing shit all day and calling in sick.

    1. Aron73


      LOL good one

  10. NATO time... 


    And I’m totally not working with the shadow of the US government...

  11. Happy “one year since the end of the world began” anniversary!

  12. HBack to MedicalRP and EnucleationRP.

    1. Whistleblower


      Ignore this smile. 
      Gotta love Mobile Web Browser 🙂

  13. Back to MedicalRP and EnucleationRP.

  14. Mysterious... very mysterious... 

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