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  1. Making good friends is fun.

  2. Oscar Mike to Primary Exfil. Awaiting further orders from Safeguard.


    DayZ Screenshot 2020.11.25 -

  3. Lost the Grill but still out here Camping.


  4. IGN: James Pierce Country: USA English skills: Fluent DayZ Mod Experience: 20 - 21 hours DayZ Standalone Experience: 5k hours Roleplaying Experience: Operator Whistleblower (Potius Cras) Chairman Kepler (Potius Cras) Random Solo characters (Myself) What kind of In Game role best describes you: (Hero player/Military) I like to work as an integral part of the story. As in a main character. I do prefer to be a negotiator rather than an aggressor. Have you been in any clan/group previously: Potius Cras Additional notes: Honestly looking to join people who are chill and can show me some really good RP. Best way to contact you: Discord DMs (Whistleblower#0001) and Forum PMs. Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-4957/
  5. Charlie 2-1 reporting in, Charlie 2-2 and 2-3 KIA, looking for Charlie 2-4 @Crows


  6. Got a new desk and Keyboard, Really feeling comfortable now... Can't wait for the chair to arrive.

  7. Alright, Alright... THIS time... I'm back.

  8. Pre-outbreak James Albert Pierce, otherwise known as "Charlie 2-1", is an Ex-MARSOC Lieutenant and active combatant in several wars. Born in June of 1984, James was brought up in a largely strict household with his older brother Kevin. After a brief fight with his drunkard of a father he ran away and joined the Marines. During his time he attended college and earned his Bachelors in Medical Sciences. James attempted and failed several times to make the cut for the MARSOC Raiders before he finally succeeded. After getting accepted in 2001, James was sent off to fight in the Afghanistan war where he was often shot at or targeted. Later, after the end of the Afghan war, James returned to the US where he continued his life in the Marines. Eventually James was allowed two months leave for R&R at his old family home. James had reconciled with his father and mother but he still couldn't stand his father's drinking. During the two months James decided to take a vacation to a quaint Russian territory known as Chernarus. After arriving in Chernarus James rented a hotel in Novigrad where he enjoyed the company of many Russian delights. During his visit he also went around to the graves of fallen Chernorussian soldiers and paid his respect. One day while out on a jog James would endure an event that would change his world forever... Outbreak On a jog in the woods James had gotten a frantic message from a close friend telling him about how the streets were flooded with people and how cars were set alight. James rushed back to the city where he was met by Government relief officers wearing hazard gear. He gave them his credentials and was allowed to enter the city. Upon entering James realized that the Government officers were trying to keep everyone in. Rushing to his hotel room and locking himself within the room. He had enough food and water to last him a few weeks but he knew he couldn't leave. James contacted his Commanding officer and informed him of the situation. His CO told him that they would need him to stay in the country as a preventative measure. James remained in his apartment for several weeks before leaving the city with nothing but his clothes and spare Military supplies. Post-Outbreak Weeks after the outbreak, James had made his way East in an attempt to find a secure home. He had settled in the forests of South Zagoria for a few days before his food supplies had dwindled. During his trek east James began to work as an Armed Mercenary, he traded his services for food, water, supplies, and ammo. James retained his old squad leader title as "Charlie 2-1" in case he ran across any US military personnel. After reaching South Zagoria James was captured my Russian soldiers and disarmed. He was allowed to keep his food and water on the pretense that he doesn't try anything funny. Two days after that is where this story picks up.
  9. Oh look who it is, Nice seein ya Crow.

    1. Crows


      ayyy whatup

  10. Bored, Gonna go back to bed and sleep the night away.

  11. “Good Guy Gary Cash”
  12. So... the boys are back... Hmm... welp, can't wait to see ya out there. Perhaps one day I'll see the rare Garrett Cash...
  13. IGN: Andrew Heller Country: US of A English: Fluent DayZ Mod Exp: 2017 - 2018 (121 hours) DayZSA Exp: 4,982 hours 2016 - Present RP Exp: DayZ, GTA, Red Dead 2, SCUM Game Role Description: Never been that good at PvP, been a talker and medic my whole career (besides Daniel Pratt). Previous RP groups: Was a part of Potius Cras as an Operator/Group moderator from 2019 - 2020 (around lore wipe) Additional notes: Honestly just looking for people who like to both roam and set up camp, even if that means making a whole new group I'm down. (Plan to get back in game soon, after work on Tuesday 09/08/2020) Contact: Discord Whistleblower#0001 and forums Backstory: https://www.dayzrp.com/characters/display-3472/
  14. PRE-OUTBREAK Heller lived a normal life in the united states before the outbreak, caring for his younger siblings while also balancing his reporter job. Due to recent struggles Heller was forced to rely on criminal influences to get by in his day to day life. By night the reporter had begun a life as a fixer, a man who is called to do dirty work. It wasn't long before Heller found a way out of that life, fleeing to a new country. Heller rushed and packed his bags to flee, with him came his family hoping to escape their lives. After landing in Chernarus Heller was able to claim a work visa and request citizenship, but this would never come as the outbreak struck later that week. POST-OUTBREAK After the outbreak Heller was reduced to hiding in his home, due to the rapid spread of the virus Heller chose to confine his family in their home. After a period of about two weeks Heller opened the door and saw the chaos and disaster the virus had wrought. He allowed his family to accompany him on his journey but found that they would often get lost or hurt. Eventually they wound up missing, this led to a significant decrease in Heller's will to survive, but he soldiered on looking for them. Heller still has his camcorder and Phone on him from before the outbreak but he doesn't know if such things are even useful...
  15. Been a while, finally coming back I guess.

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      x to doubt ?

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