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"We’re images of a world long past, fighting for the future."

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  1. Day 319, The World changed so fast... from the outbreak to now. I've witnessed families torn apart and people murdered in cold blood over a couple scraps of paper, its just insane to try and remember my past. I used to cook BBQ and ribs out in the back with pops and try to get sweet with Jessica Lancaster, but it all seems like a distant memory... one that isnt even my own. They said that PTSD is a serious thing. I guess they're right, maybe I'm just crazy thinking this journal would be found by someone one day and read. Maybe one day someone could call this shitty book a "Historic
  2. Day 318, I recently gave my old journal to Leon Radek. My... technically boss and student. I know, sounds stupid right? But it’s true. Anyways, I’m getting worse... symptoms are showing up again and I can’t seem to focus too well. I fear I am not long for this world, nor does this world desire me in it. It’s like an old compatriot of mine said, “We are both dying images of an old world long forgotten, left to stand watch against the evil of this new world.” I took a few days off of medic work and traveled into the woods with the car and just drove. When the gas ran
  3. New Story Arc, new Character personality, new me smile.


  4. A bundle of pictures taken by me during my time as LT. Pierce
  5. “A dive into the unknown, a thought being grown, and a world we own.”

    - James Pierce

    Journey into the Fog

  6. I hit the vodka too much. Apologies for scratchin the black beamer.
  7. So... who wants to be my Drug testing guinea pig?

  8. Let’s see here... a Marine Lieutenant Medic attends a Cartel wedding and doesn’t get shot at? Huh... let’s see if this movie also has a happy ending...

  9. The Beginning Dr. Isaac Lewis Phoenix was born to a young teen couple of 17 and 18. During his childhood, Isaac was placed under the care of his grandparents due to laws that prohibited his mother and father from caring for him. His grandparents were kind and courteous, often offering Isaac candies and reading books. They worked as medical doctors and often taught Isaac about medicine. As he got older Isaac moved in with his parents. As they themselves attended college, Isaac was left to his own devices where upon he discovered an old medical journal. Medical School Isaac a
  10. James Pierce... I think I’ll start making YouTube videos focused on this character. He is my second favorite character after my first ever character: Daniel Albus Pratt.

  11. Age: 18 Why do you want to volunteer for events?: I like to portray a story for others to experience. My characters are often more supportive but offer their opinions of current events with relative ease. While I wasn’t entirely present for all events I did try to attend a few when I could, that’s a major driver with me not able to really see these fun events. What can you contribute with?: My characters usually focus around Ex-Military RP but that’s not my limit. I put more focus on RPing to provide stories for others rather than myself. While my PvP skill is... lackl
  12. Prep the Morphine and ready the Ketamine! This medic is preparing for war!

    1. Whistleblower


      Wait... disregard Hippocratic oath and what not 😞 

  13. Finally. It’s time to become one with my NBC suit and become... a weirdRP guy.

  14. MedicalRPvP is happening soon. 🥳

    1. Woodzie


      You gonna shot people then patch them up?


    2. Whistleblower


      The most effective business plan... but alas it would seem that Leon would rather me be Chaotic good than evil.

  15. James Pierce Story Arc 3: “Gas masks and Yellow smoke? Sounds like Woodstock all over again...”

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