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  1. Daniel Pratt is a forty year old Lieutenant Colonel from the Soviet Army. Daniel was born in America during the Vietnam war and was swayed by the Russians to come join them at the age of 18. During his time in America Daniel's sweetheart was killed by the American police force of Kansas City so he began to despise America and that's why he joined the Soviet Army. Daniel Left America on a boat where he paid the captain to keep his name off of the registry. Daniel landed in Chernarus after moving from the mainland. Daniel fought in the Civil war of Chernarus and picked up a few friends who would later become close Allies. One of these allies Victor Trufanov, a Private in the Soviet army, Helped him when his close Allies left him to die after shooting him in the Back. Daniel is a kind soul who would help those in need and will only attack in self defense or out of provocation. During the Outbreak Daniel saved as many people as he could and received his last order from his commanding officer, "I'm promoting you to the Rank of General, Your last task is to raise a force large enough to combat these freaks Daniel. Don't let me down boy." Daniel Denied the Promotion but continued his Mission to create a new military nation who will rid the world of the Undead.
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