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  1. You feel encumbered, really good haul this time. Two AKs, one M4 and an 1911. Seems like that was all you really needed but then you saw it, an old torn up journal just sitting on the table. You didn't need it, nor did it look useful, but you picked it up and took it with you. Getting home later that night and locking the gate and door you open the journal to the cover and discover the name of "Colonel Daniel Pratt". Curiosity fills you as you flip to a random page labeled "Day 178" and read through it.
  2. *Radio Static cuts off* *Heavy Coughing comes through* ”Ah I thank you dear sir for your offer of help... but I do think that meeting me may put you in danger... *Coughing* Damn Colds always the colds... Anywho, I will say this, I always look after those whom choose to assist me.” *A good 5 minute pause* “Ah! Sorry, I was reminded of my old Squad mates... anyways, my frequency is 100.9 (Pratt#2667) My Radio does give out from time to time, so please be patient with me. I wish you the best of luck Sir. Beati autem mundo corde.” *Radio Static picks up*
  3. *Radio Static* *Loud coughing can be heard* ”Some Chernarus citizens *Short cough* rushed me and cut my eye out... Couldn’t make out the names on their uniforms. All I know is they’ll pay for what they did. Even if it takes me Decades... I’ll finish what they started. I do not know if help shall be required, Actual. All I know is if they’re out there... they’ll be doing the same thing again...” *Coughing then a wet splash can be heard* ”Damn colds...” *Radio Static builds up*
  4. *Daniel tunes in to this broadcast* "This is former Colonel Daniel Pratt of the USMC, replying to your Broadcast. Surprised anyone would be looking for US Personnel. Whilst I do hope you are doing well I'm afraid that I have my resources spread thin. Sending any support would cost me the lives of my men at this momentum. Should you ever need to contact me... my personal frequency is 100.9 (Pratt#2667). I wish you the best of lu-- *Static cuts Daniel off*
  5. “This is Former Colonel Daniel Pratt of the United States Marine Corps. One of you sick fucks has taken my left eye. I plan to retrieve it and maybe take an eye from one of yours. An Eye for an Eye, a tooth for a tooth, a life for a life...” *Radio Dies out*
  6. Gen_Dan

    Potius Cras

    "I "Gen_Dan" agree that while I am playing in the Potius Cras group CP, I waive my right to report anyone for KOS or attempted KOS on me under any circumstances. All kills on my character will be valid so long as my character is in the Potius Cras CP no matter how the character death came about. So long as I am playing a Potius Cras character that is working for / with the organization, or my forum name is on the group CP on the forums, I waive my right to report any KOS or attempted KOS on my character." Everyone will have a week to do so then type //signed @Gen_Dan
  7. Born in America to a wealthy family, Kevin was given limitless possibilities for his future. When he was 16 he began an apprenticeship as a gunsmith. Training first with pistols then moving up to rifles and ARs as his final areas. Kevin became the CEO of Lancaster rifle Co. at the age of 19 and began to sell rifles to people across the world. He swore to never sell his rifles to any terrorists or malicious people. 5 years after he became CEO he came into contact with an old family friend by the name of Daniel Pratt. They had signed a contract for the USMC to receive M16s and M14s for 5 years. The agreed upon payment was never fulfilled and had caused a rift between the friends. For years afterword he would chase after Pratt looking to settle his feud and never did catch up to him. Kevin heard from a USMC Lieutenant that he and Pratt were going to Chernarus. So Kevin booked a boat to take him and his men to Chernarus and perhaps find Pratt and protect the people there by selling guns.
  8. *Heavy Static* "Daniel Pratt here, Threat neutralized. It's a shame... good soldiers they were. It's time to up defenses and begin operation Gardens. If anyone is receiving this, My town... I'm the 3rd one left... I'm stationed in Turovo. I request aid. Our town is a Neutral town with no reason to harm anyone. I... I need to lie down for a while... *Static*
  9. *A Voice rings through your radios* "This is *Static* Pratt! The generators have gone out. I need someone to gather gas for them, also gas for the car." *Gun shots can be heard* "Looks like those bastards found us! *Distantly* Arm yourselves men! Only fire if they fire on us!!!" *Static*
  10. *You Skip to an unknown page number* Day 12, I've been in this country for twelve days... I miss them you know... My wife, my kids, my brother. I'm only here to Evacuate Doctor Ivanov Neilbraun. So far the bunkers have been empty, Overrun, or full of bandits... Once I find that Doctor I'm outta here... *Ripped Page after page you flip through, until...* Day 58, We've found him. Doctor Ivanov Neilbraun. We'll be flying out of here in 3 hours and hopefully going back to the states to solve this mess. We also have a Class A Bioweapon nicknamed, The Empty flu. Kills you in 51 minutes. Only 0.000001% of the population is immune. Day 59, FUCK! Our helicopter was shot down! 10 klicks north of Chernogorsk. Someone shot an RPG just as we took off. When we crashed I was thrown 35 meters from the crash, the others were stuck in the copter. I heard jeeps just as my hearing came back. I got as low as I could when they stepped out. Those sick bastards shot my Lieutenant, she was only 20! They took the doctor and my sergeant. I'm gonna rest up... try and find them tomorrow... *Pages are missing, scattered about Chernarus. Perhaps you can uncover the story of The Colonel?*
  11. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Attention! - Eden is open to new people! My name is not important... I am only asking that you trust in me. "Eden" is a neutral survival town in Turovo, Chernarus. We offer food and Shelter for those passing through. We offer security and safety for people who become citizens. We have no ties to anyone, We ally with no-one, We are alone. Come, Join us... I'll be waiting. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Former USMC Colonel Daniel Pratt
  12. Daniel Pratt is a forty year old Lieutenant Colonel from the Soviet Army. Daniel was born in America during the Vietnam war and was swayed by the Russians to come join them at the age of 18. During his time in America Daniel's sweetheart was killed by the American police force of Kansas City so he began to despise America and that's why he joined the Soviet Army. Daniel Left America on a boat where he paid the captain to keep his name off of the registry. Daniel landed in Chernarus after moving from the mainland. Daniel fought in the Civil war of Chernarus and picked up a few friends who would later become close Allies. One of these allies Victor Trufanov, a Private in the Soviet army, Helped him when his close Allies left him to die after shooting him in the Back. Daniel is a kind soul who would help those in need and will only attack in self defense or out of provocation. During the Outbreak Daniel saved as many people as he could and received his last order from his commanding officer, "I'm promoting you to the Rank of General, Your last task is to raise a force large enough to combat these freaks Daniel. Don't let me down boy." Daniel Denied the Promotion but continued his Mission to create a new military nation who will rid the world of the Undead.
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