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  1. The mother of Noobu Astov who has recently died. Used to be a teacher back in a Georgian Town that taught toodlers from 10 - 13 years old, During the outbreak she visited Chernarus to check on her son, was informed that he was dead. She never had a chance to get back to Georgia. She is now surviving in Chernarus and hopefully get in contact with her sister (Noobu's aunt) who might have fled back to Georgia, but she is not sure. Previously, she was robbed by bandits and now she has no loot or materials to assist her survival.
  2. kajohnray

    S1: BadRP - Chernogorsk | 03/24/2019 - 03:00

    Oh I simply didn't want to log on again after getting rekt The video explains it
  3. kajohnray

    S1: BadRP - Chernogorsk | 03/24/2019 - 03:00

    Yeah maybe you didn't mention how you duct taped me, took my stuff and tried to locked me up? I used joint cause i was bored and wanted some reaction, I was playing along, but doing suicide animation might have been a little extreme of me so I apologize for that.But the need of chasing me with 5 men is also a little extreme. They wanted to kick me out of Chernogorsk just because i had a gun and they were "scared". They took my shotgun away and i was left with a pistol that they didn't take, so they attempted to take that, by chasing me down. I tried to ran away, was on top of shaft when I crashed and decided to stop playing. I also find that most of the players I come across in this community tend to take advantage of me, robbing me was no exception but it's part of DayZ.
  4. thank u for introducing me to this community but I always get robbed by people lol
  5. Noobu is born in a small Georgian villiage, his father brought him to Chernarus to live with his aunt, leaving his mom in Georgia with his grandparents. Growing up he fished with his father allot, eventually, he dropped out of high school to help his father make more money, as he became skillful he attended fishing alone. But one unfortunate day the virus broke out and every one died, his aunt escaped, it was believed that she took a small boat to Georgia and no one knew if she is alive now or not.
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