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  1. I was in born the 1970's in the unite states of america. Before the outbreak I had a successful career in the entertainment business, and travelled the world. I've seen everything, big cities and countrysides as well. We were on tour in Eastern Europe on an off day, when the missiles landed in Africa killing all the people and releasing the disease bomb. I have arrived in a Russian communist bloc country now after wandering east from Prague. I have an SKS and some ammo and basic tools to repair my weapons but I am running out of food and I feel like I am probably sick with some kind of respiratory disease ailment of some sort. My family is all dead now, and I am not getting any younger so i must make my way to the traders and try to make an existence. Chernarus isn't the ideal setting but it's where we ended up. My whole group is dead now. I am on the run from infected zombies , slavers and highwaymen. I need to find like minded survivors who don't want to constantly kill other people! We need to build a settlement!
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