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  1. I have no video ether, honestly I’m over it. Sorry I got so butthurt Jasper. Hopefully you guys can take me hostage another day. I’m off for now taking a couple days off from the Internet. No hard feelings fellas. Hope to see ya out there again.
  2. dude stop, you are blatantly lying. I never said such things. Yes I asked for my stuff back but never threatened to report you if I didn't get it back. You asked me if there was anything you could do to resolve what had happened and I asked if I could get my stuff back. You then stated to me that it was against the rules to do that and I complied. You saying I said I wanted my stuff back or I'm going to report you never happened. Jasper this is why I wanted to message on discord not talk so I could have everything you and I said. I don't understand why you're lying so much about everything that had happened. Regardless of our talk I was planing on reporting you guys for bad RP the max punishment is what a 5 day ban. You need to grow up some @Jasper and take responsibly for your actions.
  3. Whatever man like I said I'm done arguing about it I just want to play. You guys didn't show up together. Shroud showed up first and asked where everyone was I told him I spoke with a few people over by the military compound ( you and some random guy) up the road and a few moments later you two show up. It was one shot not four. My gun was on semi auto I pressed the mouse once. Get your story straight.
  4. Viking I'm done arguing. you guys acted like you weren't together if you remember right. Your one friend showed up before you guys did and acted like he didnt know you and wasn't wearing the same outfit. He also stated well I'm gonna get out of here when you guys started offering me butt-stocks for my gun. When I ran back into him I offered to trade with him. You didn't die because I didn't shoot at you. If I would of shot at you I would of hit you hints you were right in front of me?? When I turned around I was seeing if the guy (your friend I guess) was aiming at the guy that had stolen my stuff. Once the first shot went off there was no more shots that came from me. I was trying to get you to stop running. I was unaware that you had more friends hiding out.
  5. Whatever you say man, I know I asked for my gear back but wasn't hounding you for it. I honesty thought that's why you contacted me at first. I was unware of the rule you couldn't give me my stuff back after you guys just gunned me down after stealing my stuff. I was trying to make it clear to you I was mad that I had lost everything I had been working for. Honesty @Jasper I'm over it. I know I'm gunna die in DayZ of course but I came to this server to get away from people like you. I trusted you guys to much and you tried stealing my stuff and killing me. I figured the first time I died to another player on this server would be a little better RP moment. You guys need to work on it, you'd think with as many hours as you guys have you would be better.
  6. I never said " OR ELSE" I love how you're trying to turn this against me now. I said don't quote me but what I said was I guess you guys don't have my gear because you let someone else pick it up. As you told me you let another guy pick up the gear that stated they knew me. I told you I was gunna cool down and think about it before I reported anything. I never said I wanted my gear or your gear or else I'm gunna report you guys or anything along those lines. Now your just making things up.
  7. When I met the other guy to trade with we were a good distance away from "the structure" yet you still take my things and run off. I shot the building no where near Viking. I was unaware that asking for my gear back was against the rules since you guys unlawfully killed me. You were the one that approached me asking if I would talk with you to see if we could get this resolved. In my eyes that's you trying to blackmail me into not reporting it. And for one I thought the guy that killed me was on my side not yours (the one I was trying to trade with before you stole my stuff.) If I wanted to kill anyone I would of killed the guy that stole my gun and backpack but yet I never did even when he put his hands up..
  8. DayZRP.com -S1 US- Cherno Approximately 4:00 2019-03-19 Randi Reagon Shroud, Viking, Jasper. I was attempting to trade with two guys that saw my M1 on my back. I stated to them that I would trade for pouches that go on a vest. The guy pulled out a vest with pouches and stated he would be willing to trade. I dropped the gun and waited on the vest. The guys friend wearing the same outfit grabbed the gun and ran off. I tried following the guy that wanted to trade. He stated he was going to get the gun from his buddy. I was caring a lot of items because I was trying to trade with local people so I could not run. I lost the to guys that had stolen my gun but I found another guy that wanted to trade with me ( not wearing the same clothes as the two guys that had just stole from me.) He stated he wanted me to drop my back pack so he could have a look at what I had. I told him someone had just stole from me but he insured he wasn't going to steal anything. I dropped the bag and the same guys that had stolen my gun ran out and grabbed my bag. I took off running after the guy. I was able to pull out my AK out and fire a couple rounds ( not towards the guy) to get him to stop. I could hear the guy behind me staying to "put your hands up" the guy that had stolen my bag did so. I had my AK pointed at the man that had just stole my M1 and my bag full of gear. I turned around to see if the man that had been trying to trade with me had his gun pointed at the suspect. When I turned I was gunned down by someone. After posting in the discord one of the guys that I identified as Jasper messaged me that it was him and his friends Viking and Shroud and they were with the Jackals. He tried to get me not to post a report on the forums.
  9. I'm an ex law enforcement officer for the town of Kabanino. I was on duty when it all hit. I got a call from dispatch that stated that there was a male subject walking in the middle of the road acting very aggressive. I wasn't sure what was going on, I tried talking with the subject but couldn't get through to him. I kept my distance because he seemed to try and get closer and closer to me. The subject wasn't looking as he walked towards me and was struck by a moving vehicle. I ran to him to assist him but before I was able to get there the subject got back up with half his skin falling off and one leg broken so bad the bone was coming out. I knew something wasn't right. At that moment I heard the loud sirens of the town going off. I could hear vehicles tires screaming from people slamming on their brakes and the loud booms from vehicles crashing into each other. My radio was none stop from dispatch multiple accounts of mangled people walking around. It wasn't until I heard the faint scream from a child that it all hit me. I turned around and saw a man biting a small girl. I ran to pull the man off the child but when I did he started to try and bit me. I was able to radio for back up but no one answered. I had to shoot the man, I shot him in his chest and he fell backwards. It was enough time for me to get up and get my composer. I looked down at the man and noticed he was getting back up. I turned to the child that had just been bitten by him to tell her to run but she was no longer there. I looked back at the man I had just shot and realized the child was standing there with him. Both subjects looked as if their skin was falling off. I ran back to my patrol car and sped back to the station. No one would answer me on my radio, When I looked outside all I could see was men, woman, and children all with that blank stair as their skin seemed to be falling off. I found supply's in the police station that would allow me to stay there for a couple days but I knew I needed to get out and look for help. I wondered around from town to town looking for supply's and other survivors but. I'm still looking.
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