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  1. Gerald Carlsbad was born to Canadian parents in 1981, growing with them for 3 years before a chemical spill in his hometown caused his parents to die from asphyxiation. A police officer reporting to the incedent managed to get him out of the car before the fumes engulfed his parents. Growing up through the years and living in an orphanage, he spent most of his alone time studying up on psychology and medicine, hoping to become a criminal psychologist as an adult. Excelling through grade school, he managed to get a grant from a prestigious pharmaceutical company towards his higher education. Unbeknownst to him, this would be the beginning of his career within Potius Cras. Focusing his majors towards psychology and biology instead, he managed to race the ranks through Potius Cras, being an important asset towards corporate negotiations as he had a nack for mentally breaking people and taking charge in a conversation. He never was one for fighting, but he did learn how to defend himself if things got to that point. Making him useful in the field not as a combatant, but as a self sustaining mentalist that could handle off site negotiations in dangerous zones.
  2. My character goes by 'Muff', nobody knows who gave him the name but it's stuck since childhood. Muff was a radio host before the outbreak, always trying to provide good tunes and positive news to the people. Ever since the outbreak, Muff has been traveling across the land, sometimes by himself and sometimes with others, but he's always got stories and music to share with others. Maybe that's what kept him alive for so long, bringing hope to communities who had none, or bringing the right type of news to the person who needed it the most. He always has a radio with multiple batteries and has been looking for a place to settle down and make a radio station, his home away from home. Muff came to Chernarus via boat, a small fishing trolly off the coasts made its way to his mainland, but it was overrun. Chernarus seemed like a better start to his new life, and a better place to bring news, stories, and music. He tends to stay on the coast line, hoping to meet friendly survivors, but does want to eventually make it further inland, possibly with an escort but if all else fails he will have to travel alone. Muff is not a marksman and doesn't quite understand everything about weapons or how to defend himself, but he will fight if push comes to shove.
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