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  1. Operator "Curiosity" was sent in with the reinforcements requested by Stone. While this Operator can serve as an enforcer, the Corporation sees it better fit to use this one as a Chameleon. This person has been placed under extremely high stress situations and negotiations where they were playing an entirely different person, in some cases a made up person, in others, someone who was already dead that Corporate had taken out. They have been to many locations in Europe, South America, Australia and Asia on the Corporations behalf, and have been to dozens of countries. They speak quite a few languages, and proficient with coding and hacking, allowing them to access and steal information when they have the opportunity to.
  2. I am Nicholi, I worked for the Russian military under foreign intelligence. I was born and raised in Russia, however I moved to America for an education. When I returned was when I chose to enlist in the military. It gave me the opportunity to travel, which in hindsight was pretty shitty. I was stationed in Chernarus prior to the outbreak gathering intelligence and gaining favor over the locals. I worked mostly alone, but my job was simple. Chernarus was booming and Russia wanted in on spoils of war. I was sent to impact locals and small towns into favoring Russian propaganda. Russia wanted to create an influence in the workforce and obtain control over growing businesses. We gave out loans like candy, of course, no one could ever pay them back. Within a few weeks, thousands of Chernarus citizens were at the mercy of Russia. However, when the breakout hit, I was so far behind enemy lines, evacuation for me was nearly impossible. I chose to try and hike it myself, journeying for the border, but when I arrived it was walled off. No matter who I was, they would not allow me to pass for risk of spreading the infection. I returned to help the locals, bouncing from town to town doing my best to keep others alive. However, my efforts were in vain. No matter my influence, the infection had already taken hold of most the communities I journeyed through. Those who were unaffected, were so distraught by the lost of loved ones that they refused any help I gave and chose to die along side their friends and family. So here I am, writing to whomever may hear. To my family and friends who I hope are still out there, to anyone, please, respond...
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