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  1. Vladislav Mikhailov was born November 25, 1993 in the Elektrozavodsk hospital to father Ivan and mother Helena Mikhailov. He grew up in a house just outside of the city, being instructed from a young age on the value of their independence from the Soviet Union, as he had never lived under it himself. His family never valued religious teachings, and his father openly mocked them in front of him from a young age, he has taken after his father in that regard and is militantly athiest. He became a committed Chernorussian nationalist in his teen years and enlisted in the CDF at 18. He does not trust foreigners, especially Russians as during the 2009 civil war a Russian mortar landed on his childhood home killing his parents instantly. Since the outbreak, his main goal is to reunite with any surviving CDF soldiers and try to repair whats left of society.
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