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  1. My name is Artyom i was born in Russia before the first bombing occurred and i was sheltered in Moscow in one off the metro tunnels where my mother cared for me the high levels of radiation fasten my growth and at the age of 15 i was a fully grown adult at least i was looking like one now i am 21. I have done many deeds for my people even if they always tried to kill me they would always send me on this crazy missions expecting that i would die but i would always come back. i have found a new home for them a safer home but my wife Anna was missing i heard the radiations affected her body really much and she went crazy thinking she would die she went to her birthplace Chernarus where I'm heading now to find her. I hate that she went alone i love her and i would have kept her safe. I landed on the shores 3 days ago and i have found the place is not as radiated as my parts of Russia this was a good place to acualy start a new life a new home for my people but first i must find Anna.
  2. Server and location: S1 Us Location between Krasnoe and Stary Yar the place with a lot of garages .nord near the end of the map Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-24, 23:20 Your in game name: John Pope Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): 2 vehicles of my own Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): I have screenshots of them trying to despawn parts of my loot Detailed description of the events: So for the last 3 days every time I log in I find my base raided the backdoor being broken and stuff being stolen first so i repair it every time first 2 times I said well you know it's an apocalyptic game I mean even if they never RP with me and they just come and steal my guns and parts and construction materials you know it's a survival world and I do not play for the items but I like to gather stuff and to give them willingly to nice people I encounter for free. But this morning before I went to work i said i would extend a bit so they would not brake in so easily any more so i put 2 more walls near my wall but I was far from finishing and i was hoping if they see that I'm trying to extend they won't be even more aggressive but to my surprise when i arrived now from work and logged in my 2 cars were gone all i sow was my loot on the floor for some reason and my back wall being broke again.Not only they steal from me for the last 3-4 days but they try to despawn a large portion of my loot and the important once like the car parts and guns wich i found really rude and i fell like just saying fuck it and giving up.I survive alone i build alone and it's not that easy when a gang keeps ruining your stuff and on top of that you only have a few hours everyday cuz you have to go to work. But since i joined the server i felt in love with the community and i had a few bad experiences in the past and they were easily solved and i said i would not give up on this great community because of some pricks. I have more screenshots if needed
  3. I would like to close my report because I spoke with DUCKY and he apologized and we talked things out.
  4. Server and location: DayzRp Us 1 Approximate time and date of the incident (SERVER TIME): 2019-03-15, 20:49 Your in game name: John Pope Names of allies involved: Name of suspect/s: I do not know their name Friendly/Enemy vehicles involved (if any): Additional evidence? (video/screenshot): Detailed description of the events: 4 days ago me and odder 6 survivors were captured near Stary Sobor there were 2 Irish man that were captured with me and a few others that i could not remember i was let go because my character was Romanian and they wanted to kill me in the first place for that and the same guy that killed me today was there pointing the gun at me being EXTREMELY racist against Russians and Romanians gypsies etc they kept being extremely racist and I never care but he actually made me feel so bad that the next day at work I thought all day about it I mean it just felt wrong inhumain and I wanted to report it then but I said maybe it was just a one time thing or his character background story but I think that should not be. they let me go because they said they will not spill the blood of a filthy gypsy on their lands and have it being destroyed and stuff like that and they told me to run and never come back or they will kill me. Now to the event that happened today, I logged in and they were right outsight my building in Chernogorsk at the docks near the Saviours base I heard them speaking and I instantly remembered that voice,and I went and approached them they were 3 people standing there one lady that I think was a bystander and 2 older guys one of them who was my killer I remembered his accent very clear a Russian type of an accent and his voice and I told him if he remembers me from 4 days ago and he played dumb I told him that he kidnapped me and he was like nop, not me. I then asked him if he knew a guy named John Pope a Gipsy and he was like I don't know him but that Russian gypsy fucker can fuck off and I never told him I was Russian as well I mean now when he kidnaped me I told him I was a Russian bun grow up in Romania, they were so racist I even changed my back story so i could avoid future encounters like this mean I just joined the server and that was one of my first encounters with somebody. We got into an argument and I told him if he wants to have a fist fight a melee fight no guns allowed i told him he can use an axe anything but a weapon and I got my knuckles out and I started swinging after that he saw he was loosing and said oh you pulling things out I think he was referring to my knuckles I took a few steps back when he got his gun out and just shot me ,he did not ask me to back off to put my hand up nothing, none of that and I fell so bad for not just shooting him but as the rules goas they were 2 v 1 and they had better weapons so if I would ask them to put there hands up I would be outnumbered and outgunned even tough I could shot them both it would not have been fair for the older guy. Thank for the support and for all the help that was given to me and even more impressive the quickness that the admins are moving really impressive.
  5. My name is John Pope, I'm a middle age man in my 30's I've lived alone almost all my life when I was little I used to go camping a lot and learning survival tactics from tv when I was 22 I've decided to travel on foot around the world and 3 month's latter the outbreak happened at first I thought it was just a hoax but after the first encounter I knew exactly what was going on, zombies everywhere . I know I had to survive and at first it was easy food was common and as long as I stayed away from the cities I was fine my plan was to go to the island of Chernarus hoping that the virus did not reach it I knew it would not be easy but it gave me hope it gave me strength to fight and survive everyday. Fast-forward 2 years and I was on the island but to my surprise, it was horrible same as everywhere but after a few hours of walking on the coast I found survivors or they found me...they captured me and interrogated me for days thinking I was a member of a bandit group from the island. They kept my feed, they gave me water and there was this woman there who even gave me a shave I haven't felt so smooth in years after 3 days they decided to trust me. We were camped in a military base on the coast and from what it seemed there were more camps because they kept a radio connection with the odder camps I have heard a few conversations and they seemed to be more concerned by odder human's then the zombies that were crawling everywhere. The next 4 years were spent in these camps with the love of my life Beatrice and our 2 daughters one was 8 and one was 2, I was 28 when it all went down. The bandits had all united and formed a synchronized attack they had explosives creating a huge hole in our wall the noise was way louder then they thought to attract all the zombies from the near cities taking them from the back. Unfortunately, we were overrun first it was my youngest daughter after my wife together with my older child the monsters took them away from me... I was hopeless a panic broke in the crowds and the bandit group and our group mixed together I was pulled out from the zombie horde by a person I never saw in our group before with was strange since we all knew each odder but then I did not think much of it I just ran out crying, to this day I still don't know how I got away but I did and odder escaped as well but it was such a confusion because nobody knew who was from our group and who was from the bandit groups our camp never met with the odder military camps, I've hunted down as many of the bandits that I could but as time went by survivors from the odder camps spread around the map just like us because their attacks went to shit just like ours so now you could not just shoot like before how could you shoot knowing that you may have killed an innocent mother of a child...a loving husband we knew that bandits werewolves in ship skin but we could not risk killing innocents not now not after what happened. Fast forward 2 more years to the present I am 30 and for 2 years I've done horrible thinks I've tortured killed and way.................way........worse things that you can imagine, I've killed so many bandits that I've lost track and they killed ours now from my calculations we should be only around 100 left in total on the island so i must take great care whom I trust and even if they give me even all the reasons to put a bullet in there head i must consider that the population is only going down either we do something about it or the human race as we know it will go extinct so even if somebody upset you or robbed you think 2 times before you shot he or she may be the last human standing and we need to build new societies new camps and the only way we do it is if we fight togheder...so I write this message to whoever may still be on this island Humanity needs you I need you, we need you so please if you see another humain don't shoot aproach him with an open heart. I'm driving around the coast every few days if you find this message wait on the coast and in a few days you should hear the sound my engine BUT be careful there are more survivors here and they may try to trick you into making you believe that they are the Saviours when in reality they just love the taste of human flesh. This is John Pope one of the last survivors on Chernarus, I'm looking for survivors to start a new group a new alliance a new camp that welcomes all good survivors in it and gives them protection from all the bandits out there.
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