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  1. Lord Fusk

    Real life picture Thread

    From last summer.
  2. Lord Fusk

    [HEAVY WIP] SDS - Somalian Death Squad

    no worries. Joined october 2012, but has to whitelist!? I guess the Warlord remains on holiday. Wierd innit. Cant bother reading up on dayz lore to play desolation. Dont even have standalone.
  3. Lord Fusk

    [HEAVY WIP] SDS - Somalian Death Squad

    Oldman.. im taking fire.. man down man down. Cant be arsed with the whitelist process. RIP
  4. Lord Fusk

    [HEAVY WIP] SDS - Somalian Death Squad

    Sorry.. Point tho.. Allot of mod groups are back.. And I like it.. Just hope that people understand that what happend in the mod has not happend now.. And don't pull old hate and grudges in to the mix.. Don't worry we never hate, maybe a smart remark here and there on the forums. All should be fine. Yeah its all good banter really. Most of the time
  5. Lord Fusk

    [HEAVY WIP] SDS - Somalian Death Squad

    I got your GPS no worries Pretty sure Martin got it!
  6. Lord Fusk

    [HEAVY WIP] SDS - Somalian Death Squad

    Only if its free walking organic chicken, and no grape juice.. a fruity merlot perhaps.
  7. Lord Fusk

    [HEAVY WIP] SDS - Somalian Death Squad

    Im just saying... they better have cream cakes on Desolation. Warlord needs cream cakes.
  8. Lord Fusk

    Rejected by the Whitelist.

    I just want you to know.. that i will never reject you. :*
  9. Lord Fusk

    What group do you miss the most.

    Free medics.
  10. Lord Fusk

    Another one

  11. Lord Fusk

    [GAME] How famous is the person above you?

    Such fame.. 19/10 wow
  12. Lord Fusk

    im back!

    Nope just kidding! Hope yall had a good start on the new year!
  13. Lord Fusk

    Papa taking a break from admin duties.

    Fy fan!
  14. Lord Fusk


    <3 much love
  15. Lord Fusk

    [SA] [S.D.S] Svetlojarsk Deckswabbing Services / Somalian Death Squad

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