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  1. Hard worker I'm 28 male from canada I'm a auto mechanic And drift cars in spare time I play day z a lot on x box but I just bought a pc and wanted to check out the rp as there is none on x box everything on x box is Los and bases get whiped I'm just tired of the old boring looting and dieing secerino i hurd some good things about the rp and i watched a lot of youtube videos i hope its not a toxic Community like all the other games out there I also got a few friends applying as well I would like be a hunter/store owner named colt autos I was a mechanic before the outbreak at a big dealership customizing cars then everything went nuts and we ended up on a boat that ended up crashing and we ended up on the chernarus on dayzrp im Hoping there's lots of cars so I can get a car shop going with lots of extra parts gas oil doors trunk lids ECT... I also want to build a nice store/shop I'm a pretty good builder on xbox I don't know why you need 500 word per reply this is just making my brain hurt
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