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  1. Mr Yamani was initially from Italy where he went to school up until the 8th grade. From there he would move to the big apple in order to live out his days in New York. He would go on to complete high school here and pursue a degree in Criminology. After he attained this degree he would move to Los Angeles from there he would try to join the LAPD to no avail. This would force him to take justice into his own hands where he would adopt the persona as Yamani Man. He would creep around through the night extracting justice on anyone he see fit. He would eventually earn a long criminal record destroying any chance he had of joining the LAPD. Yamani, would then look to return to Italy where he would spend a few years before he heard about the chaos of what was happening in Chernarus he jumped on the first flight there to continue to serve justice.
  2. Alexander Yamani

    S1 Cherno 0 UTC; BadRP, Troll RP, KOS, NVFL

    POV: I was not at the base at the time of the incident I was just north of Cherno, when I heard over radio someone was refusing to leave the base. I then started heading back to camp, while on my way back I heard that the situation has escalated into a fire fight. Upon my arrival I was wondering through the woods looking for a vantage point when I had an encounter with the attackers which escalated into a fire fight in which I was killed.
  3. Alexander Raven is a 32 year old, former United States Marine. After he completed his time in the Marines he would move to Los Angeles to start a new life. Once he was in LA he would then proceed to join the Los Angeles Police Department. While he was in the police department he would join the SWAT team, where he would meet Henry Hanharr his superior. They would go on to do many drug busts and covert operations. Eventually they were recruited by the FBI/CIA to do a join operation to assist with the training of the Chenarus Police Force, against high level criminal activity, and mass riots. They were in Chenarus two days before the outbreak. Alexander Raven has no family, no relatives, all he has his known his entire life was fight, fight for those who cant fight for themselves. Alexander Raven has accepted that he will probably die in Chenarus and has made peace with this reality. He originally came to Chenarus to train, however since the outbreak he has had only one thing his mind, that's to help as many people as he can with the time he has left. He has a strong sense of family and brotherhood, going to any lengths necessary to protect those he loves, however becomes cold, calculated, and determined when faced with danger. Alexander Raven has killed more men then he cares to remember most in the war, he was observed writing in his journal " it become harder and harder to bare every time I take a life." Perhaps this explains his mission to help as many as he can, I way to cope with his past sins.
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