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  1. Settling down after a long day of scavenging, almost feeling human again..
  2. Calvin McAuley wouldn't be considered much at a quick glance. He was a part-time musician and a full-time IT specialist. He went through High-School and University in Northern Ireland, met his beautiful wife Laura, had their daughter Hailey and lived out his life in wait for something more. On the 24th of June 2017, Calvin woke up to the sound of his phone vibrating furiously on the wooden bedside table. He picked up the phone and answered the call with a scratchy, exhausted voice. "Calvin, listen I know you've been waiting for a freelance opportunity so I may have the very thing for you!*" Calvin instantly sat up, eager to hear more; "It's a small country, just beside Turkey, uhh.. Chernarus, that's going through a new development and they need some new communication infrastructure in place, and I need guys to go over and oversee some of the projects going on, so would you do the honours mate?" "Yes! Yeah I'll be right down to the office, thank you so much sir!" The next week was a blur. Calvin had to go everywhere, updating passports and getting a working Visa, packing and preparing. He kissed his wife and daughter goodbye and after many flights and travelling, finally reached his destination. Over the first few days work went as normal, he oversaw projects in development, approved the programs that were going to be implemented and called his wife ever night just to catch up. After the 7th of July, things started to get a little strange. When Calvin went out to work in the morning, he would overhear many whispers and rumours about strange events in the country and started to feel a little uneasy at some of the quiet moments when outside. On the 11th of July, Calvin started to hear about very strange events occurring in the North, and reading about a lot of stories that he nervously wanted to assume was just tabloid nonsense, but very quickly that assumption became truth. He awoke to panic in the streets, he quickly ran outside and tried to gain a grasp of what is happening, but very quickly learned to follow the mass panic in order to go the opposite way from the danger. It took a few minutes for him to figure out what was happening, but then he caught his first glimpse as to what caused the panic, someone was being eaten... by someone else. Now, Calvin wanders the streets, surviving as best he can. He hopes that one day he can see his wife again, and hold his baby girl in his arms, he hopes to hold them both as tight as he can and never let them go, he hopes they are still alive. He hopes.
  3. Thank you man, will do haha!
  4. Hi everyone, I hope you're all having a great day. I've been trying to RP this game since I bought it many years ago, but never was really able to thanks to the constant KoS, but now I'm so happy that I found this server, I look forward to becoming a true part of this community!
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