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  1. EX-Marine Connor Crowe A.K.A. ''The Jackal'' was the most skilled in his division. Born in 1979 in Mesquite, Texas, he was trained by his father to shoot. At the age of 15 he began working out and studying to get accepted into one of the most prestigious military academies in the state. At age 19 he is accepted in one such academy and begins his training as a Marine. Step by step he learned and was trained by professionals and soon became one of the best lieutenants and covert agents in his division. Later on he was assigned a mission in Chernarus, everything was going smoothly until the outbreak. He was left out by his generals and crewmates as they were hurrying to evacuate the city. Now, Connor is stuck in Chernarus, amongst infected victims of the virus and ruthless people who are killing innocents for food and water...
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