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  1. Coming from a family who was big in guns, he mostly grew up with them. This made him a bit more experienced with them as well as knowledgeable with them. When it came to a round of a specific kind or even a scope he would usually know of it. When growing up however, he was a problem child. Getting into fights, breaking stuff, or even the usual sneaking stuff out of stores whenever he was broke or really wanted something. These horrible habits soon caught up to him however when he was caught trying to steal. He was most definitely sent home and grounded for awhile. Speeding to his teens he changed into a responsible, but overworking person. Always trying to do better then he did last time. Say when he does laps around his house and he stops around 20. Well he will go above and beyond and try to do 50. When it came to stuff like that he tried his hardest and always continued to do so. Then when he became an adult his father came around and got him into the military. Something he personally was against, but was pressured. After a few encounters with hostiles in Iraq he would soon become a mercenary. Something he never thought would be possible for even him, but he did so either way. After many experiences later a few scars leftover he was then making his way to Chernarus to take a job in which left him there with a bunch of infected. Well in a simple explanation.
  2. Looking for a job, Jacob after hearing about the booming economy and how the country actually existed from the international headlines, he wanted to take advantage of the amount of jobs that are becoming available, so he would take a plane there almost immediately after the chance presented itself. Once he got there he would look for a job for himself but would soon encounter the dangerous infection. He of course tried to flee and start supplying himself so he could survive for at least a week before going out again. So he did, and once he supplied himself he would get into a house in Chernogorsk. He then sat there and waited, leaning against a wall and holding a kitchen knife. He was used to stressful situations yes but that was when he had a gun and squad mates by him. He also knew his enemy but here he didn't know which one is infected or survivor. As of now his goal is to survive and try to meet with others.
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